Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1254

Chapter 1254: Jin Taishang

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"This kid is right. He was really unconscious for ten days and ten nights, and he was still unconscious when he was walking." At this moment, a thin rickety figure appeared in the void, which was Jin Yuanzi in the Valley of Secrets.

This old appearance suddenly made everyone present tight, all of them stood up respectfully and saluted Jin Yuanzi.

"Have seen King Jin!" everyone shouted in unison, respectfully abnormal.

Jin Taishang! Zhao Yuande couldn't help but be surprised, he didn't expect that this rickety old man turned out to be a super elder from Zongmen!

Although there is only a small step between the fairy and the fairy, this step is very difficult. Countless genius characters fall under this step.

Just like Wupin Xianbao and Liupin Xianbao, although it is only one step away, the power is very different!

As long as a fairy is promoted to a fairy monarch, it is like a mortal has become a fairy, and has stepped into the ranks of the Supreme Avenue!

"You continue! Continue!" The figure did not disappear immediately, but stayed in the void, as if intending to see how the law enforcement hall enforced the law.

Zhao Yuande obviously saw that Jin Taishang looked at his eyes somewhat obediently.

"Even if you are mentally weak and did not pay attention to us, but when we met outside Xuanfeng City, I once said that we are disciples of Xuan Jizong!" Jiang Jing's head also spoke at this time.

"Really? You said that you are a disciple of Xuanji Sect? Why don't I know?" Zhao Yuande puzzled.

"I said to you at that time, Boss Bai was the most powerful of the outsiders, and absolutely said nothing, and Boss Bai was invited by Bai Hufeng. As long as he was promoted to the emperor, he would immediately become a disciple of Bai Hufeng!" Jiang Jing will say to himself at that time Repeat the words again, without adding oil or vinegar.

In this law enforcement hall, he really did not have the courage to lie.

He now has only the soul of the gods, as powerful as the Zhuangdian Lord can completely find out whether what he said is true by searching the soul.

"Outdoor? Bai Hufeng?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help shaking his head. "I haven't gotten started for only two or three months. I'm either practicing or helping the master practice alchemy. I really don't hear anything outside the window. I didn't even know what Bai Hufeng was before today. And Im just an outside disciple who is just getting started. Im afraid many people dont even know that there is Bai Hufeng in the sect!"

The elders could not help but nod. Bai Hufeng is one of the four major peaks in the sect. They are recruited for the main job and only recruit elite disciples. It is normal for outside disciples not to hear.

"You're quibbling!" Jiang Jing's face was so hideous that he knew the other party was quibbling but didn't know how to expose it.

"I'm quibbling? I was deceived into Xuanfeng City. If it weren't for my ability, I died in Xuanfeng City. I'm really scared of being deceived. Even if you kill it at that time, you are Xuan Jizong. I dont necessarily believe anyone! At that time, you were coming with great force, and my first reaction was that the bandits appeared again!" Zhao Yuande looked scared after his face.

"" Jiang Jingqi's eyes were white, and he was almost stunned by Qi.

"Rogue? Again? What the **** is going on?" Zhuang Dianzhu asked in doubt.

"Master Lord, this is the case. The disciples went to Fangshi to buy elixir..." Zhao Yuande deceived himself to Xuanfeng City, **** the robbers, until he met Li Jingyang's story!

"Jing Yang! But what he said is the truth?" Zhuang Dianzhu turned to look at Li Jingyang who had been standing behind Zhao Yuande and did not speak.

"The disciple guarantees that Zhao Yuande said the truth, there is no hypocrisy!" Li Jingyang nodded.

"Bring Jin Qing to me!" The eyes of Zhuang Dian's eyes were cold, and his big hand waved, and the team of yellow disciples took their orders.

"Master Lord, I suspect that my whereabouts must have been leaked by someone. This is a conspiracy against me! Otherwise, why would the three men of Bai Xiong appear there, would they also go to Xuanfeng City? Congratulations to Brother Li? "It seems that Zhao Yuande suddenly realized.

"Impossible! These three people have grievances with me. They did not receive my invitation, so they definitely did not go to congratulate me!" Li Jingyang immediately testified, vetoing this possibility.

"Huh?" The eyes of Zhuang Dian, Sen Han, immediately glanced at the heads of Bai Xiong's three people, and his voice was cold and merciless. "Hurry, say, what the **** do you do in Xuanfeng City? If there are half a lie, I will make you all extinct! "

"I...we..." Bai Xiong's face suddenly turned pale, and he looked involuntarily to Gongsun Ming who was not far away.

Gongsun Ming suddenly felt a bad mood for a while, he said, finished! This kid must recruit himself.


"We got information from Deacon Gongsun, so... so..."

"Gongsun Ming! You can be guilty!"

The voice of Zhuang Dianzhu was like a thunder, and he chopped directly in Gongsun Ming's ears, making him tremble. He could no longer sit on the chair and stood upright.

"I... I'm guilty!" Gongsun Mingxin was arrogant, knowing that he couldn't hide anymore, and then gritted his teeth. "I have a lot of suspicion with this Zhao Yuande. He hurt me badly by exporting and damaged my reputation. I was angrily leaked his whereabouts to the three people Bai Xiong, I want to use the hands of three people to teach him a meal."

"Huh! Frame your fellow students. Since you admit it, go to Hanbing Cave for three months!" Zhuang Dianzhu sneered. "You are a deacon, I will give you a face, go for yourself!"

When the active elder heard the verdict from Master Zhuang, the body suddenly shivered. It seemed that they all knew the terrible place of this ice cave.

"Thank you, Hall Master!" Gongsun Ming's body trembled, and the three-month cold ice cave was so fatal!

Suppressing all cultivation practices in the ice cave, you can only use your flesh to resist the terrible cold, and it will probably hurt your physical constitution in three months!

But as Zhuang Dianzhu said, leave him a face, otherwise send a few people to **** him in the past, and since then he will really be unable to be a man in Xuanji Sect.

"Okay, Gongsun Ming is also punished. Zhao Yuande now we still talk about your problem." Zhuang Dianzhu looked at Zhao Yuande and said, "Although you don't know that these three are disciples of Xuanji Sect, but their experience is indeed true You caused it, how do you think I should punish you?"

"Punishment? Why punishment? Master Lord is not joking!" Zhao Yuande was not deterred by the power of Lord Zhuang, but looked at the Lord with a puzzled look.

"Zhao Yuande, don't be arrogant! It's a fact that you are damaging your fellow students. No matter how you quibble, you can't escape the punishment of Zongmen!" The old woman Song Yun of the Law Enforcement Hall stood up, her face gloomy.