Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1255

Chapter 1255: Zhao Yuande Is Innocent

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"This elder, are you with these three people?" Zhao Yuande looked at the elder Song Yun without fear.

"You... nonsense! You are wantonly slandering the elders and disrespecting the elders. I can convict you by this!" Song Yun's old face was transformed.

"This elder, are you anxious and ruined? I just stated a fact just now, and this is the real idea in my heart! Could it be that the three of you also have disciples you want to receive?" Zhao Yuande deliberately and unintentionally turned to Jiang Jing Look.

"You..." The old woman was so angry that Jiang Jing was indeed what she valued, and she would be accepted as a disciple when she entered Emperor Realm.

He also aimed at Zhao Yuande for this reason!

"Song Yun! Shut up!" Zhuang Dianzhu sneered.

"It's Lord Lord!" Song Yun gave Zhao Yuande a fierce look and sat down helplessly.

"Master Lord, Jin Qing is here!" The team of yellow disciples entered the hall at this time, and Jin Qing really followed them.

As soon as Jin Qing saw Zhao Yuande and a row of powerful beings sitting high above, he couldn't help but change his face.

But when he saw the rickety figure standing in the sky, his face was suddenly pale and scared.

"Disciple Jin Qing was guilty, and asked Master Lord to punish him!" Jin Qing threw himself on his knees and fell to the ground, his face trembling with fear.

"Since you are guilty, then you will be punished for half a year in the ice cave..."

Before Zhuangdian's words were finished, he heard Jin Yuanzi in the void said lightly: "Light!"

"Then the ice cave for a year!" Zhuang Dianzhu said again.

"It's still light! Penalties according to the rules!" Jin Yuanzi's voice was flat, but everyone heard his dissatisfaction.

"Abolish Cultivation, and drive out Xuan Jizong!"

"Thank you Master Lord...Thank you ancestors..." Jin Qing was extremely desperate in his heart, but this ancestor was too heavy in the Jin family, and the Jin family's smell changed.

Watching Jin Qing being dragged away, everyone was also surprised. This Jin Taishang was so ruthless to the Jin family.

"Zhao Yuande, although you didn't intend, but let Zongmen lose three geniuses, you still have to be punished. You go to Hanbing Cave for a month!" Zhuang Dianzhu looked at Zhao Yuande at this time and made the final judgment.

The old woman Song Yun was covered with frost. Bai Hufeng's main eyes were murderous. The three men felt humiliated and desperate.

Hearing this sentence, Zhong Wuliang nodded slightly, and the Zhuangdianzhu was fair.

For a month in the ice cave, with Zhao Yuande's physique, don't worry.

Zhao Yuande frowned when he heard the verdict.

It doesnt matter if its usually one month, the right should be cultivated, but now the Sun family is waiting for themselves to cook food, even the jade brand is taken out, and if they dont show up for a month, those strong people dont smash their own sign!

Therefore, Zhao Yuande would not be willing to be punished, but looked at Zhuang Dianzhu respectfully and said, "Master Dianzhu, I don't quite understand something, and I want to ask for advice."

"Say!" Zhuang Dianzhu nodded,

"I would like to ask Zhuang Dianzhu, if in the future, if the genius of the Zongmen came to kill me, would I not be able to fight back and wait to be killed by them?" Zhao Yuande said.

"Why do you say this?" Zhuang Dianzhu frowned.

"If I accidentally killed them, would Zongmen ask me to pay for my life because I lost a genius!" Zhao Yuande's mouth widened with exaggeration.

"Indiscriminate! How can you be commented by a little outside disciple!" Zhuang Dianzhu suddenly changed color, the other party was mocking his injustice, he said coldly, "It's just what you just said, I Can judge you a disrespectful sect and drive you out of Xuan Jizong."

"Then ask the Lord of the Palace to expel me! This kind of unjust sect, it is meaningless to stay alone!" Zhao Yuande looked at Zhuang Dian without fear.

As soon as Zhao Yuande made this remark, everyone was suddenly discolored.

Especially Zhong Wuliang and Li Jingyang looked at Zhao Yuande in disbelief.

Being expelled from the sect!

After that, he will never be able to re-enter Xuanji Sect, and it will be regarded as cut off from Xuanji Sect.

The disciples who were driven out of Xuan Jizong, even other powerful forces, would not be accepted as disciples. They could not afford to lose this person.

If Zhao Yuande was expelled from Xuanji Sect, even if his future had come to an end, how could Master Zhong Wuliang not be shocked.

"Yuande!" Zhong Wuliang just packed and just wanted to dissuade.

"Master! Don't say anything to you, my elders, I can't bear this kind of unfair treatment! Only a few wastes are also regarded as treasures. I have enough of this kind of sect! I have decided to be expelled Out of the sect!" Zhao Yuande secretly handed the master a confident look in the past, and the words spoken in his mouth were more pretentious.

In fact, he is really not afraid of being expelled from the teacher. As long as he is expelled from the teacher, the Suns will probably treat him directly as a guest, and it is not a problem to get a deacon.

And by virtue of his own means, a lot of wealth can be accumulated in a period of time.

As long as there is a fairy jade, he can quickly improve with the anti-Sky's eating!

"Okay! Okay! Today I will..." Zhuang Dian shook with anger, and the mask on his face almost shook off.

"Okay! This is the end! Zhao Yuande is innocent!" At this moment, Jin Yuanzi standing quietly in the void suddenly said quietly.

"Huh?" Everyone focused on Jin Yuanzi.

"Jin Taishang, this person has no respect for Zongmen, you..." Zhuang Dianzhu was choked back by Jin Yuanzi, very puzzled.

The authority of the Taishang elders is above the law enforcement hall. The words of the Taishang elders represent the will of the sect, even the sect master should respect three points.

So Jin Yuanzi's decision represents Zongmen's decision!

Zongmen has an insurmountable gap between Taishang elders and elders. Taishang elders are equivalent to Zongmen's Taishang emperors, hiding their power.

There are also elder halls and elder ancestors above the elders of the Taishang Dynasty. These are the foundations of the sect gates.

Under the elders is the backbone of the Xuanji Sect. They develop independently and strengthen the power of the sect. The elders can preside over everything without major events in the sect.

This is the status quo of Xuan Jizong!

"Okay! Don't ask more about this, it's over!" Jin Yuanzi waved his hand and his body disappeared into the void.

Many elders looked at Zhao Yuande, their faces all showing incredible looks.

Did this kid get the favor of the elders?

They remembered that Zhao Yuande had been comatose for ten days and ten nights in the Valley of Unknown Realm, and did not know what happened?

"Master, let's go!" Zhao Yuande looked around for a week and came to the master's side.

"Haha! Let's go, let's go!" Zhong Wuliang nodded excitedly, and took Zhao Yuande in a big step away.

His eyes touched Elder Zhu not far away, and Elder Zhu immediately followed.

Watching the three people leave, there was silence in the law enforcement hall.