Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 120

Chapter 120: Why Do Not You Go To Hell

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"Ah!" Some young girls who were still screaming for worshipping Sima Feiyun did not understand why.

But the remaining three demon clan did not feel angry because of Ying Wanli's death. They looked at the screaming girls with contempt.

"Cowardly humans, why have you ruled this world for so long? Really puzzled me!" The blond young man pointed at Sima Feiyun in the sky and sneered, "Let me come to meet you!"

"Humph! Ruthless race!" Sima Feiyun sneered, his body slowly fell, watching the blond young man's eyes in front of him gradually revealed a dignified color.

At this moment, he felt a powerful crisis coming, and the blond young man across from him seemed to be an unmatched deity. As long as he dared to do it, he would definitely suffer a ruthless blow.

But now is not the time to back down. If you back down as a human cultivator, no one will dare to come out and fight each other.

This is just a joke. The huge human race with a population of hundreds of billions cannot find an opponent that can match the demon clan. If this is passed out, how can the strong players of the alliance raise their heads in front of the demon clan, rather fight Never die back!

"War! I'll fight you!" Sima Feiyun's face showed a decisive look. He took a step forward and sent an invitation to fight to the blonde young man.

"Haha! That's right! Then you will be the first human genius to beheaded by my lion lord!" The lion lord laughed wildly!

"Feiyun is too reckless! Knowing that he is not an opponent, why did he just... Hey!" Zhang Ou hated the incompetence of his hands, and he was the strongest man in the realm of the sixfold heavenly realm. At a glance, I can see the details of the lion tyrant. The other party will soon condense the field, which is half a level higher than Sima Feiyun. This battle will definitely lose.

"Brother Zhang! My Sima family has only heroes who have died in battle, no bears who have retreated, Feiyun is happy even if he died!" Sima Yunlong's words are powerful, but his hands are too tight and his knuckles are white, he He didn't want his grandson to die, but he didn't want him to back down like this.

"Slow down! Brother Sima has just fought a game, and the breath is not yet stable. We took it for him in this game!" A lazy voice sounded in the middle of the square, and Zhao Yuande took the black wind and strode Entering the field, Ji Yuling didn't know where to find a handkerchief to cover his face, revealing only two **** eyes, quietly following behind them.

"Who is this person?" Sima Yunlong struggled in despair. Suddenly someone stood up and stopped. He couldn't help but look at Zhao Yuande, but when he saw Zhao Yuande's cultivation behavior, he immediately frowned. "This boy However, what is the chaos for the cultivation of the Blood Poseidon?

"Brother Sima, look at his side!" Zhang Ou pointed to the black wind and a ring beside Zhao Yuande, his eyes bright.

"Huh? The two yin and yang are in one?" Sima Yunlong suddenly burst into a bright light, and his face was even more ecstatic.

"You are too weak, it is not worth our shot!" The blond youngster glanced at Zhao Yuande, and suddenly found his cultivation behavior, he could not help but scornfully sneered, "Are you no one in Zhongyu? Send such a small point to die ?"

"Golden hair, what kind of thing are you, dare to blow the atmosphere in front of our boss Zhao, I will give you a lesson from the black wind today!" The black wind glanced at the lion bull with a very unpleasant glance. Doubt that Zhao Yuande is a pervert, if he gets fired and kills you all alone, what else do real people play.

The black wind stabbed out of the crowd, and provocatively hooked his finger at the lion lord: "I am a real person, my hands are very itchy recently, I will use you to practice my hands today!"


The lion lord was so despised by the black wind, he suddenly opened his eyes, and slammed toward the black wind with a roar!

"Hi! How do you think your voice is loud? Real people will! Ao!" Heifeng screamed with his mouth wide open.


The two non-humans collided fiercely, and the bluestones under their feet shattered in the shock wave of the impact. The terrifying aftermath drove many onlookers around, even many strong men flying in the sky. All felt a strong wind coming.

Both sides of the impact were shocked by powerful forces hundreds of feet away. They spouted a sip of blood at the same time, and their eyes showed excitement.

"Your kid is really powerful! Eat another real person punch!" Black Bear wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and took up the fist the size of a wine jar to rush towards the lion.

"Bah!" The lion spit out congestion in his belly, and watching the excited Black Wind couldn't help but feel a serious sense of frustration.

The other party was only in the early stage of the yin and yang unity, and in the collision just now he even split with the other party, which seriously hurt his self-confidence. Is the other party stronger than himself? How can such characters appear in humans?

"Roar!" Seeing that the black wind's big fist had already reached his head, the Lionmaster no longer had time to think, but roared to meet again with a roar.

"Haha! Well, I really like this kind of collision! Come again!" Black Wind was originally a strong devil bear, and was repeatedly transformed by Zhao Yuande's powerful recipes, and it also captured Jin Fei's engulfing body and got the prototype of the inner world. Now, he basically says that he can sweep the entire Yin-Yang unity, and it is already commendable that the Lionmaster can keep up the wind in the collision with him.

Lion Bull found that he did not take advantage of the two collisions. Instead, at the moment of contact, he felt that the power in his body was swallowed by the other party. After two contacts, he felt that his power was already inferior. .

He felt that this matter was a little weird. He didn't want to fight this guy anymore, otherwise he would be defeated by the opponent in less than a few times.

The Lionmaster was extremely determined and resolute, thinking that he would just turn around and run.

"Hey! What are you running!" Heifeng looked at the figure who had run out of the battle circle in a silly and incomprehensible way, but he could not help but yelled in a rage, "You golden retriever, don't you mean that the loser is not worthy to live in this world?" You are all gone, even if you are a loser, why dont you die!"

"Ou Ou!"

The people watching around saw that the ending could not help but show a contemptuous look towards the fleeing lion tyrant, roaring with excitement in his mouth.

"Okay, don't worry about a coward!"

Zhao Yuande smiled and looked at the faces of several demon races across from him, and found that all of them were black, cursing the waste of lion tyrants!

"Who else dares to come out and fight us?" Zhao Yuande hooked his fingers at the demon clan opposite him.