Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1211

Chapter 1211: You're Dead

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The old man took Zhao Yuande up the stairs, and he felt a strange breath outside Wanxianglou.

A tall and beautiful woman in a palace dress seemed to come from the painting and appeared in the lobby of Wanxiang Building.

"How could it be her?" The old man frowned, turning his head to whisper to several people behind Zhao Yuande, "Son, I'm afraid that a guest is coming to ask me to meet in person. You may wait."

Zhao Yuande nodded, led Fan Ying and several others back, and gave way to the position of the stairs.

"Thank you, Master, for your understanding!" With a trace of gratitude on the old man's face, after expressing a gratitude, he hurried towards the woman in palace dress.

"Princess Qi's visit to the decay is far away, and she also asks the princess to forgive sins..."

"Where... the senior is polite..."


"Do you know who this woman is?" Zhao Yuande could feel the power of this woman, and she could not identify the other party's information with her current realm identification technique.

"She is the daughter of our Supreme Emperor Xuanji Sect, Princess Qi Rouqi!" Shen Zong whispered aside.

"She's so beautiful! So tall!" Fan Ying saw that the woman was obviously not confident, and she had both envy and inferiority in her eyes.

"Princess Qi! She is Princess Qi!" Several newly-promoted outside disciples exclaimed in a low voice.

"You whisper..." Shen Zong's face changed suddenly when he heard a few people exclaim.

"Huh? A few outside disciples have no respect, but dare to talk about me here? Give me a palm..." Princess Qi's eyes suddenly turned to Zhao Yuande's people, and there was a sharp look in his eyes.

The two little maids around her heard the order, as if they were wearing flowers and butterflies, and they walked directly through the void and appeared next to several new disciples.

A few people only felt an irresistible force came, and the body instantly lost its ability to act.


A series of slaps sounded, the faces of several disciples who had just screamed were swollen, and there was blood in their mouths.

After the two little maids finished playing, they returned to Princess Qi in a flash.

Zhao Yuande felt that even the cultivation practices of the two little maids were all powerful in Divine Emperor Realm, which made him look greatly changed.

"!" Several of the beaten disciples were pale and shuddered all over the body, but they dared not say much.

"Princess Qi, isn't it too much for you to do this!" Zhao Yuande had to stand up at this time and looked at the princess Qi with bright eyes.

These people came here with him, his brother, he could not see the other party beaten and indifferent.

"Huh?" Princess Qi heard Zhao Yuande questioning herself face-to-face. She couldn't help but shoot out two cold faces, and she looked towards Zhao Yuande.

"Princess Qi is angry, this is a friend of my young master, and I hope the palace owner will give my young master some face." The old man hurriedly opened his mouth when he saw the situation.

"Oh! I said it was so presumptuous, it turned out to be Sun Yang's friend! But even then I can't break my rules, you can palm yourself!" Princess Qi didn't take the old man's words in mind, Zhao Yuande was a disciple of the outside door at first sight. It is Xuan Jizong's people who will be subject to her control.

"Huh! Princess Qi, this is not Xuan Jizong, your majesty can't play here!" Zhao Yuande snorted coldly, and had no intention of palming himself.

"Good! Very good!" Princess Qi's face, which had been Gu Jingwubo's face, was suddenly covered with frost, waving to the two maids around, "Slay me to death, I will take care of anything!"

As soon as the old man heard it, he suddenly frightened with cold sweat.

Kill Zhao Yuande, I am afraid that he will be killed alive by the young master next!

The ancestors of their grandchildren ordered that they should make good contact with this person. The ancestors of the elder ancestor personally intervened, I am afraid that even the father of this princess Qi is not as good!

"Princess Qi! Slow down!" The old man hurriedly stopped the two maids who wanted to shoot, with a firm attitude, "This is my Wanxiang Tower, but it's not the princess Xuan Jizong, princess don't be too presumptuous!"

"What are you talking about!" Princess Qi's eyes were cold. The other party was just a servant of the Sun family. If he could talk to him like this, he was already giving the Sun family a face. He did not expect the other party to threaten himself!

"Princess, don't make me difficult to do!" The old man simply flicked his sleeve and walked away, joking that the old ancestor is now sitting on the top floor, and you dare to fail.

Although Princess Qi is overbearing, she doesnt dare to be extravagant in Wanxianglou. Wanxianglou is the biggest industry of the Sun family in Xuanjifang City. There are powerful people above the fairyland all year round, and it is said that this time the ancestor of the Sun family Come here in person, and discuss the joint work with the imperial dust emperor in the sect.

The more she knew, the more she was shocked. Now even if she was given 10,000 guts, she would not dare to start in Wanxianglou.

Coming directly to Zhao Yuande, the old man smiled apologetically.

"Sorry, I'm sorry, I don't know if this will happen."

The old man's performance not only made Princess Qi feel as if he was dreaming, even Fan Ying behind Zhao Yuande, Shen Zong and others were stunned.

Even if Zhao Yuande knew Young Master Sun, he would not offend the princess Qi for his sake!

Especially Shen Zong, he felt that he still greatly miscalculated the value of Zhao Yuande!

"It's okay! Seniors don't have to blame themselves, it's the woman's problem." Zhao Yuande glanced at the princess Qi, who was trembling with a flirty body, and replied lightly, "I think Wanxianglou is better to stay away from such evil guests!" "

"The son said very much!" The old man did not think that Zhao Yuande was arrogant, nor did he think that the identity of the other party was not as good as Princess Qi. The young master should make good friends, and the ancestors all ordered attention. This is probably even a strong fairyland. Everyone should be flattered!

"You... you... are dead! As long as you dare to go back to Xuan Jizong, you will be dead!" Princess Qi pointed to Zhao Yuande, her voice was sharp.

"Really? Have I violated the rules of the Xuanji Sect? You said to kill the Xuanji Sect disciples. What do you think of the Xuanji Sect? What is the back garden of your family? If Xuanji Sect is true Like you said so unbearable, I'm afraid it will have perished long ago!" Zhao Yuande's words were sharp, anyway, he had torn his face with this Princess Qi, and he simply didn't care.

"" Princess Qi was speechless by Zhao Yuande.

She has her own rules in her heart. Xuan Jizong seems to be her own home in her mind, and she is proud of this home, and she is very committed to maintaining everything in this home.

As Zhao Yuande said, he is a disciple of Xuanji Sect and a member of this family. Although Princess Qi hates him, but the other party did not make a mistake, she can't deal with him!

This is the bottom line that Princess Qi insists on. If she really shot, or killed Zhao Yuande by the hand of someone else, then she would not be Princess Qi.