Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 121

Chapter 121: Another Goddess Is About To Sink

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Several demon clan looked at each other, and the big man named Mastiff came out.

He glanced at the black wind with some fear, his eyes gurgled, and grinned: "You are called the black wind, right! You have fought a fight, go back and change people! I won't take advantage of you."

"Hi, are you kid afraid of the real person?" The black bear glanced at him uncomfortably. "The real person is not tired at all. Come on! Kill the real person and take a rest!"

"Okay Black Wind, if you are on it, I am afraid he will not play with you directly! They are afraid of you!" Zhao Yuande's laughter echoed in the Black Wind knowledge sea, "You always have to give others a chance!"

"Ah!" The black bear nodded smugly, and made a grimace to the mastiff. "Boy, since you are afraid of me, the real person will not wait!"

"You can't catch a ring?" Zhao Yuande turned his head to the direction of the ring.

"My butcher's knife is already hungry and impatient!" A stride of the meteor went out, rubbing his hands while walking.

In the distance, Sima Feiyun saw Yi Jie's figure, and suddenly his eyes lit up. This guy finally appeared. I don't know what kind of surprise he can bring me?

"You are bald..." Mastiff felt a strong war in Yi Jie's body, and he was alert in his heart. He just wanted to say a few words to humiliate the other side, and he saw a huge palm print facing him and suppressed it.

"The tragic handprint of Tianchenyuan! He is the monk of Tianchenyuan?" Many strong men recognized the origin of this palm, and immediately set their eyes on Yijie.

"Mad Mastiff!"

The mastiff wind screamed, and a huge mastiff phantom rushed out from behind his head, biting toward the huge palm print.


The palm print was soundly bitten by the mastiff, but Nuo Da was actually swept away.

But when everyone sighed and the mastiff was proud, a ring had rushed to the mastiff.

"I'll let you try the poorest monk's best way! Beat the dog fist!" As soon as the ring raised his fist toward the mastiff, his head covered his face.

On a weekday, a ring is connected to the black wind fist, although he does not have the upper hand, but he has not eaten every time, it is not a loss, even Zhao Yuande can't help but admire the strength of the body of a ring.

What kind of magnificent fireworks can this kind of flesh and mastiff wind collide?


As soon as they collided, Mastiff screamed out like a dog.

Although Mastiff also took a lot of bites in a ring, she didn't feel anything at all in the ring.

One ring is used to the days when he was bitten by a bear, he feels less when he is not bitten a day, and there is an advantage to being bitten by a bear, that is, it greatly reduces the fear of fighting, otherwise no matter who sees himself One of his legs was bitten into the dog's mouth alive, who didn't scare his face pale.

"I let you bite me! I will let you bite me again..." Master Yijie's fists kept falling on Mastiff's face, and he repeated every time he punched.

The dark wind in the distance suddenly looked a little creepy, this guy would not be demonstrating to himself!

He shrank his neck as he meant, and suddenly understood the truth, the heavier the oppression, the heavier the resistance, the madness of this ring will not be abused by himself!

"Oh! I admit defeat... I admit defeat!" Mastiff felt that his eyes were about to be exploded by the other party. He wanted to use a powerful spirit to open the other party, but found that the other party's fist seemed to be able to shock the spirit. The ability of force makes him only close combat!

But in close combat, he found that he didn't have the strength to fight back. He didn't want to be beaten to death. He could only admit his failure.

Master Yijie kicked off the mastiff without any resistance, and bowed his hands to the people watching around him!

The corner of Sima Feiyun's mouth is full of smiles, this is the one ring. At first, the quartet challenged the group of invincible opponents!

"Ou Ou!"

A roar of excitement broke out again from the crowd!

"Go back! Demon Clan, you are not our opponents at all! Ah Ou!"

"Your mother told you to go home and have milk!"

"Ou! Human race is invincible!"

The two demon women who were promoted looked very unsightly. Among them, the woman with the cloak on her head, Liu Yao appeared in the field as soon as she twisted her waist.

"Human! I want to challenge you!" The cape woman said coldly, pointing to Zhao Yuande who was talking and laughing with Yi Jie.

"You...challenge me?" Zhao Yuande was a little dazed. He didn't expect the other party to be so shameless and challenge himself with the spiritual cultivation of Lingtai's later pregnancy. But the two people differ by a big realm!

"Yes! It's you! Don't you dare?" The cloak girl's voice was full of ridicule, "If not, just shut up!"

"Yaozu really shameless! Even single soft persimmon pinch! This younger brother is obviously nothing but the repair of the blood sea **** fetal realm!" Someone immediately booed.

"The demon clan is shameless, and brother don't promise her!"

"Shameless demon race quickly get out of the **** market..."


"Oh! Okay!" Zhao Yuande pressed his hand to the crowd around him, and smiled awkwardly. "Actually, I am willing to accept the challenge, but I didn't expect that the demon clan are so shameless and have no lower limit!"

He slowly stepped out of the crowd and walked towards the cloak woman. His speed was getting faster and faster, and finally everyone just saw a blurry shadow moving.

The cloak woman felt palpitations for no reason. She had a feeling that she was being stared at by a wild beast, as if she would be swallowed by the other party's mouth in the next moment. She looked at Zhao Yuande's galloping figure, shocked 'S body receded again and again.


Zhao Yuande's icy figure rang in her ears. At the next moment, the woman in the cloak only felt that her eyes suddenly lit up. The cloak above her head was ripped off by the other party.


At this moment, almost everyone opened their mouths!

What they saw was an indescribably beautiful face, exquisite facial features, blown skin without a touch of pink daisy... Anyway, it was Zhong Lingxiu all in one body, this woman should only be there in the sky, how can you hear a few things in the world? ...

"This..." Zhao Yuande was a little dumbfounded. There were countless beauties he saw in his past and present lives, but this one can be ranked in the top three!

"Hey! Another goddess is going to sink!" The charming woman glanced at Zhao Yuande and sighed slightly before turning to leave Shenxu Square. What happened here was so important that she had to go back and report it!

"You... ripped off my cloak!" The woman also opened her beautiful eyes, looked at Zhao Yuande without blinking, and suddenly became hoarse, "You...I'm going to kill you!"

The woman seemed to be crazy to attack Zhao Yuande, but unfortunately her strength and Zhao Yuande had a big gap after all, attacked a full half of the hour when he didn't touch Zhao Yuande's clothes corner.

"Woo!" The woman dropped her sword and squatted directly on the ground and wept bitterly!

"You...this...I...hey! What's the matter?" Zhao Yuande didn't understand!