Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1250

Chapter 1250: Law Enforcement Hall

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"Deacon Gongsun!" Many Xuanji Sect disciples bowed their heads and saluted Gongsun Ming.

Although they are not ashamed of Gongsun Ming as a person, but this is a real fairy, they do not dare to be slow on the surface.

"I'm afraid the three men were arranged by Deacon Gongsun!" Zhao Yuande stared at Gongsun Ming with a pair of eyes. Under the terror of the other party, he did not succumb.

"Humph! Nonsense! Zhao Yuande, today I will capture you and send it to the Zongmen Law Enforcement Hall, and let the Law Enforcement Hall punish you!" Gong Sun Ming was not good to directly capture Zhao Yuande in the face of many Xuanji Sect disciples, or Need to find a reason.

"Deacon Gongsun, you don't need to do it yourself. I will take Brother Li to the court of law enforcement to see my Master!" How can Li Jingyang let Gongsun Ming take Zhao Yuande away.

You have to know that there is a deep hatred between Gongsun Ming and Zhao Yuande. If it werent for Zhao Yuande, Gongsun Ming wouldnt be disgraced in the sect.

If Zhao Yuande falls in the hands of Gongsun Ming, I am afraid that the end will be very miserable.

"What? Li Jingyang, don't you believe me?" Gongsun Ming's eyes were cold.

"No! The disciples believe in Deacon Gongsun, but this is my business in the Law Enforcement Hall. Deacon Gongsun will be handed over to us by the law enforcement hall!" Li Jingyang respectfully said.

"Huh! Your cultivation base has not yet broken through the emperor's realm, and it is not a law enforcement disciple, it seems that it does not matter to you!" Gongsun Ming sneered and ignored him, turned his head to Zhao Yuande, and showed a cruel smile. Said, "If you don't let Zhao Yuande catch you, you still have to wait for me to win you."

"Take me? Gongsun Ming, do you have this skill?" Zhao Yuande's face sneered a sneer.

"You... how dare you call me my name, it's really defiant and bold!" Gongsun Ming looked cold, and grabbed him with his big hand straight towards Zhao Yuande.

The palm of the fairyland strong man was caught, there was no fancy glory, just a plain and simple grasp, as if directly across time and space, an irresistible force locked it firmly, no matter where he fled, heaven and earth Can't escape the capture of this palm.

Zhao Yuande didn't change his face, just looked at each other with a sneer.

"Bold!" Just when Gongsun Ming's big hand was about to catch Zhao Yuande, suddenly there was a loud drink in the void!

Gongsun Ming only felt the buzz in his head, and his figure standing in the void was a little unstable, almost fell to the ground directly.

"The powerful existence of fairy land!" Gongsun Ming looked up in horror, only to see the figure of an old man standing in the void.

The old man's eyes are very deep, and he is staring at him at the moment, as if he has any action, it will attract the terrorist's terrifying thunder.

He even has a sense of death hanging above his head, ready to take his life at any time.

"Who are you? Why care about our Xuanji Sect?" Gongsun Ming's face showed a cold sweat, and to this person he felt like he was a weak ants.

The other party stood in the void just like that, and did not exude a little momentum, but it seemed that a high mountain was pressing on him, giving him an illusion that he could not breathe.

"I don't care who you are, if you want to move Zhao Gongzi in front of me, I will kill you directly!" The old man's voice was full of determination, without any hesitation.

Gongsun Ming's heart tightened. He clearly felt that the other party's words were not a joke, but that he could definitely do it.

"Good! Good! Zhao Yuande, I don't believe you can go back to Zongmen. As long as you go back to Zongmen, wait for the law enforcement hall to come to you!" Gong Sun Ming finished this sentence and gave Zhao Yuande a hard look.

Then he turned around and put away two heads on the ground, and put away Xu Jian's head on the mountain peak not far away, and flew to Xuan Jizong.

He has a dangerous feeling, if the other party wants to kill him, I am afraid that he only needs to stretch his fingers.

If Zhao Yuande asked the other party to kill himself, he would have no place to extend his injustice!

So the best thing is to leave right away. It is safest to leave here and return to the sect.

"Mr. Zhao, do you want me to kill you to prevent future trouble?" The old man fell to Zhao Yuande and asked without hesitation.

"It's no trouble to seniors! He is a deacon of Xuan Jizong. It would be troublesome for seniors to kill him. Thank you for your death this time!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand and bowed slightly to the old man.

"Mr. Zhao treats me like a mountain, what a trivial thing is this! I'll go back first." The old man's figure flashed and disappeared into the void.


At this time, even Li Jingyang could not understand it.

This old man is obviously a peerless man, why would he protect Zhao Yuande.

"Hey, Brother Zhao, where is this predecessor?" Ning Xin leaned up and asked.

Obedient! This old man is stronger than his grandfather. Where did this guy come from? And why is it so important?

"Oh! I helped the senior a little bit, and the senior remembered it and said that to protect me, I didn't expect to meet the guy Gongsun Ming today!" Zhao Yuande chuckled.

"Can't see, you guys are quite capable! How did you help him?" Ning Xin broke the casserole and asked in the end.

"Okay! Sister, now we rush back to the sect, otherwise it will be bad if Gongsun Ming comes to my master." Li Jingyang interrupted Ning Xin's inquiry and said to Zhao Yuande, "Brother Zhao, go back to the law enforcement hall with me We will explain at this time, I believe the master will believe me!"

"Okay! Everything is arranged by Brother Li!" Zhao Yuande arched his hand to Li Jingyang.

The three of them flew all the way and quickly returned to Xuan Jizong.

As soon as they entered the Xuanji Sect, they were surrounded by a dozen law enforcement hall disciples in yellow clothes.

"Brothers, is this?" Li Jingyang looked at the menacing dozens of people and suddenly felt a little bad.

"Sister Li, it has nothing to do with you at this time!" One of the 27-year-old disciple Huang Yi glanced at Zhao Yuande and whispered to Li Jingyang, "This Zhao Yuande has cruelly hurt the same disciples. Outraged, asking us to take Zhao Yuande to the Law Enforcement Hall."

"Sure enough!" Li Jingyang looked ugly.

Even Ning Xin did not speak.

The law enforcement hall is indeed a good place for ordinary disciples. If you can enter the law enforcement hall to become a law enforcer is the dream of most disciples.

But it is not a good place for disciples who have violated the sect rules. There is a synonym for darkness, the bloodiest and most violent place in the sect!

"Let's go! It's a blessing, not a curse, a curse can't be avoided!" Zhao Yuande was much calmer at this time. He turned to Ning Xin and said, "That's right, Sister Ning, please help me inform my master Elder Zhong."

"Good!" Ning Xin also knew the weight at this time, and left in a hurry.

Zhao Yuande and Li Jingyang followed the dozens of disciples in the law enforcement hall to the law enforcement hall.