Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1235

Chapter 1235: Sea Of people

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"Thank you the God Chef for extending our lives! But in the future, we will never die!" The two old men glanced at each other, bowing slightly to the back hall, the gratitude in their eyes could not be concealed.

"The two seniors don't want to be polite!" Zhao Yuande's voice came, and there was no surprise at all.


Onlookers all blasted the pan at the same time.

This effect moved all of them at the same time!

"Shouyuan has definitely increased by a thousand years, and the chef really is the chef!"

"Master Chef, I want to ask you to help me increase my ancestor's life..."

"Master Chef, my old man..."

"Master Chef, I am willing to do whatever it takes..."


Countless people swarmed in this direction, all with a glowing glow in their eyes.

"Everyone... Everyone! Please listen to me!" Sun Yang sounded like Hong Zhong, shaking around.

At the same time, there was an overwhelming amount of horror and coercion in Wanxiang Tower. The endless and terrible power instantly suppressed all people on the spot and dared not move.

"Fairy Emperor... Strong Emperor!" Someone looked at Wanxianglou in horror, with a trembling voice.

This sentence suddenly calmed down all the restless people, but did not let these people leave, but all looked at Sun Yang with glaring eyes, waiting for his following.

"Seniors! Master Chef will consume a huge amount of energy for every food, and every food is devoted to Master Chef's mind, which takes a very long time!

Therefore, Master Chef can only make food once a day, so dont worry, you need patience to make Master Chef!

Just now, Master Chef said that starting tomorrow, Master Chef will start accepting your reservations in this store provided by our Wanxiang Building! "

Speaking of which, Sun Yang looked at the scorching eyes with a smile on his face.

At this time, he was very happy with the flowers. Just now the three old people have become their own people. In the future, they will fight for the position of the head of the family. There are three more strong guarantees.

And Wanxianglou will inevitably have more guests, and this credit will be completely recorded in his own head.

He didn't expect that he would make this kind of friend on the whim of the day. It was really natural, and because of the chance, everything was wonderful!

"I don't know how the Master Chef charges?" At this moment, someone suddenly asked.

"Naturally, the fee depends on the efficacy, whether you bring your own materials or we provide them!" Sun Yang replied.

"Can you bring your own materials?" Many people's eyes lit up.

"Naturally, Master Chef will be able to do things according to his aptitude! However, Master Chef is not yet in the realm, and he can't make too high-grade materials, reaching the strong above the fairyland. If you want to increase cultivation, you can't help it "Sun Yang answered.

"do not know"


When Sun Yang responded to the question, Zhao Yuande had quietly left.

His soul was extremely exhausted, coupled with the production of this food, it was also consumed, so now I have to go back to recover it immediately.

Back in his cave house, he opened the ban in the cave house, took out a lot of materials, and made a gourmet meal that could restore the power of the soul for himself. After taking it, he slowly fell into a deep sleep.

Deep sleep is the best way to rest the soul, plus the role of the food, I don't know how long after that, he finally regained his energy.

"When is it?" Zhao Yuande pushed open the door of Dongfu Palace, and it happened to see the rising sun rising from the east.

He greeted the morning glow and stretched a long lazy waist, his mood suddenly became cheerful.

At this moment, a very outdated voice came into his ears.

"You are Zhao Yuande?" The voice was cold and proud, with a sense of highness.

Zhao Yuande turned his head and saw a brave young man with a tall figure, which was one head taller than Zhao Yuande. At first glance, he gave people the feeling of looking down on the people from above, looking down at himself coldly.

The young man was followed by two young men of the same beauty, but looking at their eyes, they knew that this young man's follower.

Feeling the strong breath of the other person, Zhao Yuande instantly knew that this person was a strong man in the later stage of the world.

However, he now comprehends ten kinds of rules. The previous skillful fist and even the four spirit sticks can urge Ruyi. He is really not afraid of this person.

Upon seeing this attitude, Zhao Yuande knew that he was in trouble. He was simply too lazy to talk nonsense with this kind of person, walked away directly from his side, and moved in the direction of the teleportation array under the mountain.

"You... you have a lot of courage!" The young man's eyes were cold and he quickly followed, but he didn't dare to start.

If you start in the sect gate, I am afraid that you will be caught immediately and sent to the flame cave or the extremely cold cave to suffer.

Zhao Yuande was simply too lazy to ignore him, and he sent directly to Fangshi on the teleportation array.

"Well, you Zhao Yuande, you dare to ignore me, very good! Very good!" The young boy's eyes are cold, staring at the disappearing figure of Zhao Yuande on the teleportation array.

"Brother Bai, this person is really as arrogant as the legend. It seems that Bai Bai wants to persuade him to use it for you. It's really difficult." A young saber whispered behind him.

"This kid is mysterious and secret all day long. He is either practicing or going to Fangshi. I heard that he has some friendship with Sun Yang of the Sun family." Another young man whispered.

"Sun Family!" The young boy named Brother Bai couldn't help but frown. He said, "No matter how powerful the Sun Family is, they dare not stalk the mysterious Xuanji Sect. They absolutely dared not interfere in the internal affairs of our Xuanji Sect. !"

Zhao Yuande entered Fang City, changed his appearance, and came to Wanxianglou.

When he came to Wanxianglou, he was shocked by the scene in front.

In front of Wanxianglou, there are crowds of people, and countless practitioners gather here.

At this time, even if the windows of Wanxiang Building were all wide open, I didn't know how many heads protruded from it.

"Mr. Zhao, you are here!" When Zhao Yuande was still shocked, he felt pulled.

As soon as he turned his head, he found out that it was the young man yesterday.

"What's wrong?" Zhao Yuande looked at this person. "Why are there so many people here?"

"Come with me first! It's all overturned!" The youth led Zhao Yuande through the back door of Wanxiang Tower.

"Brother Zhao, you can come!" As soon as Sun Yang saw Zhao Yuande, he seemed to see a savior. He pulled him directly through the courtyard doors and came to the store.

"Look!" Sun Yang pointed to the front through the magic circle formed by the Sun family fairy emperor in the back hall.

Zhao Yuande looked at it, and suddenly saw the powerful presence of dozens of people sitting in front of him.

Each of these powerful men is a realm of fairy monarchs. They are crowded in a small space, but the inadvertent terror of their bodies makes the whole shop tremble.

If it were not for the protection of the Immortal Emperor's Circle, the shop would have collapsed long ago.