Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1193

Chapter 1193: The Right Way To Activate

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"What are you doing? Lose or lose, hurry and come to meet the new owner!" Lei Zhenzi saw Zhao Yuande's appearance and suddenly thought the other party wanted to delay the time.

"Little friend, admit defeat! The old man will persuade the young master to give up this bet, so that the little friend has earned so much for us, Brother Zhong's elixir that gave birth to wisdom, and that "Emperor Xuan Ji Ling..." The Seven Elders laughed together.

"It seems that the last thing this young man really missed!"

"Hey! How can a young man be compared with the strong fairyland with the heavenly eyes and the inheritance of Qianyuan! It seems that the blind cat may have just met the dead mouse before."

"It is very likely that this may be due to the other party's luck, but Dao finally used up his gas and naturally lost!"


What should I do? Zhao Yuande was running fast in his head, but he couldn't think of any good way!

There is no violent destruction! Anyway, Liupin Xianbao cannot be destroyed at all!

"Brother Sun, do you have any powerful Xianbao weapons?" Zhao Yuande turned to look at Sun Yang.

"Great Xianbao weapon?" Sun Yang wondered, but still took a sledgehammer from the storage space, "This will not work, Sanpin Xianbao broken mountain hammer!"

"Yes!" Zhao Yuande took the broken mountain hammer and weighed it in his hand. The weight was just right!

He placed the jade card on the ground, then backed away a few steps, took the broken mountain hammer toward the jade card and smashed it.

"What is he going to do? Do you want to destroy this piece of jade?"

"He has the Sanpin Xianbao Broken Mountain Hammer in his hand. Don't talk about this jade brand when he hits the hammer, that is, a Yipin Xianbao will be smashed directly!"

"Don't he want the other party to get this piece of jade?"

"Is it the correct way to activate with a hammer?"


Just as everyone was discussing, Zhao Yuande's broken mountain hammer had fallen on the jade card.


With a loud trembling noise, the ground was instantly smashed into a large pit that was dozens of feet deep, and the shops around them were all violently shaking.

Countless dense cracks spread endlessly in all directions, looking down like a huge spider web in the air.

"Is it broken?" Someone couldn't help but look at the big pit.

I saw that Zhao Yuande slowly lifted the broken mountain hammer, a little white light flashed, the jade brand was intact, but nothing happened.

"This..." Everyone knows at this moment, this jade card is not simple!

A jade card with the size of a slap is less than one finger thick. The third-grade Xianbao broken mountain hammer hits it without any damage. What is the concept!

I'm afraid you can't do the fourth grade Xianbao!

The value of a Sipin Xianbao is 10 million, which shows that the value of this jade brand may actually be more than 10 million!

"A piece of jade that can't be broken can be used for hair! At most it's a piece of material that can be used to make Sipin Xianbao! How high can the value be?" Lei Zhenzi's voice passed over at this time.

"Good! It's just a piece of material. Even the material used to make Wupin Xianbao is not worth 10 million! Xiaoyou, you lost!" The seven elders also showed a happy face.

"Lost! You lost! Don't quibble, quibbling is useless!" Li Meier almost jumped up at this moment of excitement, he was finally free.

"It is indeed a loss, and the main material for making the item Xianbao is only five million, and this jade brand is really too small. You can only make a small five-pin Xianbao, worth about two million! "There was a voice in the sky, a red-faced middle-aged man slowly fell, looking at the jade sign in the big pit, shaking his head constantly."

"It is the master refiner O Baozi. It is said that this person can already refine Sipin Xianbao! There should be nothing wrong with his words!" Someone suddenly recognized this person's identity.

"Hurry up to admit defeat! Admit defeat!" With the affirmation of this master refiner, Lei Zhenzi was even more excited.

"Acknowledge defeat! You can use the Xuanji order to let the Sect Master come forward and save you!" Zhao Yuande's ear heard Zhong Wuliang's voice.

"Brother! It doesn't matter if you lose, we can afford it. It's no big deal. I beg the old guy to rescue you!" Sun Yang's voice also fell into Zhao Yuande's ears.

Are you really going to lose? Zhao Yuande was not reconciled. He knew that this was a Sixth-grade Fairy Treasure, but he could not prove it. Is there anything more maddening than this?

He is not a person who likes to admit defeat, and he looks at everyone around him.

"Are there any seniors who have five grades of fairy treasures, help me give this piece of jade!"

"Wupin Xianbao?" Everyone looked at each other and thought it was incredible. Is this guy crazy? Who will show Wupin Xianbao? If the enemy knows his big killer, it will be gone.

There was still no one after waiting for a long time.

"Are you trying to break our materials? Don't delay the time, hurry up and admit defeat!" Lei Zhenzi sneered again and again.

"I also ask you to help, this thing is definitely a treasure!" Zhao Yuande greeted everyone around him.

"Unfortunately, Brother Zhu is now in retreat, otherwise..." Zhong Wuliang showed a helpless look on his face.

"Why don't I let the old guy shoot..." Sun Yang hadn't finished his words, and suddenly he came alone in this direction.

"I'll give it a try!" This man turned out to be the sword that was ranked 75th in the earth list. The sharp sword in his hand was shining brightly, and he split directly towards the jade card still lying in the big pit at this time. Go on.


A melodious voice sounded in the big pit.

Jian Wumei silently received the sword and then turned around and left.

"Thank you, Senior!" Zhao Yuande bowed his hand.

"It didn't hurt at all! This... this is at least Liupin Xianbao material!" Everyone's eyes fell on the jade card in the big pit, and it turned out that the jade card was still intact.

"What's going on? Is this really the Sixth Grade Xianbao material? In this case, the value..."

Everyone's eyes turned to the master refiner O Baozi at this time.

"If it is the material of Liupin Xianbao, it should be worth about 10 million!" Oubaozi gave a fair price.

"This..." Everyone looked weird.

Ten million!

This does not mean that the value of the three treasures of the two has reached 27 million, evenly divided!

"Looking at your good luck, we are a tie!" Lei Zhenzi frowned unwillingly.

"Okay! Since it is a tie, today's game will be over!" Seven Elders nodded, looking a bit regretful.

Even a draw! Even a draw! Li Meier has a strong breath, whether she wins or draws her all right.

"Fantastic matchup, let us open our eyes! A draw is the perfect end!"

"The two parties have their own gains, and they are all happy, not bad!"

"I don't know when I will see such a wonderful matchup next time!"

"It really doesn't work. How about we pick some here?"

"Yes, pick a few pieces, maybe you can get a five or six grade Xianbao at once, then we are developed!"