Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1214

Chapter 1214: Gongsun Ming's Tangle

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"Brother, this Gongsun Ming is not easy. My master told me not to mess with this person. You must be careful!" Fan Ying looked at Gongsun Ming's departure with some concern.

"It's okay! How dare he treat me!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand and pointed at the phoenix plume. "Sister, I bought it for you, like it or not!"

"Brother! Did you really buy this treasure for me? This... this is too expensive!" Fan Ying looked at Zhao Yuande in disbelief, although his mouth said it was too expensive, but a pair of eyes was shining. Brilliance.

"As long as Shimei likes it!" Zhao Yuande beckoned to the old man. "Take it out, I want it!"

"Do you really want a guest? Xianyu..." The old man was still a little unbelievable.

This young man is brave and dare to dare you to directly confront the deacon Zongmen, so that the other party has no way, it is definitely not a simple character, but if he can spend 2.46 million high-grade fairy jade, buy a treasure to send People, he still can't believe it.

"Little bit!" Zhao Yuande casually threw a storage ring to the old man.

The old man took a look, and there was no longer any doubt on his face, and he directly opened the ban on Phoenix Feathers and handed it to Fan Ying.

Fan Ying took the Phoenix Feathers, and couldn't be pleased with herself, she just put it on her body, as if a happy elf was turning around Zhao Yuande.

"Brother! Is it pretty?"

"good looking!"

Fan Ying's mood was completely improved, and the depression of her sister's betrayal was gone.

"Let's go! The three-tiered Xianbao doesn't seem to be available for me. Let's go to the fourth-tier!" Zhao Yuande looked through all the three-tiered treasures and found that he didn't see a favorite Xianbao. .

The old man didn't have any verbosity this time anymore, he took the two on the fourth floor.

On the third floor, you can see many cultivators picking treasures, but on the fourth floor, there are suddenly fewer people. There are three or five people scattered, and the treasures on the fourth floor are obviously much less, only thirty or forty pieces. !

"They are there too!" Zhao Yuande frowned, and saw Gongsun Ming and Princess Qi, before a fairy treasure, as if discussing something.

"Sister Qi, this treasure is really important to me. If the sister has fairy jade, lend me some, and I will return it soon." Gong Sunming looked anxiously at the little furnace in front. , Three inches tall, three feet and two ears, the workmanship is very delicate, but there is a trace of cracks on Ding's body, which has spread to Ding's feet.

The fairy jade on him was not enough, but he wanted it very much, but had to borrow some from the sister Qi around him.

Qi Rou was also very depressed. When she went out to take the fairy jade, others were rushing to pay the bill for her. Today, the deacon of the grandson was so embarrassed to speak with herself!

"Brother Gongsun, it's not that my sister and sister don't lend you, but I really don't have fairy jade on me, and I never have the habit of bringing fairy jade when I go out! Brother, let's think of another way!"

"Hmm!" Gongsun Ming pondered for a while, beckoning to a manager in Xianbao Building not far away.

"Do you want to buy this king of the five prisoners, this son? Thirteen million top-grade fairy jade, if you have a VIP card, you can give you a 5% discount!" This manager is an old man with a white beard, Came to Gongsun Ming, said cheerfully.

"In this way, I didnt bring enough fairy jade today, could you help me seal this tripod first, and I will buy it later?" Gong Sun Ming seemed afraid that the other party would not believe him, and took out a token in front of the other partys eyes. Shaking, "I am the deacon of Xuan Jizong, my name is Gong Sun Ming, this is my token!"

The old man with a white beard glanced at Gong Sunming's token, and his eyes showed strange colors.

"This son, I don't have the right to seal this trip. If you want it, you can take out 13 million top-grade fairy jade. If you can't take it out, I can't help it!"

"Well! Otherwise, my friend is the only daughter of Emperor Xuanjizong Qi Tai, she is taking care of me, can you let me take things first?" Gongsun Ming looked at this little Ding, eyes A look of great desire was revealed.

"Yes, I can make a guarantee for Brother Gongsun!" Princess Qi actually felt enough now, but because Gongsun Ming's face stood up to protect him, she felt that she had done her best.

"Cough!" The old man coughed softly, "If Qi is too close, our Xianbao Building can give him the old man's face, but his daughter..."

When Princess Qi heard the other party's words, her face was not pretty, but it was reasonable.

Although I said one thing among the disciples of Xuan Jizong, Xianbao Building is an industry of Tianyizong. I haven't cultivated as a fairyland yet. In front of Tianyizong, nothing really counts!

"This..." Gongsun Ming's face was tangled, and no one knew that he got a truth-seeking symbol during an expedition to Xianfu.

It was a cave house of an ancient god, and he got the heritage of the ancient **** from it, and finding such a true symbol is one of the treasures of the ancient god,

This truth-seeking charm is very mysterious, and it is covered with mysterious and ancient runes. These runes are like deep starry sky. If someone wants to explore its secrets, it will soon fall into the dark starry sky.

He had never found this truth seeker, but he did not expect that in front of this little Ding today, the seeker fired a strong burning sensation as if he felt something.

This gave him the urge to buy this little tripod.

"Otherwise! I'll pay you ten million first, let me take Xiaoding, the daughter of the seven elders waits for me here first, I quickly return to the Zongmen to get the fairy jade." Gongsun Ming struggled for a long time, Finally said this.

The old man on the opposite side was also stunned by his words. He did not expect such a character to be able to say such words, it can be said that it is shameless!

Sure enough, as soon as he finished speaking, he regretted it a little, so that he would not offend Princess Qi.

However, after weighing, he chose the latter between the princess and Xiaoding! .

"What! Brother Gongsun, you want to hold me here for a treasure!" Princess Qi's eyes widened, and she couldn't believe it was what Gongsun Ming said, her eyes were filled with tears, "Gongsun Ming, Since then, there is no relationship between us!"

Princess Qi is crying for the first time since childhood, she really can't imagine that the gentle and gentle brother Gongsun who treats herself like this will treat herself like this!

She felt that there was no need to stay here anymore, turned around and left.

Gongsun Ming wanted to catch up and persuade him, but he thought that if he left, Xiaoding would be bought by others.

After hesitating for a while, she found that the figure of Princess Qi had disappeared on the fourth floor.