Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1245

Chapter 1245: Panda Eyes

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"Hey! I said, what did you say to Sister Luo just now? Why did she treat you so respectfully? Did you bully her? Hurry up and recruit!" Ning Xin on the side raised her curiosity and came over to ask Zhao Yuande.

The curious color on his face, plus the original image of a young girl is really cute.

"What are you talking nonsense about? Your sister Luo is convinced by my great personality, so you are respectful to me! You learn more, don't catch someone, you have to start, this is not a lady!" Zhao Yuande Ignore the cuteness of the other party and answer lightly.

"Humph! I don't believe it." Ning Xin's nose wrinkled, very dissatisfied with this answer.

"Aisin believes it or not." Zhao Yuande raised his head.

"I'll ask Sister Luo to go!" Ning Xin rolled her eyes at Zhao Yuande and ignored him again.

At this moment, Lord Luo came back with his daughter and Li Jingyang.

"Your son is gracious, Luo Zhongshan has nothing to do. If the son needs it in the future, please tell me, my Luo family will die from death!" Luo Chengzhu came directly to Zhao Yuande and bowed to the end under the public attention. Thanks a lot.

"Brother Zhao, if you ask for something in the future, brother Dare not follow me!" Li Jingyang also bowed slightly to Zhao Yuan.

"Senior! Brother, don't be polite. Since meeting is destiny, I am only within my power." Zhao Yuande waved his hand.

However, he was very satisfied in his heart. At first glance, these two people were sincere and sincere.

At this time, countless people around the party all focused on Zhao Yuande.

"Who is this person? Seeing the appearance of Lord Luo and Li Gongzi, it seems to be very grateful to him!"

"Is it that he helped Miss Luo get rid of the current predicament? Miss Luo can start practicing again?"

"Looking at what Miss Luo looks like, this is definitely possible!"

"Good people have good rewards! Lord Luo and Miss Luo are very good to us and can re-cultivate. We are also happy for them!"

"I really hope to see Miss Luo returning to the top..."


"Brother? Brother?" Ning Xin looked at Zhao Yuande with a puzzled face, then turned his head to Li Jingyang, frowning, "Brother Li, what's going on? Why do you call him brother?"

"Hehe! Sister, he is the popular Zhao Yuande, Shi Zhao, who was recently promoted in the outside world. He is promoted to the first place of the outside disciple! Dear the strong, and let the deacon of the Gongsun be depraved." Li Jingyang said that Zhao Yuande is also excited about things. .

"What! You are that Zhao Yuande!" Ning Xin turned her head, looked at Zhao Yuande with interest, and then gave her thumbs up, "Sister Zhao, you did a good job, let Gongsun Ming's hypocrite show his true face, and let thousands suffer. The deceived girl got rid of that bitter sea."

"You are included in the deceived girls!" Zhao Yuande's mouth smiled.

"What's wrong! What's wrong with me! Heroes love beauty, and beauty also naturally loves heroes. What's so embarrassing!" Ning Xin blushed unconsciously, but raised her head proudly.

"Hey! Xin, the person who smells far from you! The word "Xin" really doesn't match! I think you should be called Ning crazy!" Zhao Yuande smiled.

"It just happened that there was no reason to fight with you. This is better!" Ning Xin was not angry, but instead she smiled in the corner of her mouth and turned to Li Jingyang. "Senior brother, you have nothing to say now!"

"Follow the sister!" Li Jingyang waved helplessly, and suddenly said to Zhao Yuande, "Brother Zhao, you must be merciful!"

"Brother Li, don't worry! I have a lot in mind." Zhao Yuande nodded.

"Brother! You underestimate me! Believe it or not, I will challenge you back." Ning Xin frowned, glaring fiercely at Li Jingyang, she really had the power of a female tiger!

Li Jingyang's helpless smile on his face, this teacher is smart and cute, and understandable, but it is a fighting madman, with a little violent tendency!

Everyone immediately looked at the two excitedly, waiting for them to go to war.

"If the two are fighting, please come to my Luojia school grounds, where is big, no one disturbs." Lord Luo made a hurried proposal, he didn't want the two people to destroy the buildings in the city.

"City Lord, please lead the way!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

Luo Cheng took the two to the Luojia schoolyard, and in the direction of the schoolyard there was a huge roar of the town, and then passed through with a scream of women.

Immediately after the roar of the angry woman, a huge figure was grounded in the sky and could be seen in their direction.

However, after a burst of noise, another woman's scream came.

Then there was no sound.

Although the people present didn't see the battle with their own eyes, listening to the voice can imagine how terrible the battle is.

Li Jingyang couldn't help but smile bitterly, Luo Jiao was what he should be.

Soon Lord Luo came back, with a strange look on his face.

Behind the main body of Luo Cheng, Zhao Yuande came back lightly, as if he had not participated in the battle just now.

But behind Zhao Yuande, Ning Xins clothes were ragged, her skin was white and tender in many places, her face was greener and redder, and her eyes were shot with a pair of panda eyes. Clenched his fist in excitement.

Everyone looked at this girl eccentrically and couldn't help but slander, is this normal looking girl a masochist?

The girl didn't care about everyone's eyes at all, just looked at Zhao Yuande in front of her as if she was looking at a piece of peerless beauty.

"Brother Li, she is really..." Zhao Yuande returned to Li Jingyang, his face embarrassed.

"Hey! Sister and sister are of this character, even if Elder Ning has no choice, you should bear more!" Li Jingyang was stunned to see the girl, but his face also showed helplessness.

It also reminds me of the way my sister and sister challenged themselves. It's not like a girl to fight crazy. If you don't convince her, she will always haunt you!

"Sister Ning, do you... don't you feel pain?" Luo Jiao saw Ning Xin's appearance and couldn't help but show a trace of intolerance on his face, and came up and asked softly.

"It's okay! It's okay! It's been a long time since I played so cool!" Ning Xin looked indifferent.

Everyone around me was speechless for a while. When the world was big, there was really everyone. They were all beaten up like this.

Doesn't she have a problem with her mind?

"It's not too early, Brother Li, Miss Luo, Lord Luo, Sister Ning, and everyone else. I'll say goodbye first!" Zhao Yuande couldn't stand Ning Xin's scorching eyes and could only rush back.

"Brother Zhao, goodbye! I will go find you again!" Ning Xin waved behind her.