Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1190

Chapter 1190: Golden Bird

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"Zhao Yuande, I took note of this feeling!" Zhong Wuliang clearly saw a trace of disappointment in Zhao Yuande's eyes, and suddenly knew that he had occupied this immortality medicine to make the other party unhappy. People, immediately left a promise.

"What do you say, deacon? In fact, I originally wanted to dedicate to the deacon, but was..." Zhao Yuande raised his eyebrows, which means that he was robbed by the old guy above!

"Hehe!" Zhong Wuliang smiled at this time, and he was very happy.

"Don't be too proud, there are two items, I don't believe you can beat the Seven Elders!" Lei Zhenzi was frost-faced, seeing Zhao Yuande proud, he couldn't help but gritt his teeth.

Li Meier, who was standing behind Lei Zhenzi, was also secretly cursing Zhao Yuande in his heart, hoping that he would not win the contest, otherwise he would become the servant of the other party, and he could not help himself.

"Seven Elders!" Lei Zhenzi turned to look at the Seven Elders, his eyes showing fierce colors.

"Young Master rest assured, I'm sure!" Seven elders arched their hands, knowing that this young master was going to be mad, if he lost this time. I am afraid that the young master, who is valued by the ancestors, will wear small shoes.

"Well!" Lei Zhenzi heard this, and then slowly calmed down his anger.

"Since the first one is lost to you, then we will take out the second one, this sword!" The Seven Elders took out the bronze sword that was suspected of fighting in the mortal army in ancient times and dragged it to the palm of the hand.

"This sword? What's the point? Is this still a fairy treasure?" Someone asked curiously all around.

"Come on, activate this sword and show us the power!"


Seeing that everyone's eyes were all focused, the elder Seven slowly pulled the sword out of the scabbard.

As soon as the sword was pulled out, a sudden chill came out of the sword, and everyone only felt that the surrounding air temperature had dropped a few degrees.

"It's over? Is it just a little cold?"


"Don't worry, everyone, look at this!" The seven elders shuddered with a bronze sword in their hands, and the sword suddenly shuddered.

Countless brilliance spread from the sword and projected into the air.

I don't know when there is an extra black and white scroll in the air. A figure in the scroll is slowly releasing a sword!

At first sight, this man was extremely slow, but it contained endless mysteries. With a single sword, the surrounding void was broken, and the world fell into darkness.

"This... this is a peerless swordsmanship,"

"Shut up!" The Seven Elders shook the sword again, the black-and-white scroll disappeared, and the sky returned to Qingming.

"How about you, this is a holy sword! If you can use the master of the sword to figure out one of the sword moves, no one thinks that this sword is ordinary." The seven elders received the sword and gently stroked the beard, his face was proud. .

"I paid 3.5 million to buy this inheritance holy sword!" As soon as the words of the seven elders fell, a voice came.

"Elder Bei of our friendship for hundreds of years, how about selling me for 4 million?"

"4.5 million..."

"4.7 million..."


However, after a while, the handful of the inheritance holy sword was raised to 5.5 million by everyone.

Just as everyone still wanted to raise the price, the elders of the Seventh pressed their hands and said, "You guys, this thing is not for the time being. I will give you a fair chance to buy after our bet is completed!"

"it is good!"

Everyone applauded in unison!

Seeing that the other party had inspired this kind of treasure, Zhao Yuande also felt sweat in his palm. Although he knew that the two remaining pieces were treasures, he did not know whether the value could be higher than the other.

"This little friend, it's your turn!" Seven Elders looked at Zhao Yuande with a confident smile on his mouth.

"Boy, confess quickly! The sword of the seven elders alone is worth five or six million. How do you compare! Now I confess that I will not kill you, but let you be my slave!" Lei Zhenzi's voice was full of ridicule. The sound is like a male duck in heat, which makes people feel very noisy.

Zhong Wuliang's thin face also showed a dignified color. He was worried for Zhao Yuande. If he really lost to the other party, he made the old face and asked Zongmen to rescue him.

"In this case, then I will be ugly!" Zhao Yuande calmed down his mood and took out the wooden sword supported by the flat peach tree.

"I have studied this sword before, and the only brilliant thing is the golden eagle, which seems to be carved from the golden-winged Dapeng as a prototype, and it is vivid. If it is useful to practitioners, it is to observe this. Eagle, maybe a secret method can be created."

"It makes sense! Since you know it, why not buy it?"

"You forgot! There is a golden-winged Dapeng statue in the Golden Eagle City, which is more vivid than this. I have the mind to go to the Golden Eagle City to understand it and waste this fairy jade!"

"Reasonable! I have forgotten this!"


After listening to the discussion of everyone, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but show a smile in his mouth. These people still have some knowledge, but what they can't dream of is...

He held the mahogany sword in his hand, and then placed his hand on the golden eagle protruding above it, and then put the palm of his hand directly to pull the carved golden eagle directly.

The wooden sword snapped into two knots and fell directly to the ground.

"He... what is he going to do! Why ruin the wooden sword!"

"Hey! It's a pity that a good wooden sword, if placed in the cave house, might be able to ward off evil..."

Just when everyone felt sorry for the position, the golden eagle statue seized by Zhao Yuande shook a little.

Suddenly a chirp that could pierce the eardrums of the person rang in the field.

Especially Zhao Yuande almost felt that his eardrum was torn alive, and a painful heartache came, and he almost made him fall to the ground directly.

Suddenly he felt that the statue of the golden eagle in his palms was extremely soft and a little hot.

He looked down and saw that the statue in his hand didn't know when he had come alive, and he was staring fiercely at himself.

The golden bird turned into a statue is only the size of a slap, but when looking at yourself, the golden light in a pair of eyes shoots directly. If you don't take it fast, you might just shoot it in your eyes.

Feeling the sound of Jin Guang's piercing the void, Zhao Yuande knew that if his eyes were hit by Jin Guang, he might have become blind.

"What sound is this...that is, when did he have a bird in his hand! That's possible!"

"Incredible! Really incredible! A statue turned into a golden bird, which must have a hidden secret!"

"There is that golden light, such a young bird has such a terrifying golden power, is it already a divine beast realm?"