Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1220

Chapter 1220: Liu Ji Firm

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"This son, did you come to Bai and Daze for an adventure? Do you need to resupply in our Molin City, our panacea, Lingbao, and everything!" A grinning teenager saw Zhao Yuande and was in a hurry Welcome up.

"Oh! I don't need it for now." Zhao Yuande waved his hand.

"If you don't want this, we still have first-class accommodation, all kinds of exquisite food, and even beautiful women..." The teenager squeezed his eyebrows, and said more and more.

"Oh... do you have a material market here!" Zhao Yuande wants to buy a large number of ordinary materials, because each kind of food requires a lot of materials. Some of these materials are very ordinary and cheap. Don't be unable to complete because there is only one material.

"Yes! Yes!" The teenager said for a long time, and finally he was relieved to hear the other party's request.

He was born in this small city. Because of his bad talents, he was kicked out by the family to attract guests for the familys property. If he could get the guests to earn fairy jade, he would be able to allocate some resources and work hard for his cultivation. If you don't, you won't get the resources of the family and will continue to be mediocre.

"Take me!" Zhao Yuande actually found a material store not far away at a glance. The reason why he let the teenager take himself to it was a teenager in the lower realm.

The young man was called Yun Xiaodong, and Zhao Yuande met him in the world of Lihuo, similar to this young man's age and mediocre qualifications. They all have a tough character, and there is a trace of longing in their eyes.

He gave Yun Xiaodong an opportunity, but now he doesnt have much to give to the other party, and he goes to the store to buy items with him. This young man should get a lot of money, which can be regarded as his own help. The other side!

The teenager soon took Zhao Yuande to a nearby store, the name of the store was Liu Ji.

He glanced at the soul, and suddenly found that the various materials in it should be as much as possible, and the price marked was much cheaper than that of Xuanji Zongfang City.

"Son, this is our Liu Ji firm. Everything in it is much cheaper than the nearby big city. If you buy more and go back, you can earn a lot of fairy jade! Uncle Rong, come out quickly, I brought guests. Now!" The teenager shouted into the shop while introducing to Zhao Yuande.

"Oh! Here you are! You are... Xuan Jizong's outside disciple!" A middle-aged man who was lame from the inside and saw Zhao Yuande's clothes suddenly light up.

"Good!" Zhao Yuande nodded lightly and smiled, "Senior, I want to buy some materials here."

"Okay! Okay!" The middle-aged man heard Zhao Yuande want to buy something. He was overjoyed and nodded to the teenager. "Okay, Xiaofeng, go! I will greet this boy Yes, I will help you with your copy!"

"I think this little brother is good, let him take me!" Zhao Yuande clearly saw a disappointment in the eyes of the teenager, and suddenly knew that if the teenager left, no matter how much he bought, I am afraid that the share of the teenager will eventually be only It's a little bit, since I helped him in the end.

"Oh! This..." The lame middle-aged man looked slightly sluggish.

"Why? Don't agree, then I will go to another house!" Zhao Yuande pretended to turn and left.

"Hey! No, no! I'm afraid that Xiaofeng's poor care will make you angry." The middle-aged man who could let the God of Wealth at the door of the house go away, quickly greeted the teenager, "Xiaofeng, it must be Take good care of this son!"

"Uncle Rong, don't worry! I must take good care of it!" The boy looked at Zhao Yuande gratefully and patted his chest hard.

Zhao Yuande followed the teenager and listened to the introduction of teenagers like family treasures, and could not help paying attention to the teenager again.

Being able to make hundreds of thousands of materials in this shop, all of them are clear to the chest. This young boy either has amazing memory or hard work!

"Well, you have complete materials here, Xiaofeng, you come with paper and pen, I write a list, and you have arranged for me according to the materials on the list." Zhao Yuande turned around, probably knowing.

The boy handed over the pen and paper already prepared.

Zhao Yuande took the pen and wrote a lot of names of elixir and spirit materials on it, and handed it to the teenager.

The boy's mouth widened as he looked at the huge pile of materials.

"Well! We have all of these things at Liu Ji firm! There are at most two hours, and you can come to pick up after two hours!" The teenager leaped back and forth to prepare materials.

"That! My son, the amount of materials you need is very huge. If you don't pay a deposit first, you can go out after asking for the deposit. Just come back and get it after two hours." Pojiao middle-aged man, go Come forward and smile.

"This is natural." Zhao Yuande threw a storage ring at hand. "There are ten thousand high-grade fairy jade inside. It should be enough as a deposit."

"Enough! Enough!" The middle-aged man took it hurriedly, and looked at the soul, and suddenly his face showed great joy.

"Xiaofeng is very good, and he makes me very satisfied. I am the master of Xuanji Sect Alchemy Peak. If this cooperation is happy, I might come to purchase next time, but I hope to see this little guy "Zhao Yuande's faint words rang in the middle-aged man's ears, making the middle-aged man's face suddenly show ecstasy.

A Master Dan of Xuan Ji Sect, this is definitely a big client. If they can win the relationship, they will have a little relationship with Xuan Ji Sect. In the future, their Liu family will even prosper.

Although Zhao Yuande just casually mentioned a sentence, but the young man's status in the family was promoted.

He walked out of the Liu Ji firm, flew out of the small Moscale City, and flew towards Moscale Lake, which was not far away.

The blue sky and the lake are connected to the lake, and the scenery of the sky and water makes Zhao Yuande feel good.

Suppressed by the endless black jail, swept away the kind of depression that came back again.

Watching a figure appear from time to time on the shore of the lake, occasionally a giant boat flew by on the big lake, and even practitioners came and went in the sky, which shows the richness of the resources of this black scale lake.

According to information, he came to a small island in the lake, where many people had gathered here.

Most of these people are teenagers, and their cultivation bases are all in the early stage of the realm of the realm. Only one of them has reached the sixth realm of realm in the realm. His older age looks similar to Zhao Yuande.

This young man seems to be the leader of these people. In Zhao Yuande's opinion, they should be a certain sect who came out with young disciples.