Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1206

Chapter 1206: Must Kill You

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Although Zhao Yuande didn't know what kind of medicine was Blood Corpse Pill, he soon felt a terrible power from Jiaolin.

Jiao Lin's body suddenly turned red and red, and suddenly became black and ink. A breath of breath burst out of his body instantly, and Zhao Yuande was sent directly to Zhen Fei.


It was only a moment that Jiao Lin became a blood-colored giant, his eyes red, and his roar seemed to have lost his mind.

When the red shadow flashed, Zhao Yuande only felt as if he was hit by a giant mountain, and the whole person flew up at once.


Zhao Yuande was shocked to find that Jiao Lin's strength at this time was only doubled, and he could not resist it for a while.

However, although Jiao Lin was so powerful at this time, he could almost crush Zhao Yuande, but he lost some of his reason and just rushed towards himself.

"Brother Zhao, don't confront him hard, the blood corpse Dan has a time limit for the incense stick!" Fan Ying also reminded the audience.

Zhao Yuande's body regained its original size, stepping back step by step under Jiao Lin's mad attack, and kept avoiding.

However, Jiao Lin, who has become a Scarlet Giant, is really too powerful at this time, and the speed is so fast that Zhao Yuande is undefeated.


With a loud noise, Zhao Yuande was punched by the Scarlet Giant, and his body directly hit the protective light curtain of the grudge ring, stirring up ripples.

"This almost shattered my bones!" Zhao Yuande is running fast and immortal. Now it's not time to hide, he will lose his life a little carelessly!


The Scarlet Giant roared again and again, and his huge fists were punched out one by one, making Zhao Yuande dangerous.

He finally felt what was meant to be crushed, this feeling was really uncomfortable to the extreme!

He vowed to raise the state as soon as possible after the end of this battle.

If you are now a fourfold realm, you should be able to fight this Scarlet Giant.


He took another punch, only to feel his body was falling apart.

"Damn it! Damn it!" Zhao Yuande was scolded by his mother. He had never encountered this kind of suffocation.



"This kid is really beating!"

"Is he iron hit? It's all right, if I had been beaten to death!"

"This person should specialize in physical training and have a powerful method of recovery."

"It seems that Jiao Lin is going to be finished this time. If the opponent can sustain him until the end of his transformation, he will definitely die!"

"Hey! Another evildoer appeared..."


Seeing that Zhao Yuande was like a ball, he was hit continuously, and his mouth was constantly spurting blood. Fan Ying almost cried.

However, she knew that she was useless no matter how anxious she was.

Zhao Yuande felt like he was a sandbag. He was beaten repeatedly, especially his speed of running the undead body, and he could not keep up with the speed of the other party's injury.

"Hey! Brother, what do you let me say! What do you keep engulfing the vortex?" At this time, Zhao Yuande's consciousness echoed the voice of the old man with a white beard. For my own strength, I eat the Taoist heritage to be able to cross the stars and the sea, relying on this unkillable effort!"

Zhao Yuande heard the voice of the old man with white beard, and he was refreshed. He hurriedly mobilized the black vortex in his body, devouring the power of the other party bombarding himself.

"Haha! Sure enough!"

Zhao Yuande was very excited. After he felt that those forces were swallowed by the vortex, he even reported a powerful force and continuously tempered his body.

He simply did not dodge, letting the opponent punch himself on the body, began to devour this power.

At this time, it seemed to outsiders that Zhao Yuande had lost his resistance and could be killed at any time.

"Brother Zhao..." Fan Ying's face was white and she almost collapsed.

"Sister Sister, don't worry, now Brother Zhao's breath has not weakened, but has strengthened a bit. I think he is fine!" Shen Zong aside suddenly said, "I think he seems to be practicing a kind of exercise!"

"What... practice a kind of exercise?"

Everyone can't believe that if they are beaten so badly, can they still practice exercises?

However, they immediately felt Zhao Yuande's breath, and found that his breath was not weak but strong, as if he was really practicing some exercises.

When Zhao Yuande was beaten, he suddenly felt the heat of his palm, and a star in his palm appeared and disappeared. After being inspired by this powerful force, his first star started to blink!

"The first star realm is activated in this state. It's easy to turn it on!" Zhao Yuande was overjoyed. Now he has the urge to rush to the market and buy a lot of materials to make breakthroughs.


The Scarlet Giant roared, and suddenly his body quickly shrank like a punctured balloon, and turned into Jiaolin again the next moment.

"Huh huh!"

Jiao Lin knelt on the ground, wearing a gulp of gas, he was a bit dazed in his eyes.


Zhao Yuande's body fell from the sky at once and smashed hard in front of Jiao Lin.

"Haha! Zhao Yuande, you also have today, I..."

Before Jiao Lin finished talking, Zhao Yuande stood up. He patted the dirt on his body and looked at each other with pity.

"Jiao Lin, because of the hard work you did to help me practice, I will spare you." Zhao Yuande strode toward Jiao Lin with a cold smile on his lips. "However, death is not a escape from living crime. Just as you said, become crippled!"

He kicked towards Jiao Lin with one foot.

Jiao Lin had just taken the Blood Corpse Pill at this time, and had no strength in his body, and was kicked in the knee by Zhao Yuande.


Zhao Yuande's foot is very powerful. He directly kicked Jiao Lin's legs off. The terrible force kicked the calf directly out, and even exploded in the air. It was impossible to pick it up and reconnect it. .

"Ah! Zhao Yuande, I won't let you go, I must kill you!" Jiao Lin's heart was ripped, and the expression of resentment and hatred on his face made people feel a bit creepy.

Zhao Yuande just turned around and took a step, and when he heard this, he suddenly turned around again.

"Jiao Lin, I didn't plan to kill you, but you gave me a reason to kill you. Since you want to kill me, I'll kill you first!" He looked sharp, his face slammed. Photographed by Jiao Lin's Tianling.

" just..." Jiao Lin looked at the palm of his hand, and he regretted it in his heart. Why did he succeed in speaking out? What can I do if I say more cruel words, can I earn myself lost today? Face?

"Brother Zhao! Don't..." Fan Ying from the audience also heard anxious exclamations.

"Slow down..." A voice sounded thunderously in the sky.