Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1201

Chapter 1201: Elder Hailan

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A disciple in the realm of realm carries a Sipin Xianbao, and obviously this Sipin Xianbao can't be urged. The power of the strong inside is full, as long as he is excited, he can exert great power!

This is his life-saving card, but I didn't expect it to be used here, it seems really crazy.

"Gimhae! Wanton behavior, violation of regulations! But thinking you are the first offender, automatically downgraded to the last place!" Gongsun Ming glanced coldly at Gimhae and made a punishment.


Although Gimhae is arrogant, there is an elder grandfather, but it is still to whom.

Even if the grandfather did not dare to offend him easily, he could only listen obediently.

Gong Sunming punished Jin Hai, then looked at Zhao Yuande again, frowned but said nothing!


Seeing Zhao Yuande's method, several people who were eager to try also gave up their ideas at this time.

Being able to make Gimhae a dog like this, and avoiding the space constraints of Sipin Xianbao, this force has exceeded their imagination.

Many people knew at this time that Zhao Yuande had previously hidden himself.

"I'll challenge you!" Xu Xiong's tall figure appeared in front of Zhao Yuande, his face showing perseverance and confidence.

This Xu Xiong's strength is very powerful, with a full strength of 37 dragons. It is definitely the best among this group of disciples, but in Zhao Yuande's view it is only average.


Zhao Yuande nodded gently, the other party didn't have a holiday with himself, and looking at this person's handsome appearance, he looked very stable and gave Zhao Yuande a good first impression.

So Zhao Yuande will leave a face to the other side, so that he will not lose too much.

"Since Brother Zhao's physical strength is strong, then let's take a physical comparison. Although I have two dragons less strength than Brother Zhao, but my set of boxing techniques have the effect of increasing strength, Brother Zhao should be careful!" This Xu Xiong is upright and speaks his fist.

"Thanks to Xu Xiong for reminding me, I actually hide a little bit of power. I think we should be evenly matched!" Zhao Yuande also showed a little more affection for the other party.


The two said they hit and hit, and they hit each other instantly!

Xu Xiong's fist is really very subtle. It has greatly increased his own strength by 20%. He fought into a tiger, and his physical strength caused the void to ripple.

"it is good!"

People like Qian Yang's immortal body like Sun Yang probably don't have much in the whole fairy world, so Zhao Yuande is also interested, and such opponents are not rare for him.

The battle between the two caused a lot of people to watch, many outside disciples heard the news, and thousands of outside disciples gathered here for a while.

In fact, the outer gate is also divided into two areas, one is the area of disciples of the realm of the realm, that is, the area where they are now.

The other is the area where disciples in the world are active, far away from here!

Moreover, there are also regulations between the two areas outside the door. Between the world and the realm of the world, it is not allowed to challenge without permission.

In fact, the two outer doors, as if they were two worlds, almost never interfere with each other.

However, there is only one advantage. As long as the disciples of the realm of the world reach the world, they will automatically enter the area of the disciples of the world, without any further assessment.

The two men's battle not only attracted disciples in the field, but also attracted the attention of many disciples in the world.

Even the elders of the Divine Emperor Realm who managed the outside disciples were alarmed!

"These two young boys are good! Only the flesh can fight against the strong guys in the later stage of the field. The more genius disciples the better!" An old man was excited and kept giving thumbs up.

"I can guarantee that there will be elders who pay attention to this side. These two little guys may become elder disciples! Hey... I was!" Another old man said with great envy.

"Okay, you don't have to blow it, it wasn't that I was beaten up and down!"

"Hi, you old thing, shall we try now?"

"Okay! You two are thousands of years old, and you are not afraid of being joked by your disciples!"


Although Xu Xiong is very strong, he is still not Zhao Yuande's opponent.

He casually found an opportunity to increase his strength by a few percent and defeat the opponent.

"Thank you Brother Zhao for showing mercy! Xu Xiong willingly bowed down!" Xu Xiong felt the power of Zhao Yuande's momentary eruption, and suddenly knew that the other party had given himself a face, otherwise he might not be able to persevere even three strokes.

"Hey! I just found a weakness of Brother Xu, otherwise it would not be possible to defeat Brother Xu so quickly!" Zhao Yuande hurriedly waved his hand and gave his face.

"Xu Xiong! You can come under my door!" At this time, a figure appeared in the void, a beautiful woman in a palace dress.

This beautiful woman's eyes are as sharp as a knife. Everyone who sweeps it feels as if it has been scraped by a bone scraper. A burst of hot pain!

Xu Xiong looked blank, and didn't know who this woman was? How to teach? In case this master is not suitable for himself...

Xu Xiong is a person with great ambitions. His goal is to be an immortal monarch or even an immortal emperor. It is impossible for him to follow a teacher casually!

"I've seen the elders!" Gongsun Ming saw this one, and immediately stood up and respected him.

"Okay!" Elder Hailan waved his hand, and then his attention was still on Xu Xiong's body. The more he looked, the more he was happy, and his face gradually showed satisfaction.

"Ah! It was Elder Hailan! She was valued by her old man, and Xu Xiong was really blessed!" There was an old man in God Realm who exclaimed in a low voice.

"Yes! Although Elder Hailan is a woman, but she cultivates her body, her combat effectiveness is definitely the best among the elders!" Another old man also whispered.

Upon hearing this, Xu Xiong immediately cast a grateful glance at the two old men.

The beautiful woman known as Elder Hailan also nodded at the two old men, and the reminders of the two happened to make them no embarrassment.

As an elder, she can't explain the life story of the impact with this disciple! Its too much to do that!

The two old men were very happy. Obviously, they bought a lover for them, and forged a good relationship.

"The disciple is willing!" Xu Xiong bowed to the elder Hailan and bowed down.

"Well! This is my teacher's apprenticeship. As long as you can be promoted to the world within two years, I will truly accept you as a personal disciple!" Elder Hailan throws a storage ring and sends it to Xu Male hands.

Xu Xiong was immediately overjoyed, and paid his respects to Elder Hailan!

"Okay! Since then you are my disciple of Hailan, don't weaken my reputation!" Hailan turned and stepped into the void, then disappeared.

"Congratulations to Brother Xu!" Zhao Yuande arched his hands and smiled.

"Brother Zhao is polite!" Xu Xiong returned quickly.