Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1249

Chapter 1249: Zhenyao Tower

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At this time, the bones of the shoulder also appeared a crack, if you continue to fight, it will definitely crack.

Bai Xiong, who flew out, wanted to take the opportunity to take out a hole card to get out.

But what changed his face was that Zhao Yuande's body followed him, punching Bai Xiong's injured shoulder again.

"Ah! I fight with you!"

Bai Xiong gritted his teeth, regardless of whether he was injured or not, let Zhao Yuande punch his shoulders again.

However, he directly took out a seven-inch treasure building and lost it directly towards Zhao Yuande.


Zhao Yuande smashed Bai Xiong's shoulder with one punch, and one arm flew out.

But this time he felt a huge crisis.

The little tower that was thrown out exuded a terrifying breath, and it shook into the sky in a void, and the bottom of the black hole burst out a terrible sucking force, sucking Zhao Yuande into the body involuntarily toward the tower. Fly away.

"This is... Zhen Yao Tower!"

"Wupin Xianbao Zhenyao Tower! This guy is still carrying this kind of thing!"

"This is the fairy treasure of Lord Baihufeng, but I didn't expect it to be given to him! It seems that the legend is true!"

"As soon as the Zhenyao Tower came out, there was no suspense in victory or defeat! No matter how Zhao Yuande turned against the sky, he could not escape the fate of being suppressed by the Zhenyao Tower."

"Hey! As long as you enter the town demon tower, you can't help yourself! I guess this Baixiong won't treat him lightly!"

"Bai Xiong didn't even kill him, just outsiders in a field!"

"Don't say that! This Zhao Yuande is also a bit of a comeback, and his master is also an elder..."


Gao Tian, the figure hidden in the clouds gave a cold grunt.

"Humph! It's cheaper for you. It was better to be killed by the boy Bai Xiong than to fall in the law enforcement hall!

At this time, two people flew in the distance, like two electric lights one after the other.

"Bai Xiong! Stop it!" the man shouted before.

"Bai Xiong! You stop my hand, otherwise this girl won't spare you!" The latter was a woman, and the business was crisp.

"Ah! It's Li Jingyang and Ning Xin here! Why should they stop it?"

"do not know"

"No one can stop me from killing this kid!" Bai Xiong roared.

Jiang Jing Xu Jian had only his head left, and he became a waste person. One of his arms was smashed, and it took a lot of money to repair it.

He was so angry in his heart that he would not give face to anyone who came.

Although Li Jingyang and Ning Xin are fast, there is no way to stop Bai Xiong, they are too far apart.

When everyone saw that Zhao Yuande was about to be sucked into the town demon tower, suddenly a huge mirror phantom came out of Zhao Yuande's head.

One side of the mirror was full of water waves, the other was flames, and a terrifying force that made the world and the world change its color was sent out on the mirror.

At this time, everyone felt that his body seemed to be suppressed like a giant mountain, so that they did not have a little resistance.

"This is... what a phantom of this treasure!"

"This Zhao Yuande must have seen this kind of treasure, otherwise how would it evolve into his own appearance!"

"Just a virtual shadow is stronger than the breath of the town demon tower. What kind of treasure is this? Six-grade fairy? Seven-grade fairy?"

"Great! Great!"


Everyone was stunned by this mirror at this time!

A blaze fired from the mirror surface, directly burning the void, burning everything!

The Zhenyao Tower was hit by this fire light, and it also burned up, making a crackling noise.

There was a series of horrified screams in Bai Xiong's brain, even the spirit of Zhenyao Tower was screaming, as if this flame scared Zhenyao Tower and made it unbearable.

"no no!"

Bai Xiong roared and hurriedly took back the town demon tower, but this thing was given to him by Lord Bai Hufeng. If it was damaged, he would not explain it to him.

But when he took back the town demon tower, a ray of flame suddenly hit him.


Bai Xiong's body burned up at once, and a wailing scream was made.

"Save me! Save me!" Bai Xiong's eyes widened, and all of them were unwilling, but for a moment most of his body turned to ashes.

"Brother Zhao, save him! Don't let him die here!" Li Jingyang and Ning Xin in the distance had already arrived not far, and they couldn't watch this scene in disbelief.

Zhao Yuande nodded lightly, waved it casually, and returned the flames to the Yinyang Yangtianjing.

But it was only at this time that Bai Xiong had only one head left.

Even Bai Xiong's inner world was burned to ashes, and all the treasures and materials in it were burned, making Zhao Yuande feel a little bit distressed.

"I...I..." Bai Xiong's eyes were full of despair. If he knew this would happen, he wouldn't come if he was killed.

The three people who came were all left with their heads. Although they didn't die, they all became useless!

Of course, there is no way to restore them, but that kind of price is a bit high, not to mention that they are only external disciples, even if they are internal disciples, even elite disciples are not qualified to let Zongmen waste resources to help them!

To help them recover their body, and have the original physique, a lot of precious materials are needed, and these materials are enough to cultivate many geniuses like them.

Of course, Zhao Yuande has this kind of energy, he can restore these three people.

I remember that in the time secret cave, Jiang Tianling and Jiang Tianlin had only one head left. He conveniently used a food to make the two recover perfectly.

But Zhao Yuande will not treat these three people!

"Sister Zhao, you are a little reckless. All three of them have a big background. I am afraid that if you do so, it will attract the dissatisfaction of the Zongmen. I am afraid that the Law Enforcement Hall will find you soon!" Li Jingyang looked at Bai Xiong's head, eyes There was a touch of sadness.

"Brother, aren't you the disciples of the law enforcement master? You help to say more good things!" Ning Xin said aside.

"Hey! Difficult!" Li Jingyang shook his head.

"This can't actually blame me, they want to kill me, I can't wait to die here! I belong to self-defense only!" Zhao Yuande said about the consequences before the incident.

"Oh! In that case, it would be much easier to handle! If it's really like what you said, there really won't be any major issues." Li Jingyang nodded.

"Humph! Bai Xiong this guy is too mean, take the younger brother everywhere, he thinks he is a bandit!" Ning Xin said bitterly.

"Zhao Yuande! What should you sin for damaging your fellow disciples!" A silhouette in the sky slowly fell, and a terrifying fairy power suppressed it, leaving everyone on the ground.

"Gongsun Ming!" Zhao Yuande glanced at this person, and immediately frowned!

Just now he had always felt that someone was peeking in the dark, but he didn't expect it to be this guy. This guy was messing up. It seems that today this matter is not so easy to get out of.