Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1212

Chapter 1212: Xianbao Building

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"You're right, I'm reckless indeed, you haven't violated the patriarchal rules and I can't kill you! But I hope you don't make mistakes in the sect door, otherwise let me seize certain penalties!" Princess Qi gradually calmed down The anger in his heart, watching Zhao Yuande's eyes gradually changed, became no longer sharp, but full of curiosity.

This Princess Qi...

Zhao Yuande didn't expect the other party to change his attitude and just admit that he was reckless.

This change of the other party made Zhao Yuande all admired.

Why is Princess Qi, who is so high in the weekdays, admired by thousands of people, and sought after by countless people, suddenly became soft?

Although he didn't understand, he never targeted him again.

"In that case, then thank you for not killing the princess! Goodbye in our Xuanji Sect!" Zhao Yuande gave Princess Qi a fist and walked up the stairs under the leadership of the old man.

"Interesting person! No wonder he will become Sun Yang's friend. He has perseverance, courage, and courage... This person really makes me wonder, what is he's identity?" Princess Qi looked at Zhao Yuande away Back, could not help but smile in the corner of his mouth.

Even the two little maids who were beside Princess Qi glanced at each other, and they could clearly see the shock and doubt in each other's eyes.

"Son, I really squeezed a lot of cold sweat for you just now. This princess Qi almost said nothing among your disciples of the Xuanji Sect. No one dared to talk to her except for the few disciples who passed the gods and saw them. Talking like this." The old man is also more and more curious about Zhao Yuande. What is the origin of this man? He even gave a false word to the daughter of a fairy king, even the young master should give each other a little thin face.

"It worried the seniors. Although this woman is overbearing, she is also a person who has her own way of doing things. I now think that she is very interesting." Zhao Yuande basically understood the heart of the other party by confronting him with just a few words. Although annoyed by the other party's arrogance and domineering, but also gave him an admiration.

He also had a hint of curiosity about this woman named Princess Qi, and also had a feeling of sympathy, because he himself, like this Princess Qi, had his own rules of doing things and had his own limits.

Princess Qi was also invited by Gongsun Ya this time, and she came to the eighteenth floor with some absent-mindedness.

"Princess Qi came to visit, and it really made the younger brother flattered!" A young man with big eyes and big eyes saw Princess Qi, his eyes lit up, and he stood up and greeted the door.

In this elegant room on the eighteenth floor, seven or eight people have been seated at this time. These people are male and female, and each of them has extraordinary temperament and is a generation of horns.

When they saw the arrival of Princess Qi, they all stood up and greeted each other with a smile on their faces.

"Sister Qi!" Only one person didn't step forward, didn't get up, just looked up at Princess Qi lightly, and smiled at her.

This man is slender and rich in spirit like jade. It is the most perfect image of a man in the hearts of thousands of girls.

"Brother Gongsun!" Princess Qi was arrogant and arrogant again, seeing this person also hurriedly showed a sweet smile.

"Sister Sister was downstairs just you need Brother to help you deal with it?" This person is the dear brother of Sun Ya, the protagonist of the banquet.

"How dare you bother the elder brother, I can handle it myself!" Princess Qi answered with a smile, but when she thought of Zhao Yuande, she couldn't help but have some headaches. What if the kid never violated the rules?

Seeing Princess Qi, who was decisive and decisive, showed such a look. Gongsun Ming could not help but frown slightly, and many thoughts suddenly came into his mind.

He has long coveted the princess Qi, and princess Qi seems to have some good feelings for herself. If she can take the princess Qi, with the great power of Qi Taishang in the sect, his status will be promoted again. !

This princess Qi is a springboard on his way to grow. He wants to use this springboard to realize his big jump.

He is now forty-four years old, and although there are many women in the dark, why havent he searched for a buddy? He is looking for such a springboard!

In order to win the favor of Princess Qi, he felt that he should continue to deal with the little guy named Zhao Yuande.

"Since that's the case, let's take a seat!"


Although some unpleasant things happened, a group of students and sisters were able to sit on the eighteenth floor of Wanxiang Building.

Zhao Yuande didn't wait until Sun Yang was full of wine and food. Zhao Yuande knew that the other party must have something to go, so he had to take everyone out of Wanxianglou.

Zhao Yuande asked everyone to go back first, and he took Fan Ying, who was still a little unhappy, to the most lively street in Xuanji Zongfang City.

"Brother, what are you doing with me here?" Fan Ying looked at the dazzling store with some curiosity.

"I want to buy a weapon that is at my disposal, and I want Shimei to help me refer to it!" Zhao Yuande smiled and took Fan Ying into one of the most luxurious and magnificent shops.

"Xianbao Building! Brother, the things here are so expensive!" Fan Ying was shocked when she saw the name of the shop.

Although she was a disciple of Fengxianxian, she was not very well-born, and she did not have a strong family background. She was only the daughter of an ordinary small city owner, and her father was only the Emperor Realm.

If it wasn't for her master to give her a heart-melting fireball, she didn't even know what Xianbao was.

"It's okay! Brother's family is rich!" Zhao Yuande smiled and patted his storage ring.

"Okay!" Fan Ying nodded.

She also knows that Zhao Yuande is not a reckless person, and the master of the other party is an immortal master. Maybe she gave a lot of immortal jade as a teacher's ritual when she was a teacher.

"Two..." As soon as he entered the Xianbao Building, an old man in white robe greeted him. As soon as he spoke two words, the old man looked at the two strangely.

At first glance, the clothes of these two people are the disciples of Xuan Jizong. How could such a person have fairy jade to buy fairy treasure?

"Senior, I think we don't have fairy jade, can't we afford it?" Zhao Yuande looked at the other person's face and knew what he was thinking. He couldn't help being slightly unhappy.

"Oh! No, old age doesn't mean that!" When the old man heard Zhao Yuande's tone, he immediately knew that the young man seemed to have a good future, and he didn't dare to regenerate his contempt.

You have to know that many of the big familys disciples have entered the Xuan Ji Sect, and they started step by step from the miscellaneous disciples. He really didnt dare to look down on an outside disciple.

"What kind of immortal treasures do the two need? Say the requirements, and the old ones are well-intentioned." The old man thought a lot, and his attitude was respectful.