Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1194

Chapter 1194: Tutoring

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Suddenly, the crowd began to coax and walked towards various objects on both sides of the street.

"Slow down! This time it's not a tie! We won!" Zhao Yuande shouted, making you all stunned!

"Yes! We won!" Sun Yang also remembered this time.

"What did you win! Isn't the final value all 27 million? Do you want to open an auction to see the value of the final auction?" Lei Zhenzi's face showed a trace of unnaturalness, obviously he also thought of it The key to the matter.

"Okay, don't bother with the two friends!" Seven Elders also shuddered in their hearts.

"What is ridiculous! The value of the three items we bought is 50,000 top grade jade! And you are 890,000. Everyone said who lost this?" Zhao Yuande turned to look at everyone.

"This is also! The things that people made from 50,000, and the things you made from 890,000, have the same value, but you still lost!" Master Ouzhizi, a refiner, nodded at this time and expressed his opinion. .

"It was indeed lost! And it was a terrible loss!" Jian Wuming also nodded slowly.

"This mainly depends on the rules at the time. If there is no explicit regulation, this time the game can be considered a tie!" Some people have different opinions.

"This statement also has some truth!"


"Yes, there was really no such rule at that time. We only said who had the highest value and who won!" Lei Zhenzi immediately grasped this point and sneered, "Since there is no explanation, then don't blame us, this time it is a tie! "

"It's a draw!" The Seven Elders also nodded.

"Okay! Since you don't see tears in the coffin, let me show you!" Zhao Yuande took the jade card from the big pit and put it in his hand. He came to the crowd, "Everyone is watching!"

He flipped his palm, and the jade symbol rose in his hand.

Countless mysterious runes engraved on it suddenly seemed to be alive, but in the blink of an eye these runes were all drilled into the jade brand like little tadpoles.

The jade brand expanded rapidly, and within a short breathing time, a three-foot-high square seal appeared on top of everyone's head.

An unspeakable horror pressure suddenly enveloped everyone's heart. Countless people looked up at this square seal at this time, and all looked shocked in their eyes.

"This is an imitation of "The Sky"..."

"Yes, it's definitely a copy of Skywarp. Look at the two big words "Rolling Sky" above!"

"This imitation can resist the cutting of the fifth-grade fairy sword without any damage, which means that at least it is the fifth-grade fairy treasure, and it is not strong. Even the powerful person in the fairyland feels pressure. This value At least it is above 50 million..." O Baozi, who is a master of refinery, has the most say. When he speaks out, he immediately concludes the coffin.

At this time, everyone's eyes fell on Zhao Yuande, among them envy, jealousy, and greed...

Zhao Yuande sighed in his heart that although these things were considered by these people as fifth-grade immortal treasures, such things could not be kept at all by his current realm of cultivation.

As the saying goes, if you take this thing to the outside door, you dont know how many strong doormen will secretly attack you.

With a bite and a heart, Zhao Yuande directly moved this upright seal in his hand, and then came to Zhong Wuliang seriously, and bowed down.

"The disciple is enthralled with alchemy and admires Master Zhong for a long time. He wants to use this treasure as a teacher salute. He will go under Master Zhong's door and invite Master Zhong Chengquan!"

Zhong Wuliang was directly fooled by Zhao Yuande's worship. He never dreamed that the other party would do so.

For so many years, only Zhao Yuande, a miscellaneous disciple, satisfied him. He originally wanted to wait for Zhao Yuande to enter the outside door, and then he found an opportunity to accept him as a disciple.

But did not expect the other party to propose in this way at this time.

Although he knew that the other party meant to protect himself, he was only a fairyland, but in fact it was not powerful.

If Zhao Yuande spreads the word, using this five-level fairy treasure as a teacher's rite, I don't know how many powerful elders will be rushing.

The other party can choose oneself, this is a kind of trust in oneself, oneself can't live up to the other party anyway!

"Good! Good! I Zhong Wuliang is here today to let everyone bear a witness and take Zhao Yuande as a disciple!" Zhong Wuliang solemnly took the sky-turning seal in Zhao Yuande's hands, and a voice came to Zhao Yuande's ears at the same time , "Teacher will collect this thing for you first, and wait for you to have strength in the future, the teacher will hand it over to you!"

"Tuer see the master!" Zhao Yuande was touched in his heart and looked at the master in front of him for three weeks and nine knocks!

"Okay! Since that's the case, let's talk about the gamble!" Since he became Zhao Yuande's master, Zhong Wuliang will naturally take the look of a master and turn his head to look at Seven Elders and Lei Zhenzi and say: "My disciple Won this game, you can take everything! And the woman, send it together!"

"Damn! Damn!" Lei Zhenzi growled in a low voice, a pair of eyes staring at Zhao Yuande dyingly, wishing he could swallow it alive.

"Hey! I'm sorry Young Master, I lost!" Elder Seven shook his head slightly at Lei Zhenzi, then threw three things at Zhong Wuliang, and finally he set his eyes on Li Meier's body, cold and merciless the sound of

"Li Meier, from now on you will be the other's servant!"

Li Meier's body was soft and he collapsed to the ground.

"Hey! Then the inheritance of the Holy Sword is not sold!"

"Sword Bottle I am willing to make 21 million..."


"Haha! Brother Zhao, you sent it!" Sun Yang hurried up to congratulate.

"Thank you, thank you! Brother Sun, I have no way to hang out outside. Brother Sun can find me in the miscellaneous area or Alchemy Peak." Zhao Yuande looked at Sun Yang apologetically.

"It's okay! I haven't been going these days. I will go to you before the Xianbao Conference." Sun Yang also knows that Zhao Yuande is now a treasure, and if he accidentally comes out, he will be robbed.

"Don't worry, everyone will wait for me to discuss this with my disciples. I will give you an answer within three days!" Zhong Wuliang stopped everyone's inquiry and gave a clear answer.

"As for you, since you became a servant of Yuande, let's wait at the third branch hall of Alchemy Peak for a while! We will do it next to our alchemy." Zhong Wuliang has never been an evil person, seeing Li Meier sad The desperate appearance was also to prevent this woman from delaying her disciples' cultivation, so she made this decision.

"Thank you Senior Zhong!" Li Meier fell to his knees with a thump and bowed to Zhong Wuquan.

She thought she would die without doubt, otherwise it would become the plaything of the other party, but she didn't expect this deacon Zhong to make such an arrangement.