Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 123

Chapter 123: All Came Out To Kill Me

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A rapid knock on the door came from the shop early in the morning.

Zhao Yuande was meditating and resting in the front hall, stretched out to open the door.

Outside the door was a middle-aged man with no expression. He looked Zhao Yuande up and down, and then opened his mouth with a high tone: "Are you the owner of this shop, Zhao Yuande?"

"Yes! I am Zhao Yuande!" Zhao Yuande feels that this middle-aged man is like the **** who came out of the palace. Fly away.

But now it's different. He wants to open the door to do business, and he's too lazy to care about small things.

"Zhao Yuande, come with me! My host wants to see you!" Middle-aged people are still the kind of annoying tone, which makes Zhao Yuande more and more different.

"Who is the owner of your family? Do you know me? If you want to come and eat, just come in, and if you don't eat, hurry and leave!" Zhao Yuande couldn't bear such anger, his patience was limited to a certain extent, and he wouldn't care after that Who must explode!

"You... do you know who is the owner of my family?" The middle-aged man looked cold and threatened very strongly.

"Is it a congenital demon? Is it possible?" Zhao Yuande hated this threat the most. He glanced coldly at the other party and ridiculed, "I count three, and if you don't roll, I will rush!" "

"Reverse! You dare to treat me like this, believe it or not..." The middle-aged man hadn't finished threatening, he saw a big foot constantly zooming in front of him, and then his entire face was taken away. Zhao Yuande stepped on it!

"Huh! A guy in Lingtai's pregnant realm dare to threaten me! Really looking for death!" Zhao Yuande closed the door again, sneering in disdain.

"Yuande, what happened?" A gentle voice came into his ears.

Zhu Luanlian walked out, she walked up gently, gently held Zhao Yuande's arm, a faint fragrance came, and the smoothness of the skin contact on the arm, almost Directly let Zhao Yuande directly beastly.

"Cough! What happened to Brother Zhao just now?" Master Yijie appeared timely to let the fire in Zhao Yuande's heart go out temporarily.

"A strange guy just wanted to take me to see his master! I was kicked!" Zhao Yuande said ruthlessly. "I found my temper is much better now, and I can hear so much nonsense." , If it changed before..."

"Someone's making trouble? Who dares make trouble on my black wind site, believe it or not, I bite him!" Black wind rushed out like a whirlwind.


There was a knock on the door again.

"Heifeng, you open the door, if you see the guy with the shoe mark on your face, hit me!" Zhao Yuande felt that there should be a rule that everyone knows.

As soon as Heifeng heard of a fight, he rushed forward excitedly and pulled the door open!

The improper black wind opened the door, but disappointedly found that there was a smiling old man in front of the door!

"Dare to ask Zhao Yuande whether Mr. Zhao lived here?" the old man asked politely.

"I am Zhao Yuande, are you looking for me?" Zhao Yuande pulled the black wind and came to the door.

"No! It's not that I'm looking for you, but that my old man wants to talk to you about something!" The little old man spoke very politely, and at first glance was the figure of a big family's housekeeper.

"If you have anything, let your old man come to see me. I'm very busy here. I never accept outgoing services! Goodbye!" Zhao Yuande heard this and suddenly knew that the old man and the guy just said that he was alone, but He doesn't laugh at people who reach out, since the other party is very polite, he will not embarrass him.

"Don't you think about it anymore?" The old man didn't want to give up, but the door closed with a bang!

The old man shook his head helplessly and turned away!

There were no long queues outside the shop at this time, only a luxury car parked outside. The three-headed unicorn-like beast snorted restlessly. The middle-aged man who was kicked by Zhao Yuande just now Standing dejectedly in front of the car.

The old man walked to the carriage, shook his head gently at the middle-aged man, then bent over to the cart and respectfully said: "Master, then Zhao Yuande said that he would let you see him in person!"

"Humph! Didn't you say my identity?" There was a hoarse man's voice in the car, with a kind of majesty.

"The old slave didn't have time to say that he..."

"Waste! You are all waste, you can't do such a small thing, what use can I raise you!" The man in the car was furious, "I will go and see for myself to see if he dare to follow me Lord Yeah!"

When the car curtain was opened, a tall and tall man walked out, and all the expressions on his face were dripping with water, which was obviously irritated by Zhao Yuande's unreasonableness.

The middle-aged man standing on one side and lowered his head as he watched his master walk towards the world's best food, and hurriedly followed behind. At this time, his eyes showed strong anticipation, looking forward to seeing Zhao Yuande eating deflated shock.

"Boom boom!"

The stool under Zhao Yuande's buttocks was not hot yet, and the knock on the door rang again.

"I really thought that Zhao Yuande was so bully, this group of guys are endless!" Zhao Yuande Teng stood up suddenly, strode meteor forward and opened the door.

Standing in front of him was a tall man with yin and yang. He just skipped it, and only saw the middle-aged man behind the tall man. His anger suddenly surged, and the morning was not going well. This was repeated again and again. The door harassment finally ignited his anger!

"You dare to come, don't you think I dare to kill you?" Zhao Yuandehu yelled, "All come out to kill me!"

Suddenly, the two big men in the house plus a big beauty, the menacingly killed.

"Boy, who is going to kill, the real person is hungry and wanting to eat a long time ago!" Heifeng didn't know where to pull out a big hammer, and he rushed out in a hurry.

"It seems that the poor monk is going to kill the ring today!" Yi Jie waved a demon-arrogant Luohan who was free from the wave of the true spirit zen stick.

Zhu Luan is even more direct. The sword in his hand did not hesitate, and he directly pierced the tall man standing at the front!

"You, you... dare to be irrational to this king!" The tall man was very powerful, and he had the momentum of the superior in every move, but in the face of Zhu Luan, the saint of the underground demon clan, he was so majestic and even a fart. Not counted!


I don't know what kind of sword Zhu Luan has in his hand. The sharp blade is not yet reached, and the tall man feels a terrible breath, scaring him to retreat in a hurry.

But the sharp edge still cut through the clothes on the man's chest, and a line of blood appeared clearly on his chest.