Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1253

Chapter 1253: Mutilate Fellow Students

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"This is... the breath of the Sixth Grade Xianbao!" Zhuang Dianzhu's voice shivered.

They are all strong in the fairyland, although there are strengths and weaknesses, but with this six-grade fairy treasure in hand, you can defeat any of them.

Xianbao has become extraordinary since the sixth grade, and it contains a kind of fairy power, which is enough to crush all the treasures under the fifth grade.

The Sixth Grade Fairy Treasure is very precious, even if you are too elders, it is not a piece of manpower, and many other Elders use the fifth grade Immortal treasure.

Zhong Wuliang, who owns Liupin Xianbao, is basically invincible in front of everyone at this moment.

"The two are angry, I have my own justice here!" Zhuang Dian Lord sighed heavily, said, "I have just said, my law enforcement hall only divides right and wrong, as long as I am guilty, I will do it, and if it is not guilty, I will let it go. !"

Zhuang Dian Lords palm lightly patted on his armrest,

Suddenly, the whole hall shone brightly, and a strange rune appeared in the void.

Many strong men all felt a terrible coercion from the main hall!

"This is! The magic circle! The powerful formation passed down from the ancient times can withstand the power of the Seventh Grade Immortal Treasure!" Someone suddenly changed color.

Zhong Wuliang and Hu Fengzhu also changed their face slightly at this time, and quickly gathered their own momentum.

Under the pressure of this large array, they felt a terrifying breath that made them suffocate.

They knew that this was a deterrent to the Zhuangdian, so that they should not be arrogant in the law enforcement hall.

"Good! I believe in the character of Master Zhuang!" Zhong Wuliang put away Tian Tian Yin and stood beside Zhao Yuande, giving him silent support.

Zhao Yuande felt a moment of peace of mind, and the presence of the master gave him more confidence.

"Then let's continue, Zhao Yuande! The victim Bai Xiong has brought a complaint against you just now, what else do you have to say?" Zhuang Dianzhu looked at Zhao Yuande.

"The disciple thinks that everything that Bai Xiong said just now is nonsense!" Zhao Yuande took a step forward and arched the arches to the strong men. "Imagine, the disciple has only been in the classroom for a few months, but not in the realm of the realm. Cultivation, is it possible to idle and rob three powerful players in the world?"

As soon as Zhao Yuande said this, many powerful men nodded.

This is really unreasonable. If it weren't for Bai Xiong's present appearance, they wouldn't believe their words at all.

"At this time, it is true, he did see the money, and he still has Brother Jiang's belongings in the storage space!" Bai Xiong saw the expression of everyone and said suddenly.

"Huh?" Zhuang Dianzhu turned to look at Zhao Yuande, "Can this happen?"

"Good!" Zhao Yuande moved with all his heart, and took out all the treasures he had taken away.

Suddenly in front of him a pearl of treasure.

"Huh! It's not a result of wealth! This is the living evidence, little beast, what else can you say!" Hu Feng's chief looked at Zhao Yuande sternly, and his face was murderous. "According to the rules, it was cruel The same door is a death sentence. Lord Zhuang announced the sentence immediately! We just said, let me execute the sentence!"

"Dare you!" Zhong Wuliang's eyes stood up, rushing to the crown in anger!

"Okay, the two elders, if you continue to make trouble like this, I will expel you from the law enforcement hall!" The voice of the master Zhuang also became cold at this time, and a terrible power suddenly burst out above the head, holding the two firmly. Imprisoned in place, let the two's face change again and again!

"No one is allowed to speak much before the verdict is given at this time, otherwise they will rush out of the Law Enforcement Hall directly!" Zhuang Dianzhu was also out at this time. The large formation of the Law Enforcement Hall was launched with all his strength. Handle sword, as long as you move a little, the sword will pierce down!

Suddenly everyone remembered that this is the law enforcement hall, which has the supreme authority and can be killed and captured, even the solemn land where the sect master or even the elders dare not dare to let go!

Although they are all elders and lords, they still need to be honest in the law enforcement hall!

"Zhao Yuande, you said that you weren't looking for money, why are these things in your storage space?" Zhuang Dianzhu reopened and asked, but the words were a bit dignified and cold.

"Back to the Lord Master, if you go out and meet a group of robbers who want to rob you, will you kill this group of robbers, will you throw all the things on the robbers into the wild? Do you take these things as your spoils? Put away!" Zhao Yuande did not answer the Lord's question, but asked his own question.

The lord of the hall frowned slightly, but nodded: "You are right! I will indeed treat them as my spoils! But what does this have to do with your cruelty?"

"Mutilate the same door? Don't mess with the word "master of the palace", I didn't know they were my same door at that time!" Zhao Yuande said innocently.

"You bullshit! We've seen it outside clearly!" Bai Xiong said with a stern expression.

"Have you seen me? I have no impression. You are all high-level disciples in the world. Each one is in the top ten of the outside disciples. We are not in a district at all. I am afraid that even if you have seen it, you have seen me! Anyway, I have no impression of the three." Zhao Yuande shook his head.

"You... this is absolutely irresponsible! At that time we were waiting for you outside your cave house, wanting... wanting..." Bai Xiong said suddenly stopped here.

"What are you going to do?" Zhuang Dianzhu shouted loudly.

"To... ask him to join me and work for me!" Bai Xiong gritted his teeth and said.

The patriarchal regulations expressly stipulated that new disciples should not be bullied or stolen from the party.

Of course, this time can be large or small, there are many small groups in the sect, which is also acquiesced by the top.

"Humph!" Zhong Wuliang heard this, and there was an angry look on his face, expressing his dissatisfaction with a cold hum.

But this time, Hu Feng looked at Bai Xiong in anger.

"I really have no impression on them. A lot of people are outside my cave house these days, sneaky, where do I know who they are all. And a few days ago I came into the secret realm of the sect to understand the rules, All of a sudden, the soul was overwhelmed and comatose for ten days and ten nights. It has not been recovered recently, and it may not have paid attention to their appearance." Zhao Yuande shrugged.

Hearing Zhao Yuande saying this, Zhong Wuliang suddenly turned his attention.

Zhao Yuande shook his head slightly at the master, indicating that he had no problems now.

Only on Zhong Wuliang's face appeared a reassuring look.

"This happened?" Zhuang Dianzhu said with a stern expression.

"There is indeed such a thing. The senior guarding the secret realm can testify for me. I was unconscious for ten days and ten nights where the senior!" Zhao Yuande said, "If the master of the palace does not believe, you can pass the senior."

"Golden Lao of Secret Valley..." Master Zhuang thought of the name and could not help swallowing hard.

This is a remarkable presence in the sect, and he didn't dare to pass on this person to ten guts.