Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1204

Chapter 1204: Evenly Matched

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They just want to let the other party out of the cave, they don't want the other party's life.

I have heard about it even after the information is blocked. The first of this newly-disciplined disciple is the disciple of Elder Zhong Wuliang Zhong who has just broken through the fairyland.

But since the opponent is already in the ring, they will not be afraid, they are all six-fold practice in the field, and they will not kill him when they defeat the opponent in a big while.

"Unexpectedly, this new disciple is really bullish and directly challenges the three old disciples. Although these three cannot be ranked in the top ten in the realm of the field, they are enough to fight against the ordinary world power."

"Challenge a fart, do you see the challenge book in the hands of others? It is these three who challenge others!"

"Also! It seems that someone directed this new disciple and let him live in one of the three best cave houses. Could it cause some dissatisfaction."

"Hey! Shu Dafeng, maybe the person who secretly targeted him is not in line with the new elder Zhong, and wants to use this to disgust each other."


Zhao Yuande looked at the three people standing on the ring of grudges and glared at himself. He could not help but slightly twitched his mouth, sneeringly said, "Are the three together, or are they coming one by one?"

"Huh! It's enough for you to use it together, I am enough!" One of the three young men with low body and blue complexion strode to Zhao Yuande, "I am Jiao Lin, if you obediently leave the cave house today , I turn around and leave, otherwise I will throw you out of the door directly!"

He could feel the person on the opposite side, cultivated as the pinnacle in the realm of the realm, and an invisible wind in the outside world roared, but he didn't care, even the appraisal technique was too lazy to use.

"Okay! Since you said that, I will interrupt your legs in a moment!" Zhao Yuande also walked towards the other party step by step, the powerful force in the body surging, and a fighting spirit rose.

"Good! You are very good, so I will let you know how good I am!"

Jiao Lin's body suddenly became blurred, as if turned into a wind, and swept toward Zhao Yuande as he roared.

The violent wind is like a sharp knife with a sharp handle, tearing the void, cutting the void into small black cracks.

Although Zhao Yuande is confident and powerful, he does not dare to despise the other party. The other party is the pinnacle of the domain.

And this is in the fairy realm, and the power in the realm of the realm has already transformed 20% of its power into the power of the fairy spirit, which is several times stronger than the practitioners of the same level in the lower realm.

At this time, he should be able to defeat the world's second-level strong in the lower realm, but here he can only beat the world's first-level strong even if he works hard, and this world's first-level strong can't have a flop.

He didn't dare to look down on the Jiao Lin in front of him. When the other party was blowing like a gust of wind, his body stepped back and forth.

For the sake of fairness, the Enmity and Restraint Platform is very huge, with a size of hundreds of feet.

While Zhao Yuande was retreating in succession, he was already squeezing his fist in the hand, and a huge force of fire kept gathering in his hands.

For a moment, his palm was as bright as a small sun.

"Give me!"

Zhao Yuande shouted and punched a punch towards the raging wind.

There was a whisper of a phoenix bird in the ring of grudges, and a flaming phoenix spread its wings from Zhao Yuande's fist. The majestic flame swept the entire ring and hit the wind with heavy winds.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

The entire grudge ring instantly fell into a sea of flames. Two figures were in the flames, and the two figures collided again and again.

"Ah! The two guys are evenly matched. It's no wonder that this new disciple is so arrogant that he really has the ability."

"Yeah! Otherwise, how could it become the new disciple first, and was accepted by Elder Zhong as a disciple when he was a handy disciple."

"It seems that it won't take long for this Zhao Yuande to be able to collide with the others, and the outer door will be lively again!"


Just when many outside disciples were discussing, the two men's war had reached a climax.

Although Zhao Yuande didn't use his full strength at this time, he had already used 70% of his strength, but he didn't expect it to be a tie with the opponent.

This had to make him re-evaluate his combat effectiveness, whether he could defeat the disciples of the world!

"Ah! Boy, you make me angry! The law of heaven and earth appear together!"

Jiao Lin found that his realm of cultivation at the pinnacle of his realm was unable to take up a new disciple who was one of the most important in the realm. He immediately displayed his unrestricted world.

A huge demon dragon appeared behind Jiao Lin. The demon dragon's body was covered with black armor. Lantern-like eyes stared at Zhao Yuande with a angry roar from time to time.

"This guy is so shameless, even showing the appearance of heaven and earth! How can I fight this?"

"Hey! It seems that this Zhao Yuande is about to lose, and the law of heaven and earth is one of the biggest reliance on the realm of the field, and the strength of this Jiao Lin is also increased by at least 30%!"

"Heaven and Earth Fas!" Even Zhao Yuande frowned at this time. He found that he couldn't beat his opponent without exerting his full strength. He really looked down on the power of the fairy world.

At this time, he didn't have any treasure on him. If he changed it before, he could use it to fight against it, but now he can only fight hard with the other party.

It seems that after the challenge is over, it is necessary to get a handy weapon first.

"Boy, you are very strong! If you admit defeat, I will only break one of your legs. If you dare to resist, dont blame me for not taking it! Anyway, this is also a ring of grudges, and I wont have any punishment for you. "Jiao Lin didn't rush to attack after summoning the heaven, earth, law, and demon dragon, but just like the clothes winning, he sneered at Zhao Yuande again and again.

"That's it! Then I will kill you!" Zhao Yuande no longer retains his body, his majestic power is poured into his limbs and corpses, his body is continuously pulled up, and finally turned into a giant with a height of tens of feet.

"Since you are obsessed, then die!" Jiao Lin no longer hesitated, directing the demon dragon to kill.

The war was on the verge, the rumbling sound continued in the field, the wind screamed and the flames soared into the sky.

Zhao Yuande was so crazy that he was able to fight such an evenly matched opponent, which really gave him a sense of excitement.

You have to know that since his debut, he has been constantly crushed and crushed. No one in his peers is his opponent. He has never had such a lively battle, and he shouted excitedly.

At this time, Jiao Lin on the opposite side was more and more frightened by the Vietnam War. He thought that as long as he summoned the heaven and earth, he could easily crush his opponent.

But I didn't expect that the other party had just concealed his strength just now. The more and more courageous the other party was, he even had a tendency to suppress his own momentum.

He was anxious in his heart. This heaven, earth, and law consumes soul and spiritual power, and it is impossible to use it for a long time.

According to this trend, he will inevitably be defeated when the time of heaven, earth, and law is reached.