Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1191

Chapter 1191: Xuanjiling

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Zhao Yuande glanced at the golden bird.

"Gold-winged Dapeng young bird, Golden-winged Dapeng heirloom bloodline, **** beast realm, high-end ingredients..."

When Zhao Yuande saw this message, he even had some shortness of breath.

However, a huge sense of loss came to my mind in an instant. This thing cannot be kept by myself. As soon as I announce it, I will suddenly become a sect!

However, he was helpless, since he took shelter from Xuan Jizong, he would have to make some contributions.

It was also at this time that the golden bird suddenly passed a strange wave of soul, and its eyes blinked at Zhao Yuande, with doubts in his eyes, but more of an attachment and kindness.

"You are very dangerous right next to me. I'm afraid some bad guys will harm you. Let me find you a safe place first."

"Master Deacon, please contact the Zongmen Immortal Emperor just now. I need this thing to be contributed to Zongmen, otherwise I might be directly snatched by the strong!" Zhao Yuande directly contacted Zhong Wuliang, and he couldn't even contact him just now. That one.

"What!" Zhong Wuliang's face changed, but he immediately thought of something, and immediately contacted the Jade Emperor.

"Well? It turned out to be great! Give it to me! Zongmen will not treat you badly!" A big hand in the sky fell directly in front of Zhao Yuande, and a voice sounded in his sea of knowledge.

Zhao Yuande reluctantly put the golden bird into the big hand in front of him. The bird clearly resisted a bit, but the owner of the big hand was too strong to allow it to resist, and the bird was brought in with a light grasp In the void.

"My Xuanji Sect disciple dedicated this thing to Zongmen. This thing is worth at least 15 million yuan! I gave Xuanji Order!" A blue token in the void fell into the hands of Zhao Yuande.

"What! Fifteen million worth, this..."

"What the **** is this? It's worth 15 million...if you can know this value, you can buy a nearly fifth-grade Xianbao!"

"I actually got a Xuanji Order. It is said that this order can only be used once, but holding this token in the Xuanji Sect, there is almost nothing that can't be done! Even if you want to be a disciple of the Sect Master!"

"This kid is lucky! This is more practical than 15 million!"

Many people looked at Xuan Jiling in Zhao Yuande's hands, and their eyes showed a burning brilliance.

In fact, only Zhao Yuande and the Great Dust Fairy Emperor knew that the true value of this golden-winged Dapeng child was ten times and one hundred times this!

This is the heirloom of the ancient **** beast, as long as it grows up, it can be comparable to the existence of the king of the fairy emperor, as long as it can be raised in secret, I am afraid that the entire Baihezhou will become a family of Xuanji Sect in the future!

However, it is almost impossible for this ancient beast to truly grow to be comparable to the existence of the king of fairy emperors.

It seems that Zongmen discovered a peerless genius with strong potential. As long as he can survive, he can lead Zongmen to glory, but there are a few who can successfully embark on the road of the last king of the immortal emperor. The beheading of other geniuses is to die in the disaster of God.

This is the road to cultivation of immortals. It has great potential, but it also needs to have strong luck.

At this time in the high sky, the Buddha's mortal emperor touching the goatee looked triumphantly at the opposite-faced old man.

"How about old man Sun, you lost this time! I dont hide from you. This is the descendant of Golden-winged Dapeng. It has a trace of blood. If I extract this blood, it will be worth at least 50 million. "Immortal Fairy Emperor proudly said, "This little guy is really good, worthy of attention!"

"You want to be proud, do you think you will win? Tian Yizong's kid has a clear eye, in case a six-grade fairy treasure, or even a seven-grade fairy treasure..." Although he felt that his chances of winning were indeed not great, he refused to admit defeat until the end.

He now regrets betting with each other. His Jiuqiao Linglong Pill, but he floated across the ocean, bought it at a great price from a Qipin fairy princess in the central fairyland!

For this immortality medicine, he almost went bankrupt!

"Oh! Then we will wait for the final result!" The Jade Emperor Jue Chen was not worried.

At this time Lei Zhenzi was terrible, the seven elders were sweating, Li Meier's flower color was lost, Zhong Wuliang was puzzled, Sun Yang was full of excitement, and all the practitioners looked at Zhao Yuande inexplicably.

None of them would question the words of an immortal emperor. Immortal emperors and them are people from two worlds. Their words are like sacred decrees, and there is no joke.

So now everyone is racking their brains, what is the golden bird this kid made?

There are too many kinds of gods and beasts in the fairy world, there are dozens of golden birds alone, but no matter how big they are, they cant think of this as a golden-winged young bird. .

"Seven elders, do we still have a chance?" Lei Zhenzi stared at the opposite Zhao Yuande and Sun Yang with both eyes. He wished to rush over and tore them directly.

"Hey! There is a chance, but I don't know what their last one is." The seven elders looked very solemn, and even he felt nervous at this time.

"They won't cheat? Why every time they make something..." Lei Zhenzi was interrupted directly by the Seven Elders before he finished speaking.

"Shut up! You can't talk nonsense about this, otherwise the catastrophe will come!" Seven elders stared at Lei Zhenzi sternly, preaching, "This is an immortal emperor, a high presence, like an emperor in the mortal world, Do you think such people will lie?"

"Oh, Elder Seven, I was wrong!" Lei Zhenzi lowered his head.

The Seven Elders could not help but nod, and the proud Pride Lei Zhenzi would bow his head and admit that the child could teach.

"Brother, what was that thing just now?" Sun Yang leaned over and asked Zhao Yuande curiously.

"It seems to be a little bird with a blood vein of the golden-winged Dapeng bird. Lord Xian might be interested in this blood vein, so he took it away!" Zhao Yuande replied half-truly.

He didn't dare to tell the truth. The strong immortal emperor was almost the master of immortal world. The soul and immortal world merged together, and their conversation could not converge into their ears without any eavesdropping.

So even if Sun Yang asked, he could only say this, which is also consistent with the value of 15 million.

"Brothers are really lucky and invincible. It seems that you must win this game!" Sun Yang got a satisfactory answer. He was also grateful that the other party was able to tell the truth to himself, and he couldn't help getting closer to it.

You should know that this is actually a secret of the sect. The other party can completely evade the immortal emperor's order to seal, and Sun Yang has nothing to say at all.