Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1213

Chapter 1213: Phoenix Down Jacket

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"Well! Then take us to Sanpin Xianbao District to see it!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand and motioned the old man to lead the way.

"Sanpin..." The old man was startled.

To know that the price of Sanpin Xianbao is two million high-grade fairy jade, there are really so many fairy jades in these two realms!

Not to mention the old man, even Fan Ying felt something incredible, Sanpin Xianbao! Even her master only uses Sipin Xianbao, and Sanpin Xianbao doesn't even have a master sister at her peak!

If it were not for the master's love, it would not be possible to give yourself a bead of molten earth!

And Brother directly asked whether to buy Sanpin Xianbao, does he really have so many fairy jade?

"Huh?" Zhao Yuande raised his eyebrows and released himself with a sense of majesty.

Although the old man cultivated for the realm of Divine Emperor, but felt the majesty, he also felt a jump in his heart!

"Two distinguished guests please!" He no longer dared to say much, and hurriedly led the way.

The so-called Xianbao Building has a total of nine floors. The first floor sells a product of Xianbao. Zhao Yuande roughly scanned it, and there were probably thousands of them!

The second floor is naturally a second-grade fairy treasure, about two or three hundred pieces.

There should be hundreds of three-level Xianbao Xianbao.

Just looking at the number of Xianbao can reflect how powerful this Xianbao Building is.

"Two distinguished guests, these are Sanpin Xianbao, and each one has a detailed introduction. If you are fancy, you can directly talk to the old!" The old man came to the third floor and let the two choose directly!

"Okay!" Zhao Yuande started with Fan Ying on the third floor, looking at the three grades of fairy treasures one by one.

If they say that their current state, Sanpin Xianbao can't exert all their powers at all, even if it is a Yipin Xianbao, it would be a waste to them.

However, the power exerted by Sanpin Xianbao is already more powerful than that of Yipin Xianbao, and like Zhao Yuande, the physical body is unparalleled and has the great power of Bailong, but it can use some heavy Xianbao.

Looking at it piece by piece, Zhao Yuande shook his head again and again, most of these fairy treasures were common goods such as swords, swords, armor, and furnaces.

The heavy Xianbao he wanted was not seen.

"This feather coat is so beautiful!" They saw a multicolored feather coat woven from countless bright feathers, and they felt a heat spread as soon as they approached.

"Phoenix feather coat, Sanpin Xianbao, Phoenix feather is the main material..."

The feather of the phoenix is definitely a treasure for the fire cultivator. If you can wear this phoenix feather garment, the training speed will be at least doubled. As a third-grade fairy treasure, the defense power is naturally not to be ignored. It can be resisted enough. A blow from the strong under the fairyland!

Seeing that Fan Ying liked it so much, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but show a smile on his face, and he beckoned towards the old man.

"What's the matter with you, distinguished guest?" The old man came.

"I bought this Phoenix Feather!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand.

"Buy it?" The old man looked at Zhao Yuande in disbelief, and some stammered, "This... this is 2.46 million high-grade fairy jade! Do you really want to buy it?"

"Brother!" When Fan Ying heard the price, it was suddenly a trembling, and 2.46 million was almost astronomical for her.

In a month, Zongmen will give 1,000 ordinary Chinese immortal jade to ordinary lay disciples, and it will be doubled without raising the level of cultivation to immortal jade. jade.

But even 10,000 pieces of high-grade fairy jade are equivalent to 100 pieces of high-grade fairy jade.

In this way, only 1,200 pieces of high-grade fairy jade are calculated in one year, and 2.46 million pieces of high-grade fairy jade need a full 200 years to save enough!

Brother really can come up with so many top-grade fairy jade.

"Good!" Zhao Yuande nodded and smiled slightly at Fan Ying.

"Slow! I want this Phoenix Feather!" At this moment, a voice came.

A middle-aged man wearing a purple robe, slender, and rich as a jade has come to Zhao Yuande.

Behind this middle-aged man, followed by a woman with a tall and graceful style.

It was Gongsun Ming and Princess Qi Rouqi.

The two little girls beside Princess Qi did not follow, and Qi Rou did not raise her head proudly at this time, but lowered her eyebrows and looked pretty moving!

"Who am I? It's the deacon of Gongsun, and Princess Qi!" Zhao Yuande grinned. "This Phoenix feather coat is my first choice. I want to buy it and give it to my sister!"

"Humph! Do you dare to fight with me?" Gongsun Ming's face sank, but he was a strong fairy in the upper realm, and a little outside disciple dared to be brazen in front of himself!

"You have to come first and come first when you do business! Especially for large-scale businesses like Xianbao Building, you should pay more attention to the rules. This Xianbao is my first choice, and naturally it belongs to me! Why do you argue with you? "Zhao Yuan's German language is bland, not like facing a peerless powerhouse.

Not only was Fan Ying stunned, even Princess Qi was a little chilly at this moment. Why did the other party dare to talk to Gongsun Ming like this?

Her curiosity about Zhao Yuande has aggravated it again, wanting to know what the other party is, and where is his confidence.

"Good! Good! You, a disciple outside the district, dare to speak to the deacon like this, aren't you afraid that I will shoot you in the palm of your hand?" Gongsun Ming no matter how good he is, he feels that there is a anger in his heart.

"Dare you dare? Kill me, but you will have to face my master's anger, and maybe even kill you with my master's temper!" Zhao Yuande stared at each other without fear and continued with a sneer, "And This is Xianbaolou. Let's kill here. Have you thought about how to deal with the strong people behind Xianbaolou?"

Zhao Yuande said that Gongsun Ming really has some bogey devices.

Zhong Wuliang is definitely a lunatic. He originally didn't care about it. He believed that he would never be promoted in his life. Although he was an elixir master, he was definitely not as important as he was in the sect.

But the other party is now promoted to the fairy land, and he was directly promoted to the middle of the fairy land. What scared him more was the fairy treasure that the other party sacrificed in the heavenly calamity. It is rumored that it is a six-grade fairy.

Holding the Sixth Grade Xianbao, even the strong Xianjun can contend with one or two, not to mention that he is just the early stage of the Immortal Realm.

And the other party was right. This Xianbao Building is a property of Tianyizong. He might dare to lay wild here, and he will soon be won by the strongman of Tianyizong.

When the time comes, its really shameful.

"Good! Very good! I hope you won't fall into my hands in the future!" Gongsun Ming finally calmed down his anger, throwing a sentence, turning around and leaving!

Princess Qi glanced at Zhao Yuande slightly, and hurriedly left behind Gongsun Ming.