Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1210

Chapter 1210: Qi Qi

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But soon, something happened that made him want to cry without tears. He is still unable to move while lying on the ground, and not far away there is a golden car rumbling, the two gods are pulling the car Qilin beast, the position where he is lying is blocking the path of the car.


Accompanied by a scream.

Cao Zhi was trampled on a foot by a unicorn beast, and one leg was suddenly trampled into mud!

The height of the Qilin beast is a few feet. At this time, it has been cultivated to the Divine Beast Realm. It can break a mountain with a light drop. Thanks to the strong eyes of the strong man who drove the car, it is their Wanxiang Tower that is their destination. Otherwise, they will really Cao Zhi live stepped into meat sauce.

However, when Cao Zhi saw the car and the people catching the car, the mouth that originally wanted to scream was closed tightly, and even the slightest voice did not dare to come out.

It hurt so much that he was sweating and his body was trembling.

The two unicorn beasts, after stepping on Cao Zhi, did not seem to squint at all, but just stayed in place like a wooden pile.

"This is... Princess Qi!"

"Princess Qi?"

"You are stupid! There are also a few princess Qi, princess Qi Rouqi, the daughter of Xuanji Sect Qi Taiqi!"

"What! It turned out to be this woman, how could she be here? It's impossible..."

"Hush! Don't talk too much, this princess Qi hates people commenting on her..."


It was a middle-aged man who drove the car. He didnt even care about the miserable Cao Zhi, but jumped out of the car and knelt down to the inside of the car respectfully: "Princess, Wanxianglou is here!"

"Well!" A lazy voice came from the car.

Immediately the car curtain was separated from side to side, and two pretty servants came out from inside, pulling the car curtain from left to right.

A woman with a pink face slowly came out of the car!

This woman is tall and taller than a normal man, and her face is more beautiful, especially Zhu Lips is charming and glamorous, as if a blaze of flames is burning in the flames.

Princess Qi made a white palace dress and walked slowly from the chariot. He didn't jump out of the chariot like an ordinary cultivator, but stepped on the back of the chauffeur.

Big Hanton's face twisted a bit, as if an ancient God Mountain suppressed him, causing him to bow forward involuntarily, and his head almost touched the ground.

But Princess Qi's next foot stepped directly on his head.


The middle-aged man's head was stepped into the ground fiercely, and the solid bluestone ground was smashed directly.

Princess Qi's steps fell slowly to the ground, but the lightness was like a feather.

"Ji An, can you be dissatisfied in your heart?" Princess Qi turned to look at her head and was stepped into the ground. At this time, the middle-aged man who still maintained this posture, the tone was soft as if the fairy sound did not touch a trace of dust!

"Don't dare!" The middle-aged man known as Ji An just pulled his head from the ground and replied incomparably.

"Don't dare? I'm afraid you still have complaints in your heart!" Princess Qi turned around and said indifferently, "You must know that you must follow the rules when doing things under my hands! You charged 130 in my name. For twenty thousand top grade immortal jade, I will punish you for driving me for one hundred and thirty-two times! Of course, if you think this matter is unfair, you can say it!"

"The princess has a clear reward and punishment, and there are no complaints!" The middle-aged man bowed his head in a more respectful manner.

"Let's go!" Princess Qi nodded and walked to Wanxianglou with two charming little maids.

Countless people around were stunned and gaped.

Seeing the disappearance of Princess Qi's figure in Wanxianglou, everyone seemed to have breathed out as if Meng Amnesty.

"I have long heard that this princess Qi is fair and honest, she is very strict about rules, and she must do things in accordance with the rules."

"Good! It is said that her character seems to be ear-reading and eye-catching, because her father Qi Taishang is in charge of the law enforcement hall and is a stern old-fashioned man!"

"You said that her character is nothing, but it is actually terrible. You must be careful in doing things under her hand, otherwise..."


"Brother Yuan! Brother me!" Cao Zhi, who was trampled by Qilin Beast at this time, dared to call for help.

Only then did the middle-aged man get up in a hurry and came to Cao Zhi in front of him to support him.

"The princess was there just now... and ask Brother Cao to forgive me!"

"No... nothing!"


Just after Wan Xianglou's shopkeeper kicked Cao Zhi out of Wan Xianglou, he immediately turned his attention to Master Wen.

"Son, let her get out too?" The old man looked at Zhao Yuande with a respectful tone.

Sister Wen only felt a chill flow directly from the heel to the back of the head, she felt the kind of disdain for the old man's eyes.

Innumerable doubts arise in her mind, what the **** is going on? Why is this happening, how can he know Wan Xianglou's shopkeeper, and this shopkeeper seems to see some big figures, so respectful to him.

At the same time, I also thought about Cao Zhi's embarrassed appearance. If he was kicked alive with his feet like Cao Zhi, he rolled out like a ball and rolled on the street...

She dared not think about it any more. Her face was pale as if it were a blank sheet of paper, and she set her eyes on Fan Ying like a balloon. Now I am afraid that only this sister can save herself.


Although Fan Ying was hurt by the other party and said that kind of angry words, she was still her sister after all. How could she watch her sister be humiliated and hurriedly turned her attention to Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande nodded to her as if she knew what she was going to say.

"No! Let her go!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand.

Sister Wen took a breath, she felt a cold in her back, and she was nervous and sweaty just now.

She gave Zhao Yuande a deep look and hurried up the second floor.

"Senior! Thank you for your shot, otherwise I will be embarrassed today." Zhao Yuande saw Master Wen leave, and then smiled at the old man.

"Hey! The young man has punished the old slave. You are a friend of the young master. If I dare to stand by and watch, the young master must take my skin!" The old man hurriedly bowed his head, respectfully.

Young Master's friend!

Standing behind Zhao Yuande, Shen Zong, who had never spoken, couldn't help but be surprised.

Called Young Master by Wanxianglou's shopkeeper... I'm afraid that's who it is!

When did he become friends with Zhao Yuande?

Can be valued by him... It seems that he will treat him in the future...

"Brother Sun is here?" Zhao Yuande asked.

"The young master is there with the old ancestors, do you need the old slave to help me make a speech." The old man answered.

"Don't do it for the first time! Senior also helped us arrange a place for me to say that I have been hungry for so long!"

"It's natural, please invite your son to come with me..."