Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1192

Chapter 1192: Turning The Sky

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"Senior, we have only one last item left, you see..." Zhao Yuande looked at the seven elders opposite with a smile.

Seven elders frowned, and now the total value of the other two items of the other party has reached 17 million, and they are only up to 7 million. The difference between them is now 10 million. I dont know if the last thing can flip the situation. .

"Okay! Then let me show you the last thing I chose!" He placed the black gooseneck vase in front of him, his fingers gently touching the vase, and there was an intoxicating look on his face.

Everyone looked at this black vase, and their breathing was a little short at this time. They wanted to see what kind of treasure was hidden in this vase.

In the anxious hands of everyone, I saw the elders of the Seven Elders flipping their palms and hit a series of silver-white symbols. These symbols seemed to be absorbed by them when they touched the black vase.

As the speed of the Seven Elders became faster and faster, the white symbols seemed to fall down like snowflakes in the sky, but they were all absorbed by the black vase...

"Is this... is he lifting the seal?"

"Yes! This is a long-lost method of unsealing. It is called "Eight Types of Qianyuan", which claims to be able to lift all seals, but it seems to be incomplete, it seems to be missing..."

"Eight types of Qianyuan! This seems to have been left by the ancient **** Qian Yuanzi. Did this person get the inheritance of Qian Yuanzi?"

"It's possible... Qian Yuanzi is not only proficient in seal prohibition, but also a kind of sky eye technique "Tong Tian Eye". It is said that this kind of Tian Tian Eye can peep through the mysteries of the heavens, and it is natural to use it to appraise treasure!"

"No wonder this person is able to select the real baby among a whole lot of useless things, for this reason!"

"It's a pity! It's a pity! He is the Seven Elders of Tian Yizong, and his status is respected..."

"Hey! The kid of Xuan Jizong must have also obtained this inheritance, otherwise how could it be better than the elders of Seven Elders!"

"It seems... we can..."

"Hush... whisper!"


At the time when many people were talking, the speed of the Seven Elders had reached a limit, and the white symbols fluttered in the sky.


Suddenly a slight click came through the white package, as if a chicken had pecked the eggshell!

Then the sound continued to sound, and Elder Seven's face was full of tiredness at this time. He stopped the movement in his hand comfortably, and looked at the place in front of him that was still wrapped in white spells.

Just as everyone was staring intently, the white light seemed to be slashed out from inside and split in half.

At the same time as the sound of broken porcelain, a dazzling golden light illuminates the entire sky at once, and the eyes of countless people are extremely stinging at this moment and blind at this moment.

"Ah! What a baby! What a dazzling divine light..."


The people were blinded for five full breaths, and when their eyes regained their clarity again, they only saw a long golden vial standing in the center of the field, at this time still radiating a dazzling golden light.

Zhao Yuande swept across the golden vial for the first time.

"Sword bottle, ancient swordsmanship treasure, which can hold seven, seventy-nine forty-nine swords..."

"This thing..." Many people swept their souls on the bottle and could not see any clues.

"This thing has been passed down from ancient times, but it is not an immortal treasure, but I feel that it contains endless aura of gold. If these auras of gold are released, they should be able to kill a strong man in the fairyland."

"It seems... it seems to be a sword bottle of ancient kendo, it belongs to auxiliary treasure..."

"It looks pretty good, don't know the value geometry?"

"I don't know, there are too few things handed down from ancient times!"


"I'm willing to pay 20 million to buy this thing!" Just when everyone was talking about it and couldn't figure out the price, a young man with a long sword on his back stood upright like a green pine, and a pair of eyes sharp as a sword stepped over.

"This is... The 75th-ranked Sanxiu sword in the earth list is unknown. He valued this treasure? He also bid 20 million! He will not be the trust of Tianyizong!"

"Cut! You know a fart, isn't Jian Wuming the kind of villain you said! This person is a sword all his life, even if the immortal emperor wants to accept him as a disciple, he politely refuses, the reason is that this immortal emperor does not understand swordsmanship!"

"It's not bad! This person is a sword fool. Everything comes from his heart. Do it! You can think of it!"


"Brother Jian, this thing is not yet sure about where it belongs, and we will only make a decision after we have gambled!" The elder seven saw a smile on his face.

He actually did not understand the value of this thing, thanks to the nameless appearance of this sword.

"This person is so powerful!" Because the other party's cultivation base has exceeded his appraisal scope, all Zhao Yuande does not know what the other party's cultivation base is, but looking at the kindness of the seven elders to him, combined with the status of the other party's 75th place , Should be a strong man above the fairyland.

"Twenty million! If it adds up to a total of twenty-seven million, it will be ten million more than us! Are you sure that Brother Zhao will be able to exceed ten million?" Nervous, a piece of jade would not be too valuable in his imagination!

"Brother Sun, rest assured! I think this piece of jade should not disappoint us!" Zhao Yuande comforted Sun Yang while dragging the jade card in his palm and carefully observed.

To be honest, although he got the information of this jade brand, he didn't know how to stimulate it. Now he is scratching his head.

After more than a dozen breaths, everyone still didn't see Zhao Yuande move, and all of them couldn't help but wonder in his heart. Does this jade brand have any special place? He glanced away?

"Little friend, just waiting for you, now let everyone see the magic of this jade brand!" Elder Seven smiled at this time, he could feel that the other party seemed not confident.

"Kid hurry up! You will be my servant if you lose! I can't wait! Haha!" Lei Zhenzi laughed proudly.

"Hoo!" Li Meier seemed to feel that the crisis was lifted at this time, and maybe he could go back and become his high-ranking inner sister.

She vowed never to accept such a daunting task again, it was too much to test a person's heart.

"Brother Zhao?" Even Sun Yang looked at Zhao Yuande with some uncertainty.

At this time, Zhao Yuande was using various methods, infused with spiritual power, and glanced with the spirit of the soul... nothing worked.

Did I read it wrong at first.

He once again confirmed this jade card with identification techniques.

"Zhaotianyin imitations, ancient treasures, imitation imitations, Liupinxianbao......"

That's right! That's it, but why can't it be inspired?

Zhao Yuande was already sweating a bit at this time. Even if he knew that it was a Sixth Grade Immortal Treasure, he couldn't prove it. This just made him mad.