Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1246

Chapter 1246: White Boss

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Listening to Zhao Yuande's body shivered, he almost fell from the sky.

Zhao Yuande flew all the way to the Hall of Teleport and wanted to return directly to Xuan Jizong.

But when approaching the teleport hall, I felt a mess outside the teleport hall.

Several guards stood outside the hall, watching the billowing black smoke from the hall, full of fear and doubt.

"Oh! The teleportation array doesn't know anything, but it exploded at this time. If I hadn't escaped just now, I almost lost my life!"

"I have been in the teleportation array for ten years, and this has never happened. Why is this?"

"It is estimated that either someone destroyed it, or something happened when someone sent it!"

"It's over, it's bad luck this time. Although no matter what our business is, the lord still won't treat us lightly."


Zhao Yuande was speechless for a while.

"Several brothers, how far is it from Xuanji Sect? How can I get there?" Zhao Yuande could only fall to the ground and ask these people.

"Forty thousand miles northwest!" answered the guard.

Fly yourself! It should not take long.

Just as Zhao Yuande flew away, three young men walked out of the teleport hall.

"Several sons, we have deceived him!" One of the guards stepped forward, all with fear on his face.

"Good! You are doing very well!" Headed by a brave young man, he is tall and burly, much taller than everyone, and his eyes are cold, as if looking down on sentient beings.

The teenager glanced at several guards and waved at the two behind him.

The two met, and their eyes shot fiercely, and they shot at the same time.

Two cold lights swept out, and several unguarded guards were beheaded and killed on the spot.

" ruthless..."

"Go! Let's catch up with the kid and take him down!" The teenager showed an indifferent smile, and his body vacated and chased in the direction of Zhao Yuande flying away.

Zhao Yuande flew thousands of miles, and immediately felt something was wrong. There were three powerful breaths behind him.

Three breaths locked him tightly, and Zhao Yuande felt a cold chill hit him, and he knew he could no longer escape.

"I don't know who is going to trouble me?" Since I couldn't escape, I simply didn't leave.

He turned to look at the three figures flying towards the rear, but just saw the appearance of the three.

"It turned out to be them?" Zhao Yuande remembered these three people, who were the three people who stopped themselves outside their cave house that day.

What do they want to do?

The three came to him ten feet away in a flash, and the powerful breath sealed the world, locking Zhu Yuande to death.

As long as he wants to run, a thunder blow will erupt and beheaded.

Especially for the projection of the rumbling body world above the head of the tallest teenager, covering a full hundred miles, as if it was a large umbrella, it covered the sky and made the world and the sun and moon dull.

Zhao Yuande felt a feeling of extreme depression in his heart, as if he was being stared at by a terrible beast.

"Why don't you run away?" The young Peijian stepped forward, looking at Zhao Yuande, with a playful expression on his lips, "You keep running!"

"What the **** do you want to do?" Zhao Yuande felt the hostility of the other party and frowned slightly.

These three people are all in the later stage of the world, and the weakest person in the body is stronger than Baisong, especially for the first tall boy, the breath is as magnificent as Yue Ruhai, and similar to Li Jingyang.

If these three men join forces, I am afraid they are not really opponents.

He glanced at the soul and identified the information of the three.

"Baixiong, the world's triple dominance, the disciple of Xuanji Sect, the body of the bear, intermediate ingredients..."

"Xu Jian, the triple dominance of the world, the disciple of Xuanji Sect, the golden sword spirit..."

"Jiang Jing, the world's triple dominance, the true body of the outer disciple of Xuanji Sect Rou Shui..."

"What? Our white boss originally looked at your good qualifications and wanted to mention you a bit or two, but didn't expect you to be ignorant of us anyway, even daring to ignore us, so this time... Hem!" Jian Jian's eyes were cold. Face exposed killer.

"Well, Brother Xu, don't make the atmosphere so tense." Another young man named Jiang Jing, with a soft face, looks pale and sickly, he came out with a smile, "Zhao Yuande, we know you are Genius, cultivation is good and I dont want to destroy you. In this way, as long as you obey in front of our white boss and be willing to become the younger brother of white boss, then we will be a family."

"Humph! It's cheaper for you!" Xu Jian exuded a sharp sword mandala in a timely manner, and suddenly a golden light flashed around the void, and a long black crack appeared on the top of their heads.

When this sword came out, even Zhao Yuande was secretly shocked. For a while, Xu Jian's idea was slaughtered first.

"I see it. If it weren't for me, you would be divided into corpses by this sword!" Jiang Jingyu said to Zhao Yuande with a long heart, "How about, what is our suggestion? You must know that the white boss is the most powerful among the outside doors, absolutely Say nothing! And the boss Bai has already received an invitation from Bai Hufeng. As long as he is promoted to the emperor, he will immediately become a disciple of Bai Hufeng!"

"Take advantage of the opportunity, don't regret it for life!" Xu Jian held the sword in his hand, and he was utterly murderous.

They are singing white faces and black faces, just to force Zhao Yuande to recognize the boss.

The tall white bear stood proudly not far away, his chin lifted high, and his eyes showed a proud look.

He ranked second among the outsiders, only worse than Li Jingyang.

However, the two men beside him and Meng are not out of focus, and Miao is invincible, so even Li Jingyang would not dare to provoke them.

"This..." A trace of hesitation appeared on Zhao Yuande's face, and he said a little, "If I followed Boss Bai, that..."

"Haha! You are asking about resources!" Jiang Jing saw Zhao Yuande's expression, and he was very happy, saying, "The resource guarantee is no problem. Under the boss Bai, you can never lose you, at least let you enjoy the world. The resources of the triple dominance!"

"You are in the realm, the world's triple resources are enough for you to practice!" Xu Jian on the side nodded slowly at this time, and his attitude also eased.

He felt the other party's attitude, and the sharp edge of his body gradually converged. It should be known that although he was a sword, he was too low, so it was very laborious to keep the edge exposed.

"Oh, too!" Zhao Yuande's face was slightly pale, and when he looked at Bai Xiong, there was a hint of embarrassment on his face.

This kind of expression let all three people see in his eyes, he couldn't help but smile secretly.