Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1239

Chapter 1239: Miss Luo

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"Good! There is a plant that has been waiting for 3,000 years. If you want it, 350,000 high-grade fairy jade!" The middle-aged Hazi heard the other party interested in the Four Spirits, and immediately came to the spirit to reveal the potential of profiteers. .

"What! You're going to grab it!" Zhao Yuande heard it and turned away, "I don't want it anymore, you're asking for prices all over the place, it's too ridiculous!"

"Hey! Son! Son! Let's discuss, we can discuss!" The middle-aged man saw Zhao Yuande about to leave and hurriedly stopped him.

"Really, otherwise I will turn around and leave! You are only three thousand years old, and it is not worth so many immortals at all." Zhao Yuande said impatiently.

You should know that the four spirits of Shengzhi that Sun Yang retrieved are the elixir of eternal life, which can increase the life of thousands of years.

"Five thousand! I will give you fifty thousand top-grade fairy jade, but I need to trade outside of Xuan Jizong, otherwise I will have to pay taxes." The middle-aged man refused.

"Five thousand yuan is OK, but you must give me the fairy medicine you just said!" Zhao Yuande felt that the price of fifty thousand yuan was already within his tolerance.

"Okay! Deal!" Middle-aged man's face slightly said with joy, "Master, can you go to Xuanfeng City to trade?"

"Xuanfeng City?" Zhao Yuande wondered, "Where is Xuanfeng City? Why should I go to Xuanfeng City?"

"My family is in Xuanfeng City, didn't you just talk to your son?" The middle-aged man was sweating heavily and smiled bitterly, "Son, it's not easy for us to repair and make money, please be considerate! And there is also a big one in Xuanfeng City. If you want to be the son of Ling Yao Fang City, I can take my son to go shopping! Our Xuanfeng City is backed by Bai and Daze, and our products are extremely rich."

"Okay! Let me go and see!" Zhao Yuande nodded his head. Last time, he did harvest a lot of elixir in the Moscale City. This time he might go to Xuanfeng City.

"Young Master, please follow me. There is a teleportation line in Xuanfeng City in Fang City. It won't take you much time."

"No! I have to go back and borrow some fairy jade. Are you waiting for me here, or are you waiting for me at Xuanfeng City?" Zhao Yuande waved his hand hurriedly.

"I'm waiting for the son here!" The middle-aged man showed one of impatience in his eyes.

Zhao Yuande is not a fool. Although the other party said that the ceiling is falling, he always feels that there are other medicines in the gourd of the other party.

If you are in Xuanfeng City, it will be bad if you are pitted.

He soon turned back to Wanxianglou.

"Brother Zhao, come back so soon?" Sun Yang couldn't help but wonder when he saw him come back.

"Hey! I encountered good things, but I was afraid of being pitted! So come back for help." Zhao Yuande told the middle-aged man he met in Fangshi.

"If there are really four spirits, this matter is worth the risk! In this way, I let a family senior protect you, and this senior has been favored by you, and has always said to repay you, and today he repaid his wish!" Sun Yang Laughing and clapping hands.

An old man appeared in front of them, and was one of the three old men who had run out of life.

"Senior!" This is a fairy strong, Zhao Yuande did not dare to neglect.

"Thank you for your life! Sun Zhi is willing to protect him all the way!" The old man of Sun family bowed, his face still grateful.

"Thank you for your senior's love! Then you will be wronged for the time being!" Zhao Yuande bowed.

"Let's go! Brother Zhao, I hope you can really buy Si Ling Sheng Zhi!" Sun Yang nodded at Zhao Yuande.

"Let's go!" Zhao Yuande stepped out of Wanxiang Tower, and he was so determined.

There is a strong man at the peak of the fairy who protects himself, as long as the fairy does not come, he is safe and sound.

He quickly returned to the elixir market and found the middle-aged man.

"Young Master, please follow me!" The middle-aged man saw that Zhao Yuande had really come back, and suddenly his eyes showed a happy look, hurriedly cleared the stall, and took Zhao Yuande to the Xuanfeng City.

As soon as he stepped out of the teleportation array of Xuanfeng City, Zhao Yuande felt a burst of noise.

"Why are there so many people here?" Zhao Yuande walked out of the transmission hall, and suddenly saw countless people swarming in one direction.

"I heard that the daughter of the Luo family is engaged today, and the other party is an outside disciple of Xuan Jizong. The Luo family is holding a banquet. Anyone who is a cultivator can go to rub and eat!" The middle-aged man glanced in that direction. There was also a hint of envy in his eyes.

As soon as he heard this, Zhao Yuande didn't care.

But this time the middle-aged man started talking about it.

"Son son, you dont know, the owner of the Luo family is the owner of Xuanfeng City, a strong man in the Divine Realm, and his daughter is Miss Luo, who is very talented and has a very high talent for cultivation. He was only 16 years old. It has reached the Emperor Realm, and even in Xuanji Sect, it is extremely against the sky!"

"Aren't you bragging! A 16-year-old emperor will marry a lay disciple? This city owner's brain will not be a problem!" Zhao Yuande felt that the other party must have been heard.

"Master, you don't know, this Miss Luo doesn't know why. After reaching Emperor Realm at the age of sixteen, you can no longer enter. Why don't you know why Xiu Wei is retreating, and now you are twenty years old, you have retreated to the beginning of the world!"

"This wouldn't be a fool!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help guessing.

"At first, the Lord of the City thought the same way. I found countless pill masters and all the famous doctors looked at it. I didn't see anything wrong. In the end, even an immortal ancestor of Xuan Ji Sect was alarmed, but he still didn't look at it. Make any mistakes!"

"It's a weird thing!" Zhao Yuande pondered, and he couldn't figure out what the reason was, but he got a trace of interest because of his appraisal, maybe he could see the doorway.

However, he is not close to the Luo family owner, and he is not a good husband, and there is no need to go.

However, he always felt curious in his heart. If he had taken the elixir for a while, if he had time, just take a look!

"Go! Let's go quickly, I will come back to see the excitement later." Zhao Yuande urged the man.

"Good! I want to come early to eat and drink." The man smiled, showing his white teeth.

The two walked through the streets, and soon came to a closed courtyard door.

The middle-aged man went up and gently buckled the door knocker, but after two breaths, someone squeaked and pushed open the door.

"Second brother! You are back." The person is a young man, tall and burly, with a face, and a pair of eyes glanced around Zhao Yuande. "This is the guest you brought back today?"

"Hey! Yes, fourth brother! This young man wants to buy our Four Spirits Shengzhi!" The middle-aged man winked at the young man with a cunning expression in his eyes.