Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1224

Chapter 1224: Wonderful

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"Must get it! This baby is against the sky! Against the sky!" At this time, the voice of the old man with a white beard came out. "Your boy is very lucky. Although this kind of fairy grass is of lower grade, it is the most in the sea of stars. Its a pity that the brightest thing is now lit up and a star is shining. If it is another 60,000 years and the seven stars are all lit up, then its really against the sky!"

"The rule of stars, not as exaggerated as you said!" Zhao Yuande didn't quite understand why the other party was so excited.

"Your kid doesn't understand! In our sea of stars, the rule of stars is simply what many people dream of. Having the rule of stars is like adding a pass. Not only does the combat power double, but you can also enter the sea of stars to explore various All kinds of secrets..."

"Okay! I know, and I will talk about it later!" Zhao Yuande shook his head. He still has ten thousand miles across the sea of stars, saying that these are useless now.

"Okay! After you are promoted to the world, you must use it as soon as possible. The sooner you get the rule of stars, the greater the benefit to you!" The old man with a white beard naturally knows that it is too early to say these things. He is only for a while. His envy and jealousy made him a little out of control.

After he reminded him, he kept silent.

"Okay! I'm not in a hurry. Anyway, now I'm in the realm. If I want to eat this kind of food, I need at least the realm of the realm, or after I'm promoted to the world." Zhao Yuande felt a lot better now, and waited until he was promoted. In the world, the resources in the inner world can be withdrawn. Although my previous savings are not so much, if we open up the food court and accumulate wealth, it will be much faster.

"Well! Now my task is to get rid of this fairy grass, not to sigh here." Zhao Yuande put his mood away and began to carefully observe the light curtain ban outside the pond.

The Moscale Dragon Jiao lives here, and the flesh changed by the aura exuded by it can only be mutated and promoted to the eighth order.

This shows that these auras should be able to escape, but now...

He randomly took a branch that built a nest. The branch was as tough as an ordinary sword, and he poke gently towards the ban.


A brilliance broke out in the light curtain, directly shattering the branches.

"This brilliance should be able to kill the practitioners of yin and yang." Zhao Yuande suddenly felt the strength of this brilliance, not very strong.

He knows how to touch his light curtain.


Guanghua shot out without harming him. His figure flashed and the whole person rushed directly into the light curtain.

As soon as he entered the light curtain, a very strong fragrance rushed into his nose.

He only felt the injuries that he had just battled with the Moscale Dragon Jiao, healed in an instant, and a powerful life energy burrowed into his body along his nostrils, and began to transform his body constantly.

Zhao Yuande was shocked in his heart. Sure enough, it was the fifth grade of grass. The fragrance alone had this effect!

"Hurry up and absorb!" He no longer hesitated, sitting directly on his knees, urging the black vortex in the body to rotate continuously, absorbing the rich aura.

I don't know how long it took, Zhao Yuande suddenly felt a black vortex in the body, and suddenly expanded from the size of the slap several times, becoming the size of the lid.

And the absorption speed has increased more than ten times than before!

"Huh! It's actually a divine state!" Zhao Yuande suddenly found that there was a powerful force in his body, as if he wanted to manifest various forms outside his body.

"What exactly do I choose? How did I choose the last time? Last time, I chose my own body. This time...Why not choose a real dragon or a phoenix?"

"I said! The real dragon phoenix is too vulgar. I will give you a choice to combine the heaven and earth and the real treasure with the real treasure, so that it can become a permanent and powerful help, instead of just being used in the fairyland." White Beard old man voice It came again, but what he said this time made Zhao Yuande move.

"The combination of heaven, earth and the law into real treasures? This is incredible! Are you sure?" Zhao Yuande did not dare to try casually despite his actions.

"Huh! This is true orthodox cultivation! In the sea of stars, it is everyone's dream to be able to get a treasure that can be integrated into the heaven and earth's appearance. As long as the treasure is integrated into the heaven and earth's appearance, it is equivalent to your body. Part of it, used like an arm, it is more powerful than it was originally. I dont know how many times."

"What else do I have now? Do you want to integrate this **** king Zhen Yu Ding into the Fa phase?" Zhao Yuande now can only get his hands on this treasure.

"No! No! I've prepared it for you!" The white-bearded old man's smug voice came.

A white light flew out of Zhao Yuande's sea of knowledge and fell directly into his hands.

"This is Yin Yang Zhao Tian Jing! Can I use its power? And this is a Qipin Xianbao, is it a pity?" Zhao Yuande exclaimed, but this was the strongest he got in the endless black prison The male fairy treasure is a seventh-grade fairy treasure!

"Hey! I remembered this thing, but it was the treasure of the sea of stars. Later, with some innate gods entering the heavens and the world, if you integrate it into your own law, it is absolutely cost-effective!" White Beard explained. Tao, "And this thing has one of the biggest characteristics, it will adjust the power according to your own strength, and will not burst into a powerful power at once, and will **** you to dry at once."

"That's good! But what should I do..." Zhao Yuande suddenly moved.

"Do what I said..."

Cultivation has no years, and I dont know how long it took. Zhao Yuande opened his eyes at once. A huge mirror above his head suddenly appeared, and the mirror was blue and red. Soaring through the sky.

"Give me!" Zhao Yuande sipped, and the huge mirror kept shrinking and retracted into his body.

"This feeling is really amazing!" Zhao Yuande's eyes are extremely bright, at this time he can spy on everything within a thousand miles through the yin and yang sky mirror, and all the corners can clearly appear in front of him as long as he wants.

According to the current treasure level, the yin and yang Zhaotian mirror should be equivalent to a first-grade fairy treasure. If you cultivate yourself to upgrade this level, it will continue to increase.

At that time, I am afraid that there will be no dead ends within a thousand miles, and everything is under their own monitoring. It is more powerful than the soul exploration, but I dont know how many times.

At this time, the mirror was flipped, and the flames were burning in his sea of knowledge, and a flame appeared in his fingertips, and the void was burned and collapsed at this moment.