Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1237

Chapter 1237: Affectionate

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"Chaotic blood source flower, Sipinxiancao..."

"This medicine is slow, and I am afraid that it will not be fully disseminated within one hour, no!"

"The undead branches, the ninth-level elixir, the broken branches from the undead tree..."

"This..." Zhao Yuande looked at this branch of trees and immediately looked at it, "This one stays first!"

He once got a branch of an undead tree in the **** ruins, and was planted in the sea of blood. Finally, he used the blood of the ancestor to transform into a second avatar. Now he sees this branch more than he got it. It's thick, but it's still alive, and it will suddenly come to me and take it as my own.


"Yin-yang reincarnation fruit, a grade of fairy fruit, the fruit of the Yin-yang reincarnation tree..."

"This is this!" Zhao Yuande saw the fruit, and the magma lit up suddenly. He took the two materials of the branches of the undead tree and the Yin and Yang reincarnation fruits. "Senior, these two are the main materials, and there are Many auxiliary materials need to be prepared by the Sun family. You need to wait for about five hours."

"Well!" The old man put away the crystal coffin and walked out of the back hall silently. "Hopefully the chef will give me a surprise. I will wait in the front hall!"

As soon as the old man left, the repressed feeling suddenly disappeared, and Zhao Yuande also breathed a sigh of relief.

"Brother Sun, please trouble you to prepare these materials!" Zhao Yuande brushed his brush, and his pens were flying, and a dense list of materials was quickly handed to Sun Yang who heard the news.

Sun Yang took the list and hurriedly asked the following people to do it, but then he walked back.

"Brother Zhao, how do you charge this?" Sun Yang whispered.

Although there is a guardian of the Immortal Emperor's Magic Circle here, the sound can't be heard, but the outside is the strong immortal king, so he unconsciously lowered his voice.

"Well! I don't know how much it would be better to let him look at it, and then how about we charge according to his standard?" Zhao Yuande also has a headache in charging.

These characters are too powerful, in case they make them unhappy, it would be bad.

Its not too simple for a fairy strong like this to want to trace his own trace, and then he doesnt know how he died.

"That's fine." Sun Yang nodded and smiled suddenly, "Brother Zhao, do you know how much we earned by auctioning ten jade symbols just now?"

"How much?" Zhao Yuande also looked forward to it.

"Twenty-five million!" Sun Yang's face was full of joy, and he took out a storage ring and handed it to Zhao Yuande. "According to what we said, this is your 17 million 500 thousand!"

"Oh! Then I'm welcome!" Zhao Yuande glanced at the number, and suddenly he smiled on his face and put it away.

"I don't know if Brother Zhao is sure?" Sun Yang looked at Zhao Yuande after being excited.

"What do you think?" Zhao Yuande smiled mysteriously.

"Oh! Haha, I thought too much..."


Soon the following people sent the materials needed by Zhao Yuande.

"Brother Sun, let's get started!" Zhao Yuande took out all the materials and began to deal with them one by one.

"Good to come..."

An hour later, the two began to set up Dading.

After another hour, the scent wafted out, and the old Hawkeye waiting outside was shocked.

After three hours, Sun Yang came to the front hall.

"Senior, please wake up the lady, the food will be ready in about 15 minutes!"


The old man hurriedly took out the crystal coffin and laid numerous mysterious handprints on the crystal coffin.

The crystal coffin opened, and a stunning woman slammed slowly and sat up from the coffin.

"Xiaotong! You are awake!" The old Hawkhead gently grabbed the woman's hand, and his eyes were filled with soft light.

"Tianya, I... I finally saw you again!" As soon as the woman saw the old Hawkhead, the tears in your eyes suddenly fell like rain. She took the old man's hand, and her body was trembling.

"Xiaotong, this time I found a way to prolong your life. You can stay with me all the time!" The old Hawkhead gently wiped away the tears on the woman's face and gently stroked the woman's cheek with her fingers. With a soft whisper of soft eyes, "Ten thousand years, I finally waited until this day!"

"Tianya, I'm suffering from you! I wish I could be by your side forever, watching you practice, wiping sweat for you, dancing for you..." The woman's eyes showed the glory of memories, and the voice was soft as if the stream was slow Slowly flowing.

"Then you have to work hard this time. As long as you are promoted to the fairyland, you can increase your life again by 100,000 years. At that time, we can fly together and travel all over every corner of the fairyland..."

"Senior, eat this bowl of yin and yang reincarnation soup! I promise you will fulfill your wish." At this time, Sun Yang had brought out a bowl of hot soup, which was black and white on the side, as if it were a Tai Chi figure. , It seems to contain profound mystery.

"Xiaotong, drink it! This is our hope!" The old Hawkhead took the bowl, gently cooled it, and handed it to the woman.

The woman drank without hesitation.

Drinking the soup for more than a dozen breaths, the woman exudes an unparalleled power of life.

But at the next moment, the vitality of the woman's body converged into her body at once, and then the endless death gas rushed out of her body, as if the defeated soldiers were chasing around.

"Scattered!" The eyes of the old Hawk Eye shone with an amazing light. He drank lightly, and the dead air was instantly dissipated in the world.

Feeling the vigorous vitality in the woman's body, the old Hawkhead shivered a little at this time, and his old eyes even misted up.

One hundred thousand years of painful struggle, one hundred thousand years of hard work, and finally waited for this moment!

Even as a peerless fairy, the Hawk Eyed Old Man is also in embarrassment!

After not knowing how long, the woman gently opened her eyes.

"Tianya! I...I think..." The woman's voice was very soft and her face was red.

"What's wrong? Xiaotong, do you think there is something wrong? Isn't Shouyuan not increasing? No! I feel your surging vitality... what the **** is wrong with you!" It's incoherent.

"I think! I can have a baby for you! We can have our own baby!" The woman said with a blushing face, but a pair of beautiful eyes left the old man's face reluctantly.

"" The old man burst into tears in his eyes!

"Tianya!" "Xiaotong!"

The two embraced together, with tears in their laughter.

Sun Yang had already quietly left, giving the space to the couple who had been separated for thousands of years.