Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1209

Chapter 1209: Get Out

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The master hates men, she knows, but because of this, she let herself give up Zhao Yuande, and she felt she could not do it.

However, the master treats him very well, spoils her extremely, and sees him as the successor in the future. This kind of goodness is also from the heart. In the eyes of Fan Ying, she thinks that if Zhao Yuande and the master fall out, she is the same. Can't do it!

She only felt that her body was a little chilly now. She didn't know how to face the master and how to face Zhao Yuande. She even had a feeling of being uninterested.

"Oh! Boy, you are very bullish! Believe it or not, I stepped on your feet and peeled off your disguise layer by layer in front of Fan Shimei!" Cao Zhi's mouth has an evil smile, he doesn't believe the other person's bones have How hard, when he will teach him hard, he will be ugly!

"Don't believe it!" Zhao Yuande held his head. As long as the other party dared to start, he would directly crush the token given by the master, and the master would come directly to this place.

"Oh! It's really hard!" Cao Zhi's momentum was released again, with a smiley expression on his face. A small disciplinary heavy disciple who was arrogantly challenged himself was not pure looking for a face. ?

The Emperor Realm can already control the avenue, and a cold breath swept through the space in an instant, but it became white in a blink of an eye. The bitter chill penetrated into Zhao Yuande's body, making him feel that his blood must be directly Frozen!

The majestic ice and snow world appeared in the void, it was the snow and ice world in the other party's body, and if this was pressed down, Zhao Yuande could not bear it.

"Who did it in my Wanxianglou, wouldn't I take my grandson's eyes?" At this moment, an old and strong voice came.

An old man did not know when to appear in front of everyone, and gently waved Cao Zhi's ice world back into his body.

Cao Zhi only felt that the blood in his body was rolling, but he did not dare to be angry, because he knew the old man in front of him, but he was the treasurer of Wanxianglou, a strong man of God Emperor Realm.

This place is the Sun family's property. People backing on the Sun family are not something that a little Xuanji Sect disciple can cause.

"It turned out to be a senior! This kid didn't have an invitation and wanted to break through. I wanted to give him a small lesson, but I didn't expect to alarm you, senior!" Cao Zhi hurried forward to explain.

"Senior, this is indeed the case!" Sister Fang on the side also hurried forward. She wanted to let her sister and sister die, so she had no burden on Zhao Yuande.

"Sister, you... you really make me chill! I didn't expect you to say that, and you will no longer be my sister from now on!" Fan Ying's face suddenly turned pale at this time.

She didn't expect the sister to say such a word at this time, which made the other party's original position in her heart suddenly fall into an abyss. She felt as if she had known this sister for the first time and felt so indifferent!

Fan Ying broke free from Sister Fang's hand and finally looked at her, then walked silently to Zhao Yuande's side and stood with him.

"Sister Sister, you..." Sister Fang was unexpected, and she felt a little regret in her heart, but she couldn't get it back once she said it.

Although Sister Fang regretted it, she still didn't realize her mistake and felt that Fan Ying was definitely deceived by Zhao Yuande.

"Senior still invites him to blast out." Cao Zhi bowed slightly, very respectful to the senior.

Zhao Yuande saw the old man's appearance, and suddenly a light smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

He patted the trembling and delicate body of Fan Ying's atmosphere, and whispered in her ear: "It's okay, they can't treat me, I will invite you to a good show in a while!"

Fan Ying trembles, looking up at Zhao Yuande in a puzzling manner, seeing the confidence in his face, and gratified in his heart.

The old man listened to Cao Zhi and Sister Wen's explanation, and he couldn't help but frown slightly. Although he didn't know the cause and effect of the matter, but the friend who was the young master in front of him, their Sun family wanted to win the object.

Bounce him out? I am afraid that the young master will directly kill himself!

The so-called elite disciple, although counted as an individual in the Xuan Ji Sect, is not worth mentioning in front of their Sun family.

And now the ancestors of the Sun family are sitting here, and even if the other party is coming, they will not dare to let them go, so they are considering whether to bomb them all out.

"Senior, if you are inconvenient to shoot, let me help you!" Cao Zhi saw the old man seemed hesitant and couldn't help but lick his face and moved closer to the old man, trying to please.

You must know that this old man is the owner of Wanxianglou. If you can please each other, it will be much more convenient for you to travel to Wanxianglou in the future. You will also have bragging capital in front of your siblings.

"Senior, this person is so noisy, I think you should drive him away!" Zhao Yuande looked at Cao Zhi with a smile, and he gave a hand to the old man. The words he said suddenly left everyone around him.

Especially Master Wen, who looked at Zhao Yuande with an inexplicable face. Where did this little outside disciple's self-confidence come out saying this? Does he think the other party will do this?

"Hum... kid, are you dreaming?" Cao Zhi pretended to look like a fool and looked at Zhao Yuande like a fool.

But what happened to him dumbfounded.

"The son said very much that this person is really noisy, and I wanted to do this too!" The old man suddenly bowed slightly to Zhao Yuande with a respectful look, "I don't know what the son wants him to do Go out?"

"Get out!" Zhao Yuande glanced at Cao Zhi, who was already there, and smiled coldly.

"Yes!" The old man turned around and patted Cao Zhi.

The old man, but the cultivation of the God Emperor's Peak, it is not easy to pinch Cao Zhi.

Cao Zhi only felt that his body was imprisoned, his eyes widened incredulously, looking at the old man.

"Senior! Senior! Have you made a mistake, he is just a little outside disciple, you... ah!" Cao Zhi felt that he had been heavily dropped on the ground, and then a big foot flew to him The kick kicked out of the door of Wanxianglou as if it were a gourd.

"Hey! Why did you get out in Wanxiang Lou?"

"I don't know! It should have been caused by Daoxiang Xianglou and was thrown out!"

"Huh! This person has some familiarity... It seems to be Cao Zhi of Xuan Jizong!"

"Cao Zhi? Why is his face like this! This face is footprints..."


Cao Zhi almost cried.

Finished! This is over!

I was kicked out of Wanxianglou by myself, I am afraid that it will soon be spread, how can I still have a face to be a man!

Can anyone tell me how this happened? Why did the shopkeeper of Wanxiang Building respect the kid so much, what identity was that kid?