Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1219

Chapter 1219: Baihe Daze

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Under the leadership of Zhong Wuliang, Zhao Yuande entered the Lingyao Garden, where he selected many elixirs.

Although these elixirs are not very advanced, they are all commonly used on weekdays. The more expensive is a set of materials of the blood **** Luo Tiandao, which is almost beyond the scope of Zhong Wuliang's authority.

Blood God Luo Tiandao is the most practical one among all Zhao Yuande's recipes, which can help people understand the ancient demon avenue.

Zhao Yuande prepared for himself. After he was promoted to the peak of the world, as long as the blood **** Luo Tiandao was made, he could successfully comprehend the ancient demon avenue and be promoted to the realm of the emperor.

There is only one main material missing, the Blood God Stone!

In the fairy world, the remains of the war of gods and demons can be seen everywhere. Although the blood **** stone is precious, it can be bought, and he can also choose the blood **** stone impregnated with the blood of the ancient **** to let him develop his direction. Can be sure.

After obtaining the cultivation requirements, Zhao Yuande returned to his cave and began to practice in closed doors.

First of all, he decided to complete the eighteen cycles of the first-level resurrection, and successfully entered the third level.

After entering the third floor, he decided to put the Yuanshen Resurrection first, and then he began to improve his realm with all his strength. After raising the realm to the quadruple freedom, he began to use many foods to improve his physique and accumulate. Turn on the energy of the first star.

The practice of Yuanshen resurrection is extremely painful, but for Zhao Yuande, he has been accustomed to it for a long time. Before that, he had been born and died three times. According to the requirements of cultivation, it needs fifteen times, and each time takes two days and two nights. That is, it takes a whole month.

This makes Zhao Yuande more depressed. At this time, if you have the in-vivo world and enter the trial space, the speed of the time is fifty times, the outside world can complete it in less than a day!

But this can only be thought about, because his inner world cannot be retrieved without reaching the world. All resources are empty talk, and even relatives who have not seen for a long time cannot be seen.

Especially his daughter, who is now two years old, I dont know how tall the little guy is now, do you miss yourself...

One month later!

Zhao Yuande's Yuanshen Resurrection finally reached the third level. When he was promoted to the third level, his soul was directly substantiated, and the strength of the spirit directly crossed several small realms and entered the Emperor Realm!

After completing the practice of Yuanshen's resurrection, Zhao Yuande kept throwing himself into the realm of ascension.

He had had two promotion experiences in the first place, and practicing it was almost twice the result with half the effort!


Not knowing how long it took, Zhao Yuande heard someone knock on the door outside.

"Huh?" He woke up from practice, opened his eyes, and suddenly felt a powerful force surging inside him.

He felt it carefully, and the world seemed to become clearer all at once in front of him, and there seemed to be many more clear veins around him.

As long as you want, you can explore along these lines.

"This is the fourfold freedom in the field!" Zhao Yuande was overjoyed, his face full of excitement.


The knocking on the door became more and more rapid.

"Come!" Zhao Yuande stood up and strode to the gate.

"What's the matter?" He saw the disciple who entered the door with him outside, looking at the anxious face of the other side, he couldn't help asking.

"Brother! Did you forget to complete the sect mission? Today is the last day of grace! If you don't take the sect mission again, I'm afraid you will be punished." The disciple said anxiously.

"Oh! I really forgot!" I have been practicing for such a long time, I am afraid it has been more than a month.

The grace period for the monthly task is seven days, from which you can roughly estimate the time of cultivation.

"Go! Take me to the mission area!" Although Zhao Yuande didn't care about the punishment, he didn't want to cause trouble to the master.

He quickly arrived in the mission area and saw some tasks left over from last month.

"The materials of the Molong Dragon Jiao were collected. Three thousand miles south of the Xuanji Sect, the three heads of the Molong Dragon Jiao were killed in the Moscale Lake outside Baihe Daze!

"Collect blood yanghua, eighty thousand miles southwest of the Xuanji Sect, and collect 10 blood yanghua in the blood yang mountains on the edge of Baihe Daze!"

"Eliminate the bandits, the bandits in Xiling City, an ancient country under the rule of Xuanji Sect, rampant..."

"Catch the black tail of the fierce beast..."


"Choose materials to collect Molong Dragon Jiao!" Zhao Yuande glanced at it, which belongs to this latest 30,000 miles!

According to his current flight speed, 30,000 miles only need one incense stick time, and then slash the three-headed Molong Dragon Jiao, at most one hour will be able to return.

Zhao Yuande took the task and felt that the time was not tight, so he asked the details of the task and the details that needed attention.

The disciples who assigned the tasks were also due diligence and carefully explained all the problems to Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande nodded with satisfaction.

Just after Zhao Yuande left the mission area, the disciples who distributed the mission showed a happy face, and hurriedly left the mission area.

Soon this disciple entered the inner gate and stopped in front of a cave house.

"Brother! That disciple named Zhao Yuande has already taken the character of Mo Lin Long Jiao, and is now rushing to Bai He Daze." This disciple is extremely respectful.

"Okay! This is for your reward, go!" A storage ring flew out of Dong Fuzhong, and the sound was flat.

"Thank you, Brother! Thank you, Brother!" The disciple looked at the contents of the storage ring and was overjoyed. After thanking him, he left in a hurry.

"Zhao Yuande! I think who can shelter you today, I want to crush you a little bit into powder!" There was a very cold voice from Dongfu.

Zhao Yuande walked out of the mountain gate, flew directly into the sky and disappeared into the sky.

A vague shadow followed slowly behind Zhao Yuande at this time, keeping a certain distance.

The distance of 30,000 miles does not take much time, but Zhao Yuande saw a distant piece of white sky in a while.

After flying a few breaths further, Zhao Yuande suddenly saw that it was a vast swamp with vast expanses, and the swamp was covered with white mist.

The swamps have rolling mountains, unfathomable large lakes, and countless ancient ruins!

In the depths of the swamp, a burst of powerful breath came, and Zhao Yuande felt the presence of a powerful presence of immortal king and even fairy emperor level in these breaths.

"Is this Bai and Daze? Although Xuan Jizong relies on this place to have innumerable resources, but it also has very serious troubles. If this powerful existence is difficult, I don't know if Xuan Jizong can persist? "Zhao Yuande looked at this vast Daze and couldn't help but get this question.

"That's a small city in front." Zhao Yuande quickly flew to the edge of Bai and Daze. There was a small city standing not far from Molin Lake where the Zongmen mission indicated.

He fell from the sky and fell into the town.