Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1218

Chapter 1218: Turning A Into A Silk

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After several slaps in a row, Wang Haoran's face almost swollen into a pig's head.

"Well! Wang Sheng, it is better to teach his son to go home and teach him, but I am alchemy peak here!" Zhong Wuliang is obviously not satisfied with the other party's treatment.

Do you want a few slaps to finish? Dream about it!

"Humph! Wait to go back and clean up your beast!" Wang Sheng closed his hand and turned to Zhong Wuliang with a wry smile.

After hesitating for a while, he took out a jade box from the storage space.

Opening the jade box, it lay quietly with an elixir with huge roots.

"This is an 8,000-year-old snow ginseng. The market value should be 150,000 high-grade fairy jade, and there is no price for it. How can I pay this thing to the nobles?" Wang Sheng looked at this Zhu Xueshen, his face also showed a painful color.

This snow ginseng is old enough, even if it does not require alchemy to be swallowed directly, it can increase the lifespan and supplement the blood. Although it is not enough for the level of fairy medicine, it is almost the same.

"Snow Ginseng, Nine Pins Essence, Add Shou Yuan, Supplement Essential Blood, Intermediate Ingredients... Match Recipes..."

When Zhao Yuande saw this snow ginseng, his eyes lit up. If he used this snow ginseng as the main material and made it into a gourmet, his loss would not only be fully recovered, but also to moisturize the first star and let it shine as soon as possible. stand up.

According to previous experience, the first star will light up, and his physical strength will increase at least ten times!

At that time, you should be able to contend with the powerful of Emperor Realm!

"Humph! It's just a potion of magic, and I want to get forgiveness from my disciples. Are you dreaming? Do you think I, Xuan Ji Sect's fairy pill master, would lack this kind of thing?" Zhong Wuliang smiled coldly. Not at all relieved.

"This..." Wang Sheng also knew that this thing would definitely not work, but did not expect it to be said so unbearable.

Although he has his own sect, such a small sect does not have much profit at all, otherwise his disciples will not blackmail people.

He is not very wealthy.

However, he knew that if he did not satisfy the other party today, he would not be able to get back the elixir he had refined, and he would offend the other party. In the future, it would be impossible if he wanted Daoxuan Jizong to seek the Dan.

"Good!" Wang Shengyi gritted his teeth and took another thing out of the storage ring. It was a book of hides with a few pages missing. "This is a residual method I accidentally obtained when I explored an ancient cave house. The power of the Five Elements has great value!"

Zhong Wuliang turned out that the animal skin book read the content above and could not help secretly nodding, and then handed the animal skin book to Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande was curious and took a look. The handwriting on the cover was blurred, and he could only see the five characters in front of him, but when he glanced at his soul, he was immediately overjoyed.

"The five elements of creation, the ancient exercises, and the power of creation through the rotation of the five elements..."

It's actually related to creation!

The beginning of this book is to teach how to quickly understand the Five Elements Rule, and it describes several methods, each of which is incredible and refreshing.

After repairing the five-element rule, the book began to be crippled, and many words were a little vague,

If this book is taken out for auction in full, I am afraid that the powerful of the fairy emperor realm will fight for it, even if it is now worth 10 million. Obviously the other party does not know the true meaning of this book, and regards it as a classic book with the power of five elements. .

"Master, this book is of some use to my cultivation. In addition to the Snow God, I think Lord Wang is indeed justified. As the so-called enemies should be resolved and not tied, the matter between me and Wang Haoran is actually just a misunderstanding, it is better to turn it into a jade silk. "Zhao Yuande took the book and smiled on his face.

"Okay! Since you said so to Tu'er, you don't care about being a teacher! Keep these two things well!" Zhong Wuliang handed the snow ginseng to Zhao Yuande to let him take it away.

Wang Sheng saw this, and this was a breath of relief.

"Okay! These are the two Shen Yuan Dans refined, Brother Wang take it away!" Zhong Wuliang originally let Zhao Yuan De eat a Shen Yuan Dan and felt a little sorry for the other party, but now such a thing is happening, he I feel at ease.

"Thank you, Brother Zhong!" After receiving the Elixir, Wang Sheng looked at the soul, and his face suddenly appeared happy.

This immortal medicine is used by his life-saving, and he will get it no matter what the price is!

"Okay! Today I'm also a little tired. Brother Wang, I won't give you away!" Zhong Wuliang started to catch people directly.

"Beast, don't go yet!" Wang Sheng kicked Wang Haoran.

Wang Haoran twitched his face and quickly left Xuan Jizong with his father.

"Dad! Are you willing to be blackmailed by the other party?" Wang Haoran couldn't help but complain when he came out of Xuanji Sect.

"Fuck! If it weren't for you, could dad be blackmailed? It seems that I'm still used to you. Go back and go to the secret room for three months. If you come out in less than three months, I will interrupt you directly. Legs!" Wang Sheng's eyes were cold, and he was really embarrassed today.

"Dad!" Wang Haoran was reconciled.

"After three months, if you break through the Divine Emperor Realm, you will come out and take revenge according to this kid, otherwise you will not want to take revenge in this life! But I want to remind you not to be implicated in my Po Lang Pavilion anymore! Can't stand Xuan Jizong's anger!"

"Yes!" Wang Haoran bowed his head, and the light of resentment and hatred erupted in his eyes.

Zhao Yuande! After three months, I must kill you alive!

"Master, I want to go back to practice. After I got this exercise, I think I can understand the Five Elements Rule in a month!" Zhao Yuande is extremely eager in his heart now, and the most important thing is to improve his strength.

He knew that although Wang Haoran bowed his head now, he must be full of resentment against himself, and he would definitely find himself in the future.

But he was not afraid, the toxin he cultivated was not imaginable by the other party.

The other party's threat will instead be the motivation that motivates him.

"Okay! Go ahead! Raise the state as soon as possible, and the master can take you out to travel." Zhong Wuliang nodded. "If there is any medicine, if you tell me, I still have some sect medicine. Dominate."

"Ah! Really? Can the master take me to the Lingyao Garden to see it? I want to find some elixir to improve my cultivation." Zhao Yuande couldn't help eyes when he heard this.

"As long as you don't choose fairy medicine, there will be no problem! Go, I will show you!" Zhong Wuliang did not delay, and got up and walked out.

Zhao Yuande was overjoyed and hurried to keep up.

Xuan Jizongs elixir garden occupies a dozen small peaks, surrounded by layers of protection, and cannot be approached without special tokens.

Among these large formations, there are even terrible formations that can threaten the immortal emperor. Even the strong immortal kings dare not run around here.