Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1215

Chapter 1215: God King Prison

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"Hey!" Gongsun Ming sighed, and began to look around, trying to find an acquaintance, or borrow Xianyu to buy this little tripod.

But he didn't see an acquaintance in a circle, but instead saw a figure that made him angry.

"Manage, I'll go back and get the fairy jade. I hope you can help me keep it!" Gongsun Ming handed a storage ring with a thousand fine jade in it.

"Well! Okay! I will try my best!" The old man took the storage ring, swept away the soul, and suddenly couldn't help but flick his lips.

My heart is secretly slandering, but also the deacon of Xuan Jizong, what a **** stingy, you can also get a handful of thousands of high-grade fairy jade?

But although the old man said this in his heart, he did not show it.

Anyway, no one pays attention to this little tripod for the time being. I will go back to raise the fairy jade right away. At most half an hour is enough. Half an hour should be fine!

Gongsun Ming glanced at Xiao Ding reluctantly, his figure flashed and disappeared at the stairs in an instant.

"Huh?" Zhao Yuande also felt curious. This Gongsun Ming was not a reckless person. Why did he put forward such conditions that made Princess Qi feel angry?

Seeing Gongsun Ming leave, he hurriedly pulled Fan Ying to the side of Xiaoding.

"God King Zhen Yu Ding, sealed, five grades of fairy treasure, heavy wishful size wishful wish......"

Fifth grade Xianbao? How could it be here!

Zhao Yuande almost exclaimed, and he also understood why Gongsun Ming was so anxious!

This little Ding is still broken or still a fifth-grade Xianbao. I don't know what level it will be. It should be at least six grades!

"Senior!" Zhao Yuande saw the price marked above and immediately waved at the old man with white beard.

"This son, what's the matter?" A large number of curious Zhao Yuande of the old man, when he saw his cultivation behavior clearly, was immediately puzzled. What kind of characters of this cultivation practice came to the fourth floor, even if they gave them the Sipin Xianbao , Can they use it?

However, the old man was suspicious. He still did not dare to despise Zhao Yuande, and he was very respectful.

"I want this king of five prisoners!" Zhao Yuande threw a storage ring directly to the old man. "This is 13 million top-grade fairy jade, please order it!"

"Brother! You..." Fan Ying was shocked and tried to persuade Zhao Yuande, but she finally shut up.

He originally wanted to persuade Zhao Yuande not to go against Gongsun Ming, but he knew that this man was very opinionated and would never listen to his persuasion.

The master once said that Gongsun Ming was respectful and polite, but in fact he was guilty of this poison and did whatever he could to do things.

Fan Ying was still a little bit doubtful, but she just saw that Gongsun Ming wanted to press Princess Qi in Xianbaolou just now!

Not to mention the extremely proud character of Princess Qi, if you change to her, you can't stand this humiliation!

The old man was stunned, but immediately reacted, and the soul dived into the storage ring, and suddenly saw the neatly arranged top grade immortal jade, glancing at 13 million, no more, no more!

"Master, this five-prison **** Ding is yours!" The old man, without hesitation, unfastened the seal and handed Xiaoding to Zhao Yuande's hands.

"Well!" Zhao Yuande put Xiaoding into the storage space, and suddenly thought of something, and turned to the old man, "Senior, I bought this thing about the Five Prison God Wang Ding. I hope the senior does not tell anyone. Especially the person just now! If I knew you had spread the matter, you would know the consequences without me saying!"

Zhao Yuande's words made his face change.

The other party apparently heard that this was threatening him, but he really had to accept this threat.

But the other party's cultivation at this age can buy out the 13 million treasures without hesitation. Obviously, the family is outstanding or the power behind it is huge.

If he didn't make a mistake, and one day this big backer leaned against him, no one would dare to take him.

However, in case he speaks out, he is guilty of this line of taboo, and the other party cannot say anything even if he killed himself.

"Master, rest assured! This is the rule of my Xianbao Building. I dare to tell anyone who asks!" The old man could only bow his head.

"Well! That's right!" Zhao Yuande threw a storage ring at the other side and nodded and smiled, "This is for you!"

The old man took the storage ring and froze for a moment, but soon his face showed excitement.

This **** is generous, one hundred thousand top-grade fairy jade, which is enough to pay for my one year's reward!

Then Deaconess and this one are simply stingy!

"Thank you, son!" The old man put the storage ring in his arms and bowed slightly, respectfully.

"Okay! Remember my words!" Zhao Yuande took Fan Ying and strode away.

"Brother? Why did you give him Xianyu alone?" Fan Ying was puzzled. "He should get his own reward for selling things!"

"Oh! I just warned him that he was still a little displeased in his heart, but I gave him another hundred thousand top-grade fairy jade, which resolved this displeasure! He will not only hate me, but will Thank you! This is called carrot and stick!"

"Hee hee! Brother, do you take that senior as a donkey?" Fan Ying smiled back and forth.

"This is not what I said..."

Zhao Yuande they just disappeared on the street corner, Gongsun Ming hurriedly returned to Xianbao Tower.

He hurried up four floors and came to the boundary of the seal Xiaoding just now, and suddenly found that Xiaoding had disappeared.

Gongsun Ming's eyes were as red as fire, and an arrow step came to the old man. His voice was full of anger: "What? Where did my things go? Didn't I ask you to help me stay?"

"Someone bought it!" The old man had long been unhappy with Gongsun Ming, and he threw back his storage ring with a thousand fairy jade directly to the other party. "I can't help selling if someone wants to buy it directly!"

" are fine! I..." Gongsun Ming almost wanted to slap the old guy to death!

"Why? Do you want to do it? Don't think that you are a deacon of Xuan Jizong, you can shine here!" The old man was not afraid, and looked at Gongsun Ming with a sneer, "I can't stay even if you are a person like you. , If you dont hurry to leave, I will immediately call the fairy king strong in the townhouse!"

"Good! Good!" Gongsun Ming almost didn't get mad at the other party, but he really didn't dare to deal with the other party.

He turned around and left, never staying here again.

"Who bought Xiaoding in the end, who is it?" Gong Sun Ming kept thinking about the people on the fourth floor at that time, and suddenly appeared in the shadow of Zhao Yuande.

Could it be this abominable kid?

Do not! Impossible, he couldn't have so many fairy jade, even if his master spoiled him, he couldn't give him tens of millions of fairy jade, know that his ten million fairy jade also went out many times to experience , Only to get more murderous goods!

He soon expelled Zhao Yuande!