Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1198

Chapter 1198: Xuo

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Without the special treatment of Gongsun Ming, Zhao Yuande was relaxed and comfortable. Soon the time of the incense sticks passed, and only three unlucky ghosts were smug when they were about to succeed. As a result, Gongsun Ming was defeated by the last wave of pressure and lost qualifications.

"The first round of assessment is over, a total of 135 people have successfully passed!" The old man stood up and looked at the 135 people with a smile on his face, nodded with satisfaction, and paused and continued. "The second round of assessment began. In this round, we evaluated a word of "force". Force is naturally a person's physical strength. Only by laying the foundation of the physical body can practitioners go longer and have the opportunity to climb the fairy road. Become a fairyland, so power is not necessary!"

Just as the old man finished speaking, his big sleeves flicked, and a dark stone pillar of several dozen feet tall and several feet thick appeared in front of everyone.

"This is a force pillar. You only need to punch on it, and it will show you how strong your strength is." The old man pointed to the dark stone pillar and introduced, "An ordinary field powerful person should have the power of a dragon, as long as Your strength exceeds the strength of a dragon, even if you pass."

The power of a dragon is terrible to say, but it is actually nothing. Everyone present is confident.

At this time, only Zhao Yuande was a little depressed. He didn't know whether he should punch with all his strength or use only part of his strength.

With one blow, he was afraid that he would be too outstanding and become the focus of everyone.

He is now positioned as a disciple of the alchemy master, and the power in the dark has grown, apparently developing in the direction of the alchemy master.

And now he is starting from scratch, his strength has grown too fast, has he been tested.

I don't know how much power I have now. If it's hidden, I don't know how much power I should use. It is really a headache.

This round is the easiest round, it only takes a punch, almost everyone is confident.


The force column suddenly burst into a dazzling yellow light.

"This is yellow, this man has the power of the eleven dragons, so terrible!"

"I have this kind of power just after entering the realm, this kind of power is enough to break a mountain with one punch!"

"This person I know, called Shen Zong is a very strong genius. In just one month, he reached the triple level of the field from the peak of Yin and Yang, and the speed is against the sky!"

"There must be a strong support behind this person. I have seen him enter a shop called Wanyaojie..."


There are too many people in the miscellaneous area, and many people have mixed eyes. If they are not carefully hidden deliberately, I am afraid that nothing can escape their eyes.

Obviously, there is a Wan Yao Pavilion behind Shen Zong, which is also a well-known thing.


Just as everyone pointed at Shen Zong and looked envious, another muffled noise came.

The yellow light bursting out of the force measuring stone column was more dazzling this time. Zhao Yuande saw that the second scale had been reached on the ten yellow scales.

The force column is divided into seven colors of red orange, yellow, green, blue, blue and purple, and each color has ten scales.

The red ten scale is the power of one dragon, the orange ten scale is the power of ten dragons, and the yellow ten scale is the power of twenty dragons...

"The power of the twelve dragons! This person's name is Jinhai, but he is the elder son of Elder Jin. Xiuwei has reached the fivefold **** realm in the realm!"

"Elder King's grandson, no wonder no wonder!"

"Looking at his age, it seems that he is only fifteen at most!"

"Yes, it's fifteen years old, with great talent, and the Jin family is another genius!"


The golden brilliance continued to rise, causing exclamations from countless handy disciples.

"Dan Taiguang has the power of fifteen dragons, so terrible..."

"Lin Hao's Thirteen Dragon Power..."

"The Power of Wucheng Sixteen Dragons..."


The sound of screaming continued, but the strength of all the disciples was at most the strength of the sixteen dragons.


It was at this time that Zhao Yuande's turn came to play, and after a little thought he strode to the dark stone pillar.


Zhao Yuandela exhaled in a good posture and punched **** the force measuring stone.

Because he had had a blow to death from a fat man before, all eyes of this time fell on the force measuring stone.

Everyone saw red light, orange light, yellow light...

"What! This is..."




Numerous screams sounded at the same time, everyone only saw a green light flash, and finally stayed on the ninth scale!


Everyone was frying pan all at once.

"Thirty Nine Dragon Power! This man will go against the sky!"

"Absolutely against the sky, I really deserve to be a strong man who was killed by a fat punch. It only takes one dragon to reach the peak of the realm!"

"Doesn't this mean that this person can already fight the strongest in the realm of the realm with his physical body?"

"Genius! Absolutely genius!"



"Master deacon, what do you think of this? Can you qualify to worship under a deacon or the elders?" The old man who presided over the assessment respectfully asked the proud grandson Ming around him.

This host, including a few seniors present here, basically impacted the hopelessness of the fairyland and were assigned to the miscellaneous area to manage various things. If the miscellaneous area can produce some genius, their faces also have light. .

However, these people say that they manage the miscellaneous areas, but basically they will not appear in the miscellaneous areas. If there is no major event, they will not come forward.

"Well! It's not bad, the qualifications are acceptable, but the age is older!" Gongsun Ming said lightly, "but the strength of the flesh alone is not enough to make the elders and deacons tempted, but also depends on the specific qi and **** test! "

"Master Deacon said so!" The old man hurriedly bowed his head.

The old man is also a human being, and he has been practicing for thousands of years.

He saw at a glance that this Gongsun Ming seemed to have a different attitude towards Zhao Yuande and seemed a little disgusted.

The power of 30 Jiulong instantly made Zhao Yuande the focus of everyone, and made all your apprentices pay attention to him. There were envy and jealousy, shock and horror in the eyes, and a strong fighting intention...

Zhao Yuande was depressed at this time, he only used one-fifth of the power, but did not expect to be so dazzling!


When everyone looked at Zhao Yuande with complicated eyes, suddenly there was another green light!

"Thirty-seven Dragon Power! This person is...Xu Xiong!"

"He actually has such a powerful force..."

"This Xu Xiong is several years younger than Zhao Yuande...the potential is endless!"

"I heard that this person has long been valued by a deacon. As long as he is promoted to an outside disciple, he will be directly paid to him!"

"Is that deacon?"

"Deacon Wei, Wei Changkong! The strongest among the deacons..."

"I really envy..."