Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1227

Chapter 1227: Song Xinyuan's Eldest Brother

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"Huh! How could this kid appear here?" Gong Sun Ming saw Zhao Yuande, and he couldn't help but suddenly came up with an idea.

The last time Zhao Yuande was in the Xianbao Building was also on the scene. It may also be that Zhao Yuande bought the ancient tripod.

"No... Impossible! That ancient Ding is a fifth-grade immortal treasure. I'm afraid that this kid's strength can't be refined at all, and the breath of battle just now was Emperor Realm..." Gong Sunming once again ruled out Zhao Yuande.

However, after glancing at his soul, he did not find any Emperor Realm strongman who met his own conditions, and shook his head disappointedly.

"This kid dared to threaten himself last time, or I would just shoot him to death!" Gong Sun Ming thought of this, his body flickered and appeared directly in front of Zhao Yuande.

At this time, Zhao Yuande and Song Xinyuan were drinking together in a restaurant. The two of them saw each other at first sight and soon became friends.

Just when they had just finished cooking, ordered their food, and waited, there was suddenly another person beside them.

"Zhao Yuande! Let's meet again!" Gong Sunming's voice was very cold, and it made people chill into the bone marrow.

"It turned out to be the deacon of Gongsun." Zhao Yuande saw this and suddenly felt a powerful murderous intention to cover himself. He secretly screamed badly!

Just as he racked his brains on how to get out, Song Xinyuan opposite said suddenly: "Deacon Gongsun, how are you!"

"You... are you? Song San Gongzi?" Gong Sun Ming focused all his attention on Zhao Yuande. He was shocked to speak to someone across the face.

When he turned his head to look, he found that a young man with a strong face was smiling at himself.

"Damn it! It was him!" Gongsun Ming screamed inwardly. The father was the head of the Song family and a strong man in the fairyland, and his brother Song Xinzhao was also a deacon at this time. It's a little higher.

Although the other party is more than 20 years older than himself, he is also a peerless genius.

The ancestor of the other party is one of the most powerful Taishang elders of the Zongmen, Song Taishang, a strong man at the peak of the fairy king. It is also because of this that the other party has always pressed himself in the sect.

He originally wanted to make Qi Taishang his own backer through Princess Qi's move, but because of this ancient tripod, it made the matter yellow.

I haven't gotten this ancient tripod yet, but I really didn't eat the fox meat, but caused a lot of anger.

Now Song Xinyuan is here, maybe his brother is not far away. If he kills Zhao Yuande, he will lose more than that!

"What do Deacon Gongsun looking for us?" Song Xinyuan looked at Gongsun Ming with interest.

Looking at this genius who fought against his brother but was repeatedly frustrated, it seemed that he was looking for Zhao Yuande's troubles. How could this make him disdainful.

This guy's style is simply not worthy of being my brother's opponent!

"Nothing! When I saw Zongmen's disciples, I naturally wanted to say hello! Now that I greeted, I'm gone!" Gong Sunming said that he left directly and never gave the two the opportunity to speak.

When Zhao Yuande saw Gongsun Ming leaving, he let out a breath.

"Thank you Brother Song, I'm afraid I won't be able to get away without you today!" Zhao Yuande hurriedly thanked him. The other party just saved his life.

If Gongsun Ming insisted on killing himself just now, I am afraid he really has no room to survive.

"Brother Zhao? What's the matter, why is this person looking for your trouble?" Song Xinyuan looked at Zhao Yuande curiously.

"This Gongsun Ming..." Zhao Yuande said that he had met Gongsun Ming for the first time when he met him and Princess Qi in Xianbaolou.

"What! There is such a thing!" Song Xinyuan's eyes widened and he looked at Zhao Yuande in disbelief. "Gongsun Ming even wanted to press Princess Qi in Xianbaolou for a treasure. What did this guy think? Is the brain sick?"

"I also feel that this person's character is too bad, so I accidentally bought that treasure, that is, the great tripod just now! I think he must have felt the breath of that tripod just now, so he came Here." Zhao Yuande didn't dare to say this directly, but transmitted the word to the other party with his soul.

"What! No wonder his murderous intention just now, I think he must have doubted you!" Song Xinyuan also said.

"No! He certainly has no doubts, otherwise you and I will all die in his hands!" Zhao Yuande shook his head and continued to preach, "It can be seen from his ability to press Princess Qi here because of this king. The importance of Ding to him, if he is sure that this Ding is in my hands, I am afraid that both of us will die."

"Good! This place should not stay long, we will go back immediately." Song Xinyuan nodded.

"Well! I went to get the purchased materials, and then we went back together." Zhao Yuande suddenly thought of the materials he bought.

After half an hour, two people appeared in the Xuanji Sect, and their heart was gradually released.

"Brother Song if you have something, you can come to the outside door to find me!" The two said goodbye to Xuanjizong Mountain Gate.

"Relax, if I have a task next time, I will call Brother Song to help! I will go first. I will tell Brother Gongsun Ming about it quickly. He will be very happy when he hears it." Song Xinyuan stepped on the teleportation hurriedly. go with.

After chatting with Song Xinyuan for so long, it is natural to know that his elder brother is another genius deacon of the same name as Gong Sunming, Song Xinzhao!

Both of them have the strength to compete for the future suzerain. They are fiercely competitive, but Song Xinzhao will always overpower the other.

If this matter is said by Song Xinzhao, it will surely give Gongsun Ming a serious blow and make his reputation in the sect gate smell bad!

At the beginning, Gong Sunming had always been the idol of thousands of girls in the sect. Many of the female disciples in the sect were in love with him. Princess Qi was one of them.

If it is spread at this time, there will inevitably be a lot of people to go to Princess Qi for verification, and Qi Taishang will also know about it at the same time.

Qi Taishang is very spoiled for Princess Qi. If he knows this, Gongsun Ming will probably be suppressed by Qi Taishang!

If Song Taishang joined forces with Qi Taishang at this time, I am afraid that Gongsun Ming would be spurned by thousands of people in the sect.

Since then, even if Gongsun Ming was kicked out of the sectarian competition, Song Xinzhao's chances would be increased by several percent.

Zhao Yuande first went to the mission hall to hand over the mission, and accepted another mission to turn over the elixir.

It just happened that he bought more of this kind of spirit grass, so he simply made it directly, so that he would have a month to spare for cultivation.

As soon as he returned to his cave house, he saw Fan Ying wandering outside his cave house, which seemed a little unhappy.