Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1234

Chapter 1234: Fairy King's Tribulation

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"Isn't there any fraud?" Some people questioned.

"In a while, the three old people of our Sun family are coming. We will see you later. Compared with everyone, there is a way to observe life!" Sun Yang answered with a smile.

"Well! Also, the Sun family should not do such a stupid thing, and Master Sun Shao personally helps the **** man to propagate here, absolutely credible!"

"The three old men who have been dried up by Sun Jiashouyuan have arrived."

At this moment, the three old men came trembling, their cockskin cranes, their bodies full of death, every step of the way made people worry, whether they would fall in the next moment.

"The three of them are absolutely dried up. I think their life is less than a year, and the middle one is like a candlelight that will go out at any time!" Suddenly the strong man said.

"Good! Good! According to common sense, they can walk out at this time, it is already burning life!"

"I don't think that unless you use the elixir above Qipin, you can't let these three people live for thousands of years!"

"Elixir above the seventh grade, you are not kidding! I am afraid that the elixir of that level is not taken even by the immortal emperor. Each one is worth hundreds of millions!"

"Lets wait and see! If it really allows them to prolong their lives for thousands of years, I will also come to this **** chef to cook a meal for me! I have recently been good at practicing bottlenecks..."

"You...your family at that point, even Wanxianglou can't bear to enter, and will be willing to invite the **** chef..."


People talked a lot, watching the three old men walked into the store with their help, and sat down in the main hall.

Time passed in a hurry, and an hour later passed.

"What's the magician doing inside, hasn't done it for such a long time, so long to cook a meal?"

"Please, you have a long brain, how much time does it take to cultivate a panacea, from ten days and a half months to as short as three or five hours! This is a delicious food that extends life for thousands of years. If you make it in such a short time, I still think Some dont believe it!"

"Good! Good meals are not afraid of being late, as long as you can really live a thousand years, how about waiting three or five days!"

"Huh...what is so fragrant!"

"This taste... seems to be coming from the shop!"

"Shit, I want to rush in and see, it smells so good..."

"Oh! No, I'm hungry!"

"Go, go to Wanxianglou for a meal, wait while eating!"

"You wait for me..."

But in an instant Wanxianglou was full, and there were countless cultivators standing at the door because of a step late.

The scent is getting stronger and stronger, and countless people can't help but shed Hazi.

"Huh! This taste is very much like the miscellaneous area..." There are Xuanjizong disciples performing tasks, passing by here, smelling this smell, can't help but think back to the log cabin in the miscellaneous area. The smell came.

"Is it that Zhao Yuande's handy disciple? No, people are already outside disciples!" The handy disciple was puzzled, but he quickly shook his head, "No, it's impossible, he can't appear here, Absolutely impossible!"

Everyone waited and waited here, and finally heard the laughter of Sun Yang coming from the shop.

"Haha! This "Siling Zengshou soup" made of Siling Shengzhi as the main ingredient is finally completed! Sir, you have worked hard!"

"Anyway! Anyway! Let the three seniors take over!" Zhao Yuande's voice is slightly vicissitudes, making people seem to be in their thirties or forties.

"it is good!"

Sun Yang and two young children of the Sun family quickly brought three bowls of Huang Chengcheng soup from the back hall.

The scent was even stronger. After countless people smelled it, I suddenly felt comfortable all over my body, and my fatigue was swept away!

Even the three old men who didn't have much life smelled the scent at this time, and they couldn't help but feel a little spirit.

"This is the Siling Zengshou soup that can prolong life for thousands of years? Just such a small bowl?"

"Good fragrance! I feel like I'm going to be fluttering!"

"The main thing is to see the effect. If it can really extend its life for thousands of years, it will definitely become popular in the future."

"Fuck, smelling this scent, the more I eat, the more hungry..."


"Three ancestors, please take it down quickly!" The three Sun Yang handed the bowl to the hands of the three old men and looked at them expectantly.

The three old men with few years of life, at this time, seemed to be looking back to the light, and their spirits became much better all at once.

They only feel that the soup is like a warm heat flow, flowing all over the body at once, a gentle force is constantly transforming their already decaying organs, bones, meridians...

At the same time, the three elders flashed an amazing divine light. They sat directly on the ground cross-legged and began to actively guide this power!

At this time, everyone watching around couldn't help but widen their eyes. Their eyes stared at the three old men, and the soul felt a slight change in them.

One hour, two hours, three hours... five hours!


Suddenly the sky exploded with a thunder, and endless black clouds gathered from all sides.

Everyone looked up at the sky and found that the Thunder Dragon was flying continuously in the void, the endless black flame was burning wildly, and the monstrous blood was surging in the sky...

"This is... this is... this is the robbery of the fairy monarch!" Suddenly someone looked at the horror in the sky and exclaimed.

"Haha! I didn't expect my Sun Tianhe to have a day to be promoted to the fairy monarch, haha..." One of the three old men suddenly opened his eyes, and the two Shenmang caves penetrated the sky and shot directly into the sky!

"Thank you for your help, the old man went to the robbery first!" The old man's figure flickered in the void and disappeared in an instant.

The terrible scene in the sky among the people was moving towards the south and Bai Ze, incredible speed.

"This... this... isn't it about increasing life? How can it be promoted to fairy monarch realm? Does this soup have the effect of helping to promote the realm?"

"Mother! It's reversible, and it can help people promote to fairy monks... it's scary to think about it!"

"You are wrong! This old man was originally at the peak of the fairyland, because Shou Yuan didn't dare to provoke the sky-tribulation, otherwise I might be killed by a thunder sound, and now Shou Yuan increases. , The physical function is promoted to the peak, naturally tempting the Heavenly Tribulation for the first time."

"Good! Good! That's it!"


But for a moment, the remaining two old men also opened their eyes.

Their eyes were sharp and sharp, cutting the sky, and their bodies were even more powerful.

" really..." Several young people from the Sun family showed ecstasy in their eyes.

"Yes! We have indeed grown a thousand years of life!" One of the old men could not conceal his joy.