Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1195

Chapter 1195: Real Identity

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"Yuande, what do you think?" Zhong Wuliang ignored Li Meier, but turned to look at Zhao Yuande.

"Everything is up to the master!" Zhao Yuande saw Zhong Wuliang consider such a comprehensive consideration for himself, and suddenly a trace of warmth appeared in his heart.

He still remembers his first master, Gu Tiande!

This is also a kind elder and an alchemy master. The two images merge into one, and his vision begins to blur.

"Okay! Let's go back!" Zhong Wuliang's big sleeves flew up with Zhao Yuande and Li Meier, and then disappeared into the city of Xuanji Zongfang.

"Hey! Old man Sun, take the medicine of immortality!" Dichen Xiandi squeezed the goatee and frowned at the red-faced old man on the opposite side.

"Hey! Good luck! This little guy named Zhao Yuande is definitely a real person!" the red-faced old man sighed again and again, "otherwise I will give you another one, how do you give me this little guy!"

"Hey! You are my fool! Chaos Eucharist, but the second physique of the heavens and the world, this qualification will not change even if you take ten Jiuqiao Linglong Pills!"

"Hey! Then only let my juniors make good friends with him!" The red-faced old man sighed, but suddenly said, "You have heard of it, there seems to be a chaotic holy body in the lower realm, and the name seems to be Zhao Yuande! "

"Is this happening? Is it the same person?" Jue Chenxian Emperor's complexion changed, his face was incredible.

"But the news came just a few days ago that this person was dead! He died in the fifth city of the twelve ascendant city, and he blew up the soul of the gods without even ash left!" said the red-faced old man.

"You mean, this might be..." Juexian Emperor Jue, grabbing his goatee, his eyelids jumping constantly.

"Do you know the true identity of this person?" The red-faced old man's words are not surprisingly endless, and he asked directly before waiting for the Infernal Fairy Emperor to ask, "He is the reincarnation of the universe! The disciple of Zhang Ling in Bajing Palace!"

"What!" Juechen Immortal Emperor almost didn't jump up directly. As Immortal Emperor, the true master of Xuanji Sect, the powerful existence of Baihezhou for several hundred thousand years, was also greatly changed by the series of news.

"So I came to you this time, I actually want to form an alliance with you!" The old man with a red face said with a sincere smile on his face, "As long as this kid is brought up, Bajing Palace will thank you, and Zhou will thank you, you Xuanji Sect will rise because of him, let alone dominate Baihezhou, and even Central Immortal Territory will have a place for your Xuanji Sect!"

"Central Fairy Territory..." Juechen Fairy Emperor seemed to remember something, and his eyes showed infinite yearning and deep helplessness.

"Okay! I work with you. The Sun family and Xuan Jizong have been an alliance since today!" Juechen Immortal Emperor seemed to have made a lot of determination and squeezed his fists hard.

"Wait for your sentence, the kid must be protected!" The old man with a red face said, "I can find this person, and surely others can find it, but don't care! He is the real of our two rises hope!"

"It seems that we have to block this news first so that his news will not be revealed. We will work together to wipe out the memories of everyone present, otherwise his affairs will soon be passed on, attracting the attention of the powerful. ..."

"Ok... join forces!"


Under the joint force of the two immortal emperor realm, except for a few people, Zhao Yuande has not appeared in the memory of everyone else, and even the game of Jianbao is ambiguous...

Even the seven elders in the fairyland are inevitable!

Besides, Zhao Yuande and Li Meier were taken away by Zhong Wuliangjun, but a few blinking kung fu came to Alchemy Peak.

"Li Meier, you go outside and watch!" Zhong Wuliang glanced at Li Meier and said lightly.

"Yes!" Li Meier felt a kind of humiliation on his mind, how could he become a servant of a disciple in a small field!

Lei Zhenzi is really abominable! If he is in power, Tian Yizong will one day be destroyed by him!

But now that she has become a prisoner, there is no way to resist, she can only take one step at a time.

"Tu'er, since you and I have become mentors and disciples, then I will remind you! Today you are too arrogant and offended Tian Yizong's Lei Zhenzi and the seven elders. Lei Zhenzi should not worry, this person has a straightforward personality Anything is written on his face, he can only face up to you, we can prevent this. However, the seven elder Beizheng Xiao is an old fox, he is deep in mind, this is the most terrible, so he will go out in the future You have to be careful, it is better to change your appearance..."

Zhong Wuliang verbosely talked for a long time, but Zhao Yuande listened to it with relish. These truths are understood by him, but the master said it represents a kind of care for himself by the master. He has not felt this for a long time. Feeling cared about.

"Okay, after saying so much, you should know how important it is." Zhong Wuliang said so much in one breath. Seeing that the disciple was not just bored, he was still listening. .

"Now lets talk about these treasures! Ill leave the ointment to stay. Our mentor and apprentice will use it! This inheritance of the holy sword and sword bottle is a blink of an eye. If you stay with you, it may cause a big disaster. Lets take it out and let Xuanji Zongfangs auction house shoot it for you!"

"Everything is up to the master!" Zhao Yuande nodded in agreement.

"Lets talk about this world-turning seal, I think you still have to sacrifice yourself! Ill take your heart and get a good apprentice like you, in fact, I am satisfied!" Zhong Wuliang took out the put-out copy of the world-turning seal. , To Zhao Yuande.

"No! The master is not actually a fifth-order spirit treasure, but a sixth-order spirit treasure! I can't sacrifice it for a while, or the master holds the enhanced strength or has the power to protect the disciples!" Zhao Yuande quickly resigned To explain things.

"This..." Zhong Wuliang heard Zhao Yuande say this, and was more uncomfortable.

Six grades of treasure! This kind of thing is simply too expensive. The elders of the Taishang are not in the hands of man. If they are known, I am afraid that they will be killed alive!

"Master, dont refuse it. In fact, I still have something I want to take out when I apprentice, but it was too hasty just now, so..." Zhao Yuande looked at the master, and finally decided to get the Buddha he got. The last three characters of the Zong Liuzi mantra were passed on to him.

Zhao Yuande conveyed the six-character mantra's perception and methods of use to the past.

"This...this is..." Zhong Wuliang was shocked by Zhao Yuande again!

Everyone says rituals, rituals!

It should be the master who gave the disciple a gift, but he did not expect that the disciple's gift would be soft, and he had no way to refuse such a gift!