Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1236

Chapter 1236: Woman In Crystal Coffin

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"He... who are they?" Even Zhao Yuande's voice was a little trembling.

There are more than a dozen fairy kings, and it seems that none of them is very good. If this breaks out, I am afraid that the fairy emperor may not be able to suppress it.

"Hey! All attracted by your Siling Zengshou soup!" Sun Yang was full of black lines, helplessly said, "Some of them want to increase their life for themselves, some want to be children and grandchildren, some want to Its going to be a mess for my wife!"

"There is no way for them to line up. They are all great people, or the master of a sect, or the head of a country, and even the elders of each family, even my grand family would not dare to offend easily. !" Sun Yang smiled bitterly.

"What should I do? I don't have the energy to produce for so many people at the same time, and there is no material at all!" Zhao Yuande was helpless.

"Then what do you say? They are all masters who don't lack immortal jade. They all said that as long as they can prolong their life, as many as immortal jade will do!" Sun Yang's black line covered his face.

"In this case, it's not as good as our auction! Since they have immortal jade, then the highest bidder will get it!" Zhao Yuande suddenly had an idea in his mind.

"The one with the highest price! Will it offend others?" Sun Yang also opened his eyes.

"It's okay! We first prepare a hundred jade symbols, engraved with numbers on them, and then auction these jade symbols, and we will make food in the order of these jade symbols in the future!"

"Jade Fu! I'm afraid I'm looking for the blessings of my ancestors, otherwise the streets might be full of imitations! And it's best to only auction ten at a time..."

"Good! This idea is good, haha..."


Both guys laughed when they thought of the beauty.

"Brother Sun, go ahead and prepare for the auction, this time directly at the shop door!"

"it is good!"

The efficiency of the Sun family is extremely high, but within a quarter of an hour, an old man with a white beard started to preside over the auction.

Upon hearing that the auction was about to begin, everyone suddenly came to the spirit.

Especially the elders of the tens of thousands, who looked at each other with bad eyesight.

"Seniors, our Sun family is also helpless in this auction, just to rule out a sequence. Even if it can't be photographed this time, we will continue to auction the next ten jade symbols at my Sun family auction site. All of you are cultivators. I believe that ten days and a half months is only a blink of an eye." The old man is also an immortal strong man, but in the face of so many immortal monarchs, there are countless cultivators who also feel a little hairy.

"Go!" A fairy nodded and agreed.

"Don't be wordy, start now!"


"Now the auction starts, first auction number one, as long as anyone takes the number one, you can immediately let Master Chef cook for you, the base price is ten thousand high-grade fairy jade!" The old man raised a jade symbol in his hand, which read A big word.

"One hundred thousand!"

"One hundred and fifty thousand!"

"500,000 yuan..."

"one million"


The last No. Yufu actually sold 3.8 million!

Just a quota, it reached this sky-high price, which made countless practitioners can not help but scalp numbness.

This **** is just burning fairy jade, which is simply not something that ordinary people can play!

Many cultivators with hot heads were poured on the head by this pot of cold water, and suddenly became sober.

At this time, they all put down their fantasy.

The winner of No.1 Jade Rune is an eagle-headed old man with gray hair and incomparable vicissitudes in his eyes. His breath has an ancient and eternal taste, as if he is a strong man from mythology.

He walked into the back hall and saw Zhao Yuande, a look of surprise on his face.

Zhao Yuande's current disguise is probably a middle-aged man, and his breath is very weak, and his cultivation will not exceed the Emperor Realm.

"Young man? Are you the **** cook?" The old man looked Zhao Yuande up and down, but soon found that his soul seemed to fall into a heavy mist, and he could not see through the other person's details.

"I am the God Chef. I dont know what kind of food the seniors want to do. Do you bring your own materials or do you have any specific requirements?" Zhao Yuande is now covered by Yin Yang Zhao Tian Jing, and also guarded by a powerful fairy emperor magic circle, Not afraid of this immortal strong man in front of him.

"I want to add Shouyuan to my wife. Shouyuan has been exhausted ten thousand years ago. I sealed her in the soul blood crystal until now!" The old Eagle Eye raised his hand and a crystal coffin appeared in front of him. There was a **** color, and a woman could be seen lying quietly.

The old man's eyes fell on the woman's face in the coffin, revealing a trace of softness. He looked at it quietly, and there were tears gleaming in the old eyes.

At this time, even if Zhao Yuande was a little touched, a fairy king strong affection for his wife is so deep, there must be a lot of moving stories between them.

Even for the affection between the two, Zhao Yuande must help them all.

But the women in this coffin have been sealed for so many years, can they still wake up and eat?

"Uh! Senior, I am a delicacy. It needs to be eaten and absorbed, so..." Zhao Yuande looked at the woman in the coffin with some embarrassment.

"I can let Xiaotong wake up for an hour, but if it doesn't work after an hour, it will be sealed again!" Ten years and one hundred years, I am also grateful! But if...

"Fine senior, but don't say anything! You should prepare some materials yourself! Take it out and let me see it." Zhao Yuande waved his hand, and he naturally knew the consequences.

"These are the life-prolonging materials that I have collected for so many years. Look!" The old Hawkman handed a storage bag to Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande's soul swept away and was almost shocked.

The immortal air lingered inside, and dozens of powerful immortal medicines exuded unparalleled life energy.

"Are these all no effect on the wives of the seniors?" Zhao Yuande's voice was a little trembling.

"Well! I have taken it before, and it has little effect on her!" The old man shook his head gently.

"Okay! Please, seniors, wait a moment, I will study these fairy medicines first." Zhao Yuande took out all of your fairy medicines and elixir and identified them one by one.

"Gulongcao, Wupinxiancao, ancient Shenlong blood spilled on the ground, the fairy grass that grew out of the blood, increased Shouyuan, majestic spirit, and refined flesh..."

"This doesn't work, the medicine is too violent!"

"Nine-turned blood yanghua, Sipinxiancao, the fairy grass born on the day of blood-yang, germinates in 90,000 years, and blooms in 90,000 years..."

"This is the most virgin, not suitable for women!"