Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 119

Chapter 119: Losers Are Not Worthy Of Living In This World

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"Brother! This time our ancestors sent us thirty people to the various human city-states in six different ways. Could it be that we would communicate with these useless wastes?" The eagle-eyed man looked around all humans provocatively and opened his mouth mercilessly Sneer.

"It's just a matter of routine! What kind of masters will human beings have!" The cape's words were cold and ruthless, as if she hadn't put everyone in the eye at all.

"In ancient times, humans were just our food. What masters would they have?" The brazen man of five senses licked his lips and looked at the people with the greedy gaze of Chiguo Guo, "Hey, if it was not for the ancestor to die Order, none of these delicious delicacies can escape today!"

"Mastiff, these little brothers can't give you food, they are all mine!"

"Is there really no one in Zhongyu? Are we so humiliated but dare not speak? My younger generation of Zhongyu went there?" A voice suddenly blew on the second floor, one Wearing a silver armor, a handsome and determined young man strode up to the second floor. His eyes were as bright as the moon, and he walked with a wild and unbridled momentum.

"It's Sima Feiyun!" Someone looked at this young man, and his eyes shone brightly.

"Oh! You are Sima Feiyun? It's fun and interesting, how about comparing the two of us?" The Hawk-eye man looked at Sima Feiyun's eyes with a strong war intent, and the terrible wind power around his body formed a huge The vortex of the storm will blow the whole teahouse shaky.

"Eagle Wanli, since you want to fight, then fight!" Sima Feiyun is obviously very familiar with this man named Ying Wanli. He flew out of the window and fell towards Shenxu Square.

Eagle Wanli eagle's eyes revealed a violent fighting intent, shaking his body into a golden eagle followed Sima Feiyun.

"Be careful, he is not the same as before!" The voice of the lion's wide-nosed man rang in Ying Wanli's ear at this time.

Ying Wanli didn't pay too much attention to his reminder, but the speed of his smile suddenly accelerated suddenly and then fell across Sima Feiyun.

"Go! Let's go out to cheer Sima!" Someone suggested, and the first one rushed out of the window.

There was hope in everyone's eyes, and they followed him.

The remaining four demon clan have also fallen on the square, although they think highly of themselves, but here is ultimately the territory of others, not afraid of 10,000 if not afraid.

Originally, the crowds of the God Market square were surging, and now there is a battle. Especially in this kind of battle related to the face of the human race and the demon race. All the enthusiasm of the people is instantly mobilized, and the entire square is impassable.

"Boy, why didn't you let me try to teach them?" Heifeng saw the second floor empty, leaving only three of them, and looked at Zhao Yuande.

"Be shameful and brave!" Zhao Yuande smiled slightly. "Only in this way can they strive for strength, so as not to be pressed down by the demon forever! If we just shot, there would be no such effect!"

"Yes, Brother Zhao is the same as I thought!" Master Yijie looked at Zhao Yuande with admiration in his eyes. He didn't expect Zhao Yuande to be so clever as a teenager, and he really can't use common sense.

The battle on the battlefield was on the verge, Sima Feiyun's attack was endless like a torrent of rivers, and the eagle was so fast that the human eye could not catch it. The battle between the two strong men almost shook the entire Shenxu city, and countless strong men followed the battle fluctuations Come and watch.

What's more, some powerful beings stepped into the air and stopped to watch in the sky.

"What day is it today, why are there so many field powerhouses appearing, and there are more than thirty people in this sky densely packed!" Zhao Yuande looked at a powerhouse in the sky, the kind of momentum that broke out, Even he couldn't help but some heartbeat.

"Let's go down and see, if there is any demon provocation, you two can go down and try!" Zhao Yuande stretched up and stretched his body, then jumped down.

Heifeng and Yijie looked at each other, and found that the opponent's eyes all burst into flames.

"It's so fun here! Dead Zhao Yuande, you don't bring me out!" Unexpectedly, Zhao Yuande was caught by a girl as soon as he landed at Shenxu Square. Ji Yuling looked at him with dissatisfaction.

"You let go, don't you guys and women don't know?" Zhao Yuande felt the other's warm and jade-like hands, and couldn't help but say something against his heart.

"Yeah! It's really dead!" Ji Yuling exclaimed and hurriedly released her hand, but when she withdrew her hand, she was puzzled. She looked at Zhao Yuande's exposed hands.

"You... your hands are whiter and slippery than me!" Ji Yuling opened her eyes enviously and looked at each other inconceivably.

"Cough! This is innate!" Zhao Yuande slightly embarrassedly drew his hands into his sleeves, even he was a little embarrassed.

"No! You must have any special secrets. Tell me quickly!" Ji Yuling refused to let go of her and reached out to pull him again.

"Okay, there are so many people here, let's go back and talk!" Zhao Yuande doesn't want to pull with this Miss Ji family in such a place. If it is seen by that person, I am afraid there will be one more item. Guilt.

"It's almost the same!" Ji Yuling just stopped, his face showing satisfaction.


Suddenly there was a violent impact sound on the square, and a figure was shot out like a meteor and fell heavily in the center of the square.

A figure in the sky stands upright, as if standing like a **** of war that never fails, it is Sima Feiyun!

"Sima Feiyun is invincible! Sima Feiyun is invincible!..."

There was a sudden burst of cheers from the whole Shenxu Square. Numerous human cultivators shouted the name of Sima Feiyun. Many girls were binocular, and they looked at the heroic figure in the sky, dreaming that they could be like this. The strong are flying together.

The two old men stood together in the sky and looked at the battle below with a smile, one of them said to the other: "This kid is good, you have the style of Brother Sima!"

"Hey! Brother Zhang, what you taught!" The old man called Brother Sima is the grandfather of Sima Feiyun, the current owner of the Sima family, Sima Yunlong. At this time, he saw the grandson showing great power, and his mouth was closed. Now!

"This kid seems to have made a breakthrough recently, and he has gained a bit more understanding of the rules of water. It seems that he has a good talent for the way of water!" The old man called Brother Zhang is an elder of the Zhongyu Alliance, It is Zhang Ou, Sima Feiyun's boss.

"Human, you are very strong!" The lion-mouthed blond young man slowly walked out of the crowd, and stepped on the head of Eagle Wanli, who was constantly struggling on the ground, and showed an indifferent look in the eyes of blood and brain splatter. "The loser is not worthy of living in this world!"