Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1216

Chapter 1216: By No Means

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"Yes! I went to Zhou Tianheng, but he is a true disciple of Tian Yizong. I don't believe you dare to give Brother Zhou a face." Gong Sun Ming suddenly remembered someone, his face suddenly showing a happy look.

But for a while, Gongsun Ming and a young man in Yuhuahuaguan returned to Xianbaolou.

"Kang Guanshi, you should do me a favor and tell me who the Five Prison God Wang Ding was bought by." The young man Yuhua Huaguan waved his hand to the white-haired old man with a smile on his face.

"Oh! Zhou Zhen Chuan, it is not that I do not help you! It is the rules of Xianbao Building. If I say who the other party is, is this one behind you going to grab it! Elder Taishang, Im afraid I will lose my life! And can I spend 13 million to buy a fairy, can there be no huge power behind them? Even if Taishang Elder doesnt kill me, the other party might My life will also be killed!" The old man waved his hands again and again, "I want to live a few more years, this is a must! Never!"

"You..." Zhou Tianheng showed an incredible expression on his face, and the other party didn't even give his face.

But what the other party is telling is the truth, and he can't force him to shake his head helplessly.

"Brother Gongsun, the younger brother can't help you, ashamed! Ashamed!" Zhou Tianheng shook his head helplessly to Gongsun Ming, expressing his powerlessness.

Gongsun Ming gave Kang Guanshi a cold look and turned away.

Kang Guanshi watched Zhou Tianheng leave with indignation, and he was relieved at this time, but for the sake of hundreds of thousands of high-grade fairy jade, he offended these two people!

Besides, Zhao Yuande returned to Xuanji Sect's outer disciple Dongfu District with Fan Ying.

Fan Ying happily offered to go back to see the master, and Zhao Yuande hurriedly returned to his cave.

In Dongfuzhong, he took out Xiaoding.

In the Xianbao Building just now, he didn't have time to observe Xiaoding, nor could he understand the real purpose of Xiaoding.

It must be refined before it can reflect the characteristics of heavy wishfulness and wishful size. If it is really as expected, then its own weapon problem will be temporarily solved.

Zhao Yuande poured the soul into Xiaoding and began to refine this treasure.

But something that made him feel depressed happened. With his current strength of spirit, no matter how infused with the power of the spirit of the god, it seems that it is a mud bull entering the sea, and it can't be refined at all!

This is at least the sixth grade fairy treasure! Otherwise, why can't I refine it with the power of my soul, which is comparable to the world now?

"It's really speechless! Having such a powerful treasure, but it can't be used, is really depressing!" Zhao Yuande played with the slap-sized Xiaoding in his hand, with a sad look on his face.

Thirteen million flowers were spent, but they are not available now!

Is it necessary to buy another one?

"Boy, you can also refine this thing with the method of blood refining, but it will consume more blood in your body." At this time, the voice of Brother Old Beard's brother passed into his soul.

"Brother! You always show up when I need it most. Thank you!" Zhao Yuande felt an invisible concern. The old man with a white beard must be able to pay attention to himself all the time.

Concern is love, Zhao Yuande felt a warmth in his heart.

"Okay! Now is not the time for hypocrisy, just follow what I said..." The old man with a white beard also captured a trace of fluctuations, but it was well covered up, making it sound very harsh.

"The method of blood refining comes from our sea of stars, but it is a method of using the blood in the body to warm up treasures and make them recognize the Lord. "

The old man with white beard started to teach Zhao Yuande's method of blood refining, which is actually very simple, that is, sending Xiao Ding into the sea of blood in the body, using the blood to warm up.

Ten days later, Zhao Yuande walked out of the cave house with a pale face.

He now looked as if he were a sick tuberculosis, and he walked and wobbled, and had no strength at all.

"Brother, what's wrong with you?" A disciple saw him like this and couldn't help but come up and ask.

"Hey! I have cultivated some stubble, I will go to the alchemy peak!" Zhao Yuande said weakly to this disciple.

However, he was extremely happy about this matter. Although his loss of blood is serious, he is still in a low level. It is not difficult to recover.

The most important thing is that he has truly refined that **** king jail tripod.

The God King Zhen Yu Ding is inherited from an ancient god, but it is a treasure of the ancient **** to suppress the **** hell. Although the purpose was not to fight when it was first refined, it weighed hundreds of millions of kilograms. If all the weight is released, it is enough to crush a big world!

Although Zhao Yuande has refined this tripod now, but because of the low cultivation level, he can only refine the outermost layer of the prohibition, and he has only controlled one percent of the tripod, and only released one percent of its weight.

However, this is extremely detrimental to him, and each release requires the consumption of a large amount of essence blood as a price.

So this thing is commonly used, just need to release a little weight, Zhao Yuande is also more powerful in his hand, fighting directly and hegemony, in line with Zhao Yuande's fighting style.

Came to Alchemy Peak, the third branch hall.

Li Meier is not here at this time, Zhao Yuande now has no energy but cares about her, and entered the third branch hall.

The third branch hall is Zhong Wuliang's special alchemy hall, which contains some common panacea that Zhong Wuliang usually refines.

Although these immortals are common to Zhong Wuliang, they are a panacea for practitioners such as Zhao Yuande who have just entered the field.

Zhao Yuande was originally a dragon and a fierce tiger, and his strong body does not need these panacea. Now his blood loss is as if he can no longer survive. He just uses these panacea to recover.

However, the panacea here is a bit simple after all, and the effect is obviously reduced after taking some.

"Tu'er, what's wrong with you? Your face is so bad?" I don't know when Zhong Wuliang came to the third branch hall, and behind him was Li Meier.

Li Meier's mental state is much better at this time, it seems that he has already passed the beginning of life, and wants to start.

"Master, I have practiced a kind of exercise method, which consumes the essence blood. Now the essence blood loss is serious, so I want to find the master to find some medicine that can supplement the essence blood!"

Li Meier was next to him, he naturally would not tell the truth, but just made an excuse.

"I have a Divine Yuan Pill here, you will take it down, and I will protect it for you." Zhong Wuliang took a jade bottle out of her arms and poured a pill out of it. Zhao Yuande just felt refreshed when he heard it.

Behind Li Mei'er was a little hesitant, and there was an envious look in his eyes.