Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1226

Chapter 1226: Gongsun Ming Is Coming

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Zhao Yuande looked at Song Xinyuan and couldn't help but show a knowing smile on his face.

As the so-called sowing of melons and melons of beans, they will save their lives.

This person attaches great importance to love and can communicate with one another on this alone.

"Brother Song, don't desperately fight with him, I have a way to kill him!" Zhao Yuande secretly voiced to Song Xinyuan.

"Brother Zhao, what's the solution?" Song Xinyuan's eyes showed a strange color, and he hurriedly asked.

"Just let him fight me in close combat, I will surely kill him!" Zhao Yuande said.

"This...I have a way to reduce his speed in a short period of time." Song Xinyuan said, "My father gave me a life saver and called it to be a quagmire in heaven and earth, as long as this symbol was all within ten miles of the circle. Everyone's speed will drop."

"This symbol is very precious!" Zhao Yuande knew that this must be the opponent's life saving card.

"The life is going to be gone. What can a single symbol count! I'm going to find a way to display this symbol. You seize the opportunity to kill him!" Song Xinyuan said.

The exchange between the two is just between the light and the stone, and the plan is made.

"Since you want to die, then I don't care anymore!" Cao Zhi's eyes flashed fiercely, and now he was ruthlessly trying to kill people directly.

Anyway, he had lost his face in Xuan Jizong. No one did not know that he was kicked out of Wanxianglou these days, and he was trampled off by Qi Qi's unicorn beast. He was already in Zongmen. There is no face to stay any longer.

After killing the two, he ventured through the endless void, headed to Xifengzhou, where no one knew him, and started from scratch.

After making such a decision, he no longer cares about the consequences. With a flash of sword light in his hand, he must kill Zhao Yuande first, and then kill Song Xinyuan.

But he didn't expect Song Xinyuan to suddenly accelerate at this time. When his sword light hadn't shot yet, Song Xinyuan appeared within ten miles of him.

"Give me!" Song Xinyuan shouted loudly, and a palm-yellow charm was thrown from his hand.

The magic charm is getting bigger and bigger, and finally turned into the size of the sky dome, directly covering Cao Zhi.

"This is... the quagmire of heaven and earth!" Cao Zhi can see the origin of this symbol at a glance, "Hey! Can you escape even if you are trapped? My sword is a second-grade fairy, thousands of miles. No one can escape without taking human life!"

"Shoot!" Jianguang shot out, another sword towards Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande did not dodge this time, but rushed towards Cao Zhi. At the same time, his figure suddenly became extremely tall, with a height of more than ten feet.


Jianguang directly crushed Zhao Yuande's leg.


Zhao Yuande's speed and speed were so fast that he lost one leg and was already within 100 feet of Cao Zhi.

Suddenly, the palm of his hand shone brightly, and a golden Ding infinitely expanded, and in a moment it became comparable to an ancient god. The terrible weight alone collapsed the void instantly, and huge cracks appeared in the void.

"What's this!" Cao Zhi was shocked. He felt a terrifying crisis coming. He felt like a weak ants before this golden big tripod. I'm afraid it would only be wiped a little bit. The dust disappeared.

But at this time Cao Zhi has fallen into the quagmire of heaven and earth, the speed is terrible, like a snail.

"Ah! No... this is impossible! How could you have such a treasure?" Cao Zhi struggled in fright, trying to escape from the quagmire of heaven and earth, but why was it in vain.

"Well! Ignorant things!" Zhao Yuande sneered again and again, "Cao Zhi, don't think that your face is covered, I don't know you are, I can let you get out of Wanxianglou, I can kill you!"

" did you know!" Cao Zhi's eyes widened, looking at Zhao Yuande in disbelief.

"Don't you die!" Zhao Yuande was not talking to him, the **** king Zhen Ding slammed down, directly crushing Cao Zhi into nothingness.

Upon Cao Zhi's death, Zhao Yuande suddenly felt that the blood inside his body was like a big river, and all of it flowed into the God King Zhending.

He hurriedly put the **** king Zhen Yu Ding into his body, and took out some of the spirit pill and thrown it into the mouth to restore the loss of blood.

Zhao Yuande is now cultivated for promotion, and the power of the **** king Zhenyuding has increased several times. Now I am afraid that a mid-aged emperor is unable to resist.

Of course, the premise is to be able to hit each other!

At this time, Song Xinyuan, who was not far away, was almost stunned by this scene. When the **** king Zhen Yuding appeared, he seemed to feel the end of the world. The kind of power is almost comparable to the fairy!

He finally understood where Zhao Yuande's faith came from.

"Brother Zhao, this..." Song Xinyuan looked at Zhao Yuande inconceivably and didn't know what to say.

"The breath just now was too large. Maybe it would attract some attention. Let's leave here quickly!" Zhao Yuande regained a little strength, and he directly took Song Xinyuan, who was standing still, and flew towards Molin City.

At the same time that Zhao Yuande sacrificed the **** king Zhenyuding, Gongsun Ming, who was meditating quietly in Dongfu in the Xuanji Sect tens of thousands of miles away, suddenly opened his eyes.

"Yes... it's the breath of the Ding Ding!" Gongsun Ming's eyes flashed at once, "Finally waiting for you, this time you don't want to escape!"

Gongsun Ming rushed out of the cave house all at once, his figure disappeared only after a flash in the void, and the speed was terrifying.

But for a dozen breaths, Gong Sunming's body appeared at the place where Zhao Yuande and Cao Zhi had just fought. His eyes glanced around and felt the powerful breath left in the battle.

"There should be two strong men above the emperor in the war, and one casts the earth and earth quagmire, traps the other, and then sacrifices the ancient Ding to kill it! The person who got the ancient Ding should not have left yet." Gongsun Silently sensing, I got such a conclusion.

"Unfortunately, I haven't comprehended the Avenue of Time, otherwise I can see exactly what happened here in the quarter hour before my deduction!" Gongsun Ming sighed and came to a short distance away In Moscale City.

The powerful soul, without hesitation, enveloped the entire Molin City.

"I don't know who is the best person to explore our Molin City!" A strong man in Divine Emperor Realm sensed the powerful spirit and appeared in the void.

However, when the divine emperor saw Gongsun Ming, his face suddenly changed, and he hurriedly bent down and said: "Mozhang City Lord Feng Zhang has seen the deacon of Gongsun!"

"Well! Alright, I just hunted down a Zongmen traitor to this place, nothing for you!" Gongsun Ming waved his hand.

"Can I..."

"Go on!" Gongsun Ming's face was cold.

Suddenly the city owner Feng Zhang was so scared that he didn't dare to breathe, so he obediently returned to his city master's palace and dared not show his head.