Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1228

Chapter 1228: Five Elixir

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"What's wrong, Sister? I don't seem to be in a good mood." Zhao Yuande looked at her and couldn't help but think of a possibility.

"The master told me to retreat and said that I wouldn't let me out of the world if I didn't break through the world." Fan Ying couldn't help but groan when she saw Zhao Yuande coming back.

"Hey! Your master is also for you." Zhao Yuande can only persuade.

Otherwise, he can still say, your sister complained, your master knows what happened between us, pretending to cultivate us to separate us.

"It's all sisters, she..." Fan Ying didn't know what she was thinking, her face was sad. "I don't know when I will be promoted to the world, nor when I will see my brother again!"

"Oh! Soon, this is for you, and I promise you twice the result with half the effort!" Zhao Yuande took out the feathers of the three-legged fire **** raven from the underwater palace and the Moluolongjiao nest.

"Wow! What kind of feathers are there? There is a warm feeling." Fan Ying picked up a few and attached them to her skin and immediately felt very comfortable.

"The feathers of the three-legged fire **** crow, you make it into a futon, and then sit on it to practice, it has a great effect on your law of fire and jade fire." Zhao Yuande introduced with a smile.

"Thank you, Brother! I will be promoted to the world early!" Fan Ying rushed up and hugged Zhao Yuande directly, jumping and jumping.

"Oh!" Zhao Yuande felt the amazing elasticity from the girl's delicate body, and could not help screaming a guilty sin!

The enthusiasm of the girl seemed to make Zhao Yuande feel a little guilty in his heart.

The other party is now just a 14-year-old girl, is it a bit early now.

Never mind! I want to do so much, maybe she is already a 16-year-old girl by the time she cultivates to the world, and she is thinking about something here.

The girl got the treasure and immediately went back to weave her futon.

Shortly after Fan Ying left, someone came to visit, it was Shen Zong.

"I don't know if Brother Shen is visiting today?" Zhao Yuande always felt a little mysterious about this Shen Zong.

He is clearly the heir of the Shen Tujia family, and has the same honorable identity as Sun Yang. Why is it that a handy disciple outside the city and then step by step promotion is to sharpen himself?

"Brother Zhao, I don't know if you want to listen to a story." Shen Zong looked at Zhao Yuande, his eyes shining brightly, as if to see through Zhao Yuande's heart.

"Story?" Zhao Yuande was stunned. What did the other party mean, but he nodded, and he also had a little guess in his heart, then he nodded, "I really want to hear the story."

"That's good! I said to Brother Zhao, there used to be a big family, and there were two geniuses in the big family..." Shen Zong's story came out.

How did the two geniuses grow together and practice together, but when the family chose the young master in the end, a young man deliberately gave up the young master's position to another young man, and at this time the other young man rushed out the poisoned hand to mutilate his opponent.

The young man was lucky and did not die, and finally escaped with the help of the old servant, incognito.

The story is very old-fashioned, but Shen Zong's face is full of tears, which makes people feel sad.

"I know, Brother Shen is the young man who escaped. I don't know what Brother Shen's story meant?" Zhao Yuande looked at each other. If the story was true, he also sympathized with each other, but he was not an impulsive person.

"I want to ask Brother Zhao for help! Help me regain the position of Young Master. As long as Brother Zhao agrees, I am willing to use a secret map as a reward. There is an ancient **** hidden in this secret map, but it is a true biography of my family. Without saying anything, Shen Zong took out a yellowed scroll directly from his arms.

"This..." Zhao Yuande shook his head, "It's too important at this time, too hasty, I need to think about it."

He glanced at the yellowed scroll, and the appraisal technique was launched.

"Xianwang Baojuan, which contains the secrets of the ancient fairy kings, can inspire the immortal king supreme..."

Seeing this introduction, Zhao Yuande couldn't help but wonder, is the fairy king the legendary fairy king?

If it is really the king of immortal emperor, this picture is worthless!

I am afraid that the Shen Tu family does not know the real family of this picture, otherwise it will have been chased down here, even if it is a battle with Xuan Jizong.

However...Zhao Yuande still did not directly agree because of this fairy king treasure volume. Although this picture is good, he will not let him change his principles.

Of course, if the other party dares to deceive himself, he has a way to grab this picture from the other party.

"Since Brother Zhao needs to think about it, then I'll wait for Brother Zhao's good news!" Shen Zong didn't be wordy, he just put away Bao Juan and turned away.

"It seems that I'm going to ask about the Shentu family." Zhao Yuande nodded and turned away from Dongfu.

Want to inquire about these news, the best place is Wan Xianglou, Sun Yang, the young master of the Sun family, will surely have some understanding of the internal struggle of the Shen Tu family.

But after a while, he appeared in Wanxianglou.

"Mr. Zhao, you finally appeared. The young master of my family just came back and went to find you. As a result..." The old man saw Zhao Yuande appear, and his face suddenly showed excitement.

"Oh! I'm guessing, Brother Sun must have gotten something good?" Zhao Yuande looked at the smile on the other person's face and guessed something.

"Mr. Zhao's wise peerless..."


"Haha! Brother Zhao, you're finally here. Come and see these treasures I got." Seeing Zhao Yuande's smile on Sun Yang's face seemed to be blooming, his cheeks all shook with the laughter. .

Zhao Yuande also saw five jade boxes. Before the box was opened, he smelled the intoxicating fragrance.

"This is the blood phoenix vine, this is the wind thunder flower, this is the four spirits, this is really a drop of essential blood, this is the Taoist liquid!" Sun Yang opened the five boxes one by one to introduce to Zhao Yuande, his eyes showed a bit Complacent.

These things, but he spent a lot of effort to take them out of the family treasure trove, although they are not fairies, but the value is above the ordinary fairies.

"Okay! Very good!" Zhao Yuande glanced over one by one, and his face was also full of surprises.

Blood Phoenix Vine supplements essential blood, Wind Thunder Flower comprehends Wind Thunder rules, Si Ling Shengzhi enhances Shou Yuan, Zhen Jing essence blood refines the flesh to increase qi and blood, and Taoist Liquid increases the speed of perception.

These can almost be said to be the dreams of Zhao Yuande. If all these things are made into food, he can raise the flesh to the peak of the emperor, the realm can reach the peak of the realm, he can understand the two rules of wind and thunder, and he can make blood in the blood sea. Filling can also take the opportunity to increase the speed of perception of several other rules.

Only Shouyuan, Zhao Yuande, is not lacking. With the improvement of the realm, Shouyuan will be more and more, and the millennium Shouyuan promoted by the Four Spirits and Shengzhi is a bit tasteless.

However, if an old man who has reached the end of Shou Yuan, if he can increase the Shou Yuan for thousands of years, he may be able to raise his level and add more Shou Yuan through these thousand years of efforts.