Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1202

Chapter 1202: Breakthrough

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Everyone looked at Xu Xiong enviously. It was so lucky to be valued by a powerful elder!

However, many people are also wondering why Elder Hailan did not choose Zhao Yuande. This is obviously stronger than Xu Xiong!

Zhao Yuande knew that he already had a master!

Zhao Yuande defeated Xu Xiong, and no one dared to challenge him.

The ranking was completed soon, with Zhao Yuande first, Xu Xiong second, Dan Taiguang third...

Shen Zong took the tenth place!

Zhao Yuande obviously felt that he didn't do his best, and he didn't want to be too conspicuous.

"This is your cave house, one of the three best cave houses in the area of the outer gate disciples' cave house area. After the fifteen-day protection period, you will meet successive challenges!" Zhao Yuande stood in front of his cave house The words of Deacon Gongsun are still in my ears.

The corner of his mouth slightly raised, showing a contemptuous smile.

Gongsun Ming, you want to create problems for me and want to fight against me, you will regret it!

Dont think its great to be a fairyland at the age of forty-two, I will soon surpass you, and Im looking forward to seeing what your expression is!

Thinking of this, he strode into his cave house.


He heard a knock on the door soon after he entered the cave.

Zhao Yuande swept away, and suddenly a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth. With a wave of his hand, the door of the cave opened wide, and Fan Ying flew into the cave.

"Sister sister! I will call you sister sister now!" Zhao Yuande looked at the girl with a smile.

"Anyway, you are older than me, and my sister is my sister!" The girl's cheeks had a slight fever, and she didn't know why. When she didn't come, she thought about it, but she was nervous when she came, and didn't know what to say!

"This is the treasure that my sister lent me. Now that I have promoted it to the realm of the realm, it is time to return to Zhao!" Zhao Yuande flipped his hand and took out the earth-melting fireball.

"No no! Keep it for you! This thing is already to me now..." The girl waved her hand hurriedly.

"Okay! We are friends, don't lie to me. Your physique is a fire. You need this earth-melting fire bead to moisturize. If you don't want me, you'll be angry!" Zhao Yuande pretended to be angry.

"Okay! Okay, I'll listen to you!" The girl hurriedly took it and sneaked Zhao Yuande's glance, but found that there was still an angry look. She took the earth's center and melted the fire beads and gave Zhao Yuande a white eye.

"Brother is really unfair! It is clear that you are stronger than that of Xu Xiong. Why didn't the elders accept you as a disciple, or else I would ask the master to let him accept you as a disciple!" Fan Ying was uncomfortable for Zhao Yuande.

"Hey! Actually, you don't know, I have already paid Deacon Zhong to learn Dan Dao as a teacher." Zhao Yuande also waved his face with gratitude.

"Congratulations, Senior Brother! Then I will have trouble using Senior Medicine!" Fan Ying smiled sweetly and was really happy for Zhao Yuande.

"Fan Shimei, I don't know..." Zhao Yuande's words hadn't been spoken yet, and he heard the knock on the door again outside the cave.

"Brother Zhao!" turned out to be Xu Xiong's voice.

"Yeah! I'm leaving, the master asked me to find her..." Fan Ying stood up quickly, a little embarrassed.

"It's okay! Everyone is a disciple outside the door. It's okay to know!" Zhao Yuande stood up and opened the gate of Dongfu, and went out to meet him personally.

Only a dozen of them came here. They were all outside disciples who only passed today. Among them were Xu Xiong and Shen Zong, as well as a few disciples who he could name.

Everyone saw Fan Ying also stayed a little bit, but soon revealed a relief, the girl continued to cheer for Zhao Yuande outside, the relationship between the two is bound to be unusual, it is normal to meet here.

"Hehe! It seems that we are not here!" Xu Xiong chuckled and teased Zhao Yuande.

"Hey! It's just right, everyone is a disciple who should go around!" Zhao Yuande smiled and introduced everyone into the cave.

Fan Ying was a thin-skinned girl. Xu Xiong said that her face was flushed and she lowered her head suddenly. However, when she lowered her head, her big eyes still glanced unconsciously at Zhao Yuande.

Everyone saw it in their eyes, with a smile on their faces.

All the guests and hosts sat down and introduced each one, and then talked about various matters outside the door.

Zhao Yuande originally knew almost nothing about the outside door, and through dialogue with these people, the outline of the outside door gradually became clear.

Each month in the outer door is forced to complete a sect task.

Those who like safety are guards in the sect gates, and like the handy disciples, they usually complete some errands between the various peaks and become managers in Fangshi.

If you are adventurous or rewarding, go out on a mission, behead the evil head, explore the secret realm, guard the mines, and find materials...

If they are powerful, they can even accept the dangerous task of killing demons and disciples of the Pantheon. Such tasks are not only well-paid, but if they are lucky, they can get a lot of wealth, and they are the favorite of the strong!

Of course, if you need to practice quietly, you need to take leave with the outside manager in advance, and the tasks can also be accumulated and completed.

The purpose of these people's visit is to form a temporary alliance with Zhao Yuande, and they can complete tasks together in the future when they encounter difficulties!

You can also look after each other and not be bullied by others!

Zhao Yuande will naturally not reject these allies, and readily agrees!

When Zhao Yuande and a group of brothers, sisters and sisters gathered together, the clouds above the alchemy peak suddenly rolled, and huge dragons thundered in the clouds.

"Who is going to break through!" Several nearby peaks at this time some powerful people protruded and observed.

"That's Zhong Wuliang's temporary Dong Mansion, is he going to break through?" A strong man appeared beyond the Alchemy Peak in shock, with a dignified expression on his face.

"He just broke through the Immortal Master, and he wants to break through the Immortal Master. It seems that my Xuanji Sect will have an extra elder!" Another voice appeared outside the Alchemy Peak, his face showing envy.

"We have joined hands to help Deacon Zhong's law-enforcement!" Many strong men appeared outside Alchemy Peak, and they all spontaneously surrounded Alchemy Peak, preventing anyone from interrupting Zhong Wuquan's breakthrough at this time.

Each of them is a deacon in the fairyland, and now uses this attitude to express his goodwill.


A lightning flashed across the sky, and huge dragons thundered down, releasing countless thick thunders towards Alchemy Peak.

"Everything that hinders my advancement must be destroyed, even Heavenly Tribulation!" Zhong Wuliang's loud and loud voice came from Alchemy Peak.

A great seal rises into the sky, carrying endless power of terror, almost destroying the sky dome!