Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1248

Chapter 1248: Kill Him

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As he walked to the edge of the big pit and looked down, suddenly there was an anxious voice in the sky.

"Retreat! Rewind!"

It was Bai Xiong who flew back and forth, and the scene he saw at this time almost made him guilty.

Jiang Jing was shocked when he heard the voice of Boss Bai. His reaction was unpleasant, but it was still too late!

He has been protruding out of the big pit all at once, and slaps towards Jiang Jing's head.

Jiang Jing was terrified, and his body quickly backed away, only to hate that his father and mother had lost two legs.

"Bang!" Although the big hand didn't shoot Jiang Jing's head, he slapped it firmly on his chest.

Zhao Yuande's power is so powerful at this time. Although Jiang Jing is in the later stage of the world, he did not go to special physical training, so what awaits him is a tragic fate.

Jiang Jing's body exploded, and the world inside shattered at the same time. Numerous treasures were sprayed out again, filling the entire ground.

And his head grumbled out of the distance, his face was even more incredible!

How did the other party escape from his own soul exploration just now?

"Humph!" Zhao Yuande jumped out of the big pit and landed on the ground, sweeping all the treasures on the ground into his storage space.

"Boy! You are dead! You are dead!" Bai Xiong shouted and rushed down at this time, even punching Zhao Yuande directly.

Bai Xiong's body is tall, and his body is covered with white long hair at this time. His face is full of crazy killing intentions.

Zhao Yuande just abolished his two powerful helpers in an instant, how could he not be mad!

Both of them are the most outstanding strongmen on the outside, and they are all valued by the elders. As long as they are promoted to the inside, they will be accepted as disciples.

Bring them out and make them all waste, and the two elders have to tear themselves apart alive.

At this time, he could no longer calm down, and pushed his bully bear body to the limit, he would use force to explode the other party alive!

"Oh! Physical battle?" Zhao Yuande's mouth sneered, "Since you want to die, I will fulfill you!"

"Get out of here!"

He raised his fist and greeted him.

Even Sun Yang, who is an immortal body of Qianyuan, could hardly regret the tribe's downfall, let alone this kind of domineering body.

He wants to show the other party what is the real powerful body.


Two punches hit, suddenly making a loud thunderous noise.

What shocked Zhao Yuande was that instead of being punched by himself, the other party directly shocked himself to a dozen feet, and the terrible power rushed into Zhao Yuande's body, which was still raging!

"Boy! Don't be complacent, my tyrant bear body has become great. Even if the emperor is strong, I have been beaten to death with a punch. You are in a catastrophe today!" , He wants to kill Zhao Yuande here in one fell swoop!

"Bai Bo! Kill him... kill him!"

Not far away, Jiang Jing's head made a bitter voice, as if the night owl was crying.

Zhao Yuande did not actually use his full strength just now. This time he was repelled, which shocked and rejoiced in his heart. It was also a luck to meet this opponent. It seems that there will be a battle today.


Zhao Yuande was not too verbose, he growled.


The two collided again.

The two stepped back seven or eight steps each, and the blow was evenly divided.

"Boom boom!"

The war begins!

It is only tens of thousands of miles away from Xuan Jizong. The disciples who went out on mission passed by here. They were suddenly attracted by the fighting here, and stopped to watch in the sky.

But within a short time, dozens of people gathered in the sky.

"The flesh of the two of them is so powerful, and the flesh alone can fight against the ordinary Emperor Realm!"

"That man seems to be Bai Xiong! How can he fight against people here? Who is the kid opposite?"

"Look... that head seems to be Jiang Jing! How is this possible!"

"Hey! There are many treasures found on the mountain, there is a big pit on the mountain, there is a head in it, it looks like Xu Jian from the outside!" At this time, vocals also came from the mountain peak in the distance.

"What! Bai Xiong's two battles will be abandoned by others, leaving only his head! Was it the guy who did it?"

"This person seems..."

"Who seems to be?"

"It seems that Zhao Yuande, a disciple of the outer door! He entered the outer door, but for a month or two, he is already the strongest in the field!"

"What... The top powerhouse in a field was able to abolish Xu Jianjiang and the two, pushing Bai Xiong back again and again, which is not in line with common sense!"

"Hey! Another evil is born!"

"I don't know how Zong Men will punish him? It is a big crime to abolish the same door..."


At the time when there was a lot of discussion, a figure in the sky was hidden in the clouds.

His eyes looked at Zhao Yuande bitterly, his mouth screaming with a vicious smile: "Okay! It's good to kill them all, I will enter the law enforcement hall soon. I will see how you explain and how to get out! Zhao Yuande, you let me fall apart, I also Its not a great crime for you to kill your fellow disciples!"

Below, Zhao Yuande gets more and more courageous in battle, and the more excitement the more war. Although the opponent is strong, 50% of the attacks on him are blocked by the flesh, and the remaining 50% are absorbed by the black vortex!

Although there is not much power feedback, but it is very pure. He guided all these powers into his palms and used them to warm up the first star.

The opposite Bai Xiong was more shocked and more exhausted during the Vietnam War.

The other party is like a machine that never knows tiredness. The two have been fighting for half an hour. Instead of being tired, the other party is getting more and more excited.

He can't stand it anymore, he has already given up the retreat!

But at this time Zhao Yuande's fists and feet poured like a storm, leaving him no time to make other movements, let alone run away.

If he turned around to escape now, he might be instantly punched to death by the opponent.

"Stop! Stop!" Bai Xiong felt that this battle would not stop, he would be exhausted to death.

"Huh! You brought someone to encircle me, now you say stop and stop?" Zhao Yuande sneered again and again, sneering at each other's words.

Zhao Yuande didn't give him a chance at all. One punch was heavier than the other, and one punch was fiercer than the other.


Finally, Bai Xiong couldn't resist Zhao Yuande's terrible rain-like attack. He was hit with a punch on his shoulder and the whole person flew out at once.

Bai Xiong only felt a huge pain in his shoulder, and a burst of blood arrows spewed out of the cracked flesh, instantly staining his shirt.