Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1256

Chapter 1256: Xuan Bing True Spirit

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"The Lord of the Hall, what the **** is going on? Why did Mrs. Jin take extra care of this kid?" Elder Song Yuan clenched his fist reluctantly, and the guy came swaying, and swayed away, leaving her heart blocked. Panic.

"Maybe it's because he went to the Secret Valley to learn about the various rules. Maybe King Tai took a fancy to his qualifications, so he valued him!" said the elder.

"Possibly! We need to send our disciples to Rift Valley..."

"Okay! Don't guess anymore. The thoughts of the elders are not something we can speculate on, it's all gone!" Zhuang Dianzhu also did not set off the fire in his stomach, and now he was uncomfortable and wanted to find a place to vent.

No longer verbose with these people, a big sleeve wave, the whole person disappeared.

"Yuande, what the **** is going on? Why did Jin Taishang speak for you?" Back to the alchemy peak, Zhong Wuliang finally couldn't help it and asked.

Elder Zhu on the side was also glaring, very curious about it.

To know that the powerful in the fairy kingdom is very mysterious and powerful for them, dont look at Elder Zhus claim that it is only one step away from the fairy kingdom.

But this step is very difficult to take, many genius characters are stagnant at this step, do not know what is the difference until they die!

At the step of immortal king, what genius and evil spirits are no longer in their eyes.

How many immortal emperors are geniuses?

Throughout the past and present, the most important thing to become an immortal emperor is not talent, but heart and soul!

As long as the mind is strong enough, the mind for practice is extremely firm, and sooner or later will set foot on the peak of life.

You are no longer a genius, no evil, no heart of cultivation that has been identified for a moment, and in the end, you can die in this step in front of the fairy king!

"In fact, I was in contact with this Jin Taishang while in Rift Valley. I didn't actually know that he was a Taishang elder!" Zhao Yuande said.

"Just a touch? This shouldn't be the reason why he saved you!" Zhong Wuquan was puzzled.

"Actually...actually I realized..." Zhao Yuande did not conceal it in front of the master, and said directly what he had learned about the ten rules.

Zhong Wuliang and Zhu Tianqin, two powerful celestial beings, couldn't help but hear Zhao Yuande's words.

The two of you look at me, I look at you, and then laughed!

"Congratulations, Brother Zhong, you have received a good disciple! With such a kind of heart and such a comprehension, there will be at least no problem in achieving the position of Immortal King in the future!" Elder Zhu showed an envious expression to Zhong Wuliang.

"Haha!" Zhong Wuliang smiled back and forth, very proud.

After the incident ended, there was no sound of wind in the sect gate, as if it had not happened.

It seems that the above ordered to block the matter.

Zhao Yuande practiced in the cave house for a day, and if he felt that he would not go out again, I was afraid that Sun Yang would be mad.

He hurried to Fangshi and changed his appearance.

By the time he appeared in front of Sun Yang, Sun Yang was really sweating anxiously.

"Brother Zhao, if you don't show up again, I'll go find you personally! The owner of No. 2 Yufu has been waiting here for a long time!"

Sun Yang rushed up as soon as he met, and pulled him to the back hall of the shop.

"Who is this No. 2 person, and he wants to extend his life?" Zhao Yuande's fairy medicine asked clearly.

"I don't know! People just ignore me." Sun Yang said, "You still have to ask yourself!"

"Okay! You let him in!" Zhao Yuande sat in danger and made a look like an expert.

It was a middle-aged beautiful woman who was graceful and magnificent. She seemed weak and could not help but wind, but it gave Zhao Yuande an unfathomable feeling.

Although Zhao Yuande can't judge the specific practice of the other party, he knows that this woman is at least a strong man in the fairyland.

"This lady, I don't know if you want to increase cultivation, or increase Shouyuan, or have other requirements?" Zhao Yuande said lightly.

"Can you help others improve the realm?" The middle-aged beautiful woman looked Zhao Yuande up and down.

She could not see Zhao Yuande's cultivation behavior, which made people feel a little horrified.

Does this person's cultivation practice have surpassed me? The middle-aged beautiful woman was secretly surprised, and looked at Zhao Yuande, the **** chef, a bit high.

"Yes! But this person's cultivation can't exceed the Emperor Realm, otherwise I can't do it with my current means." Zhao Yuande nodded.

"No more! No more!" As soon as the middle-aged woman heard this, her face suddenly showed joy, and she continued, "Cultivation is the pinnacle of the world. Because of the physique relationship, she has never been promoted to the Emperor Realm, as long as the husband can Help her to be promoted to the emperor, I must have good rewards!"

"Promoting to the emperor! This matter is not difficult." Zhao Yuande nodded and said, "But now there are two options, one is to promote the ordinary emperor, I have the materials now! The other is to let him directly understand an ancient demon avenue , This requires you to collect materials yourself!"

"Ancient Demon Avenue! This statement is true!" The middle-aged woman's eyes suddenly became very bright, and a beautiful smile spread on her face.

Zhao Yuande only felt that there were flowers blooming in front of him, and the room was dazzling. He almost stayed where he was.

"Nature is true, if the lady doesn't believe it, you can choose the first one!" Zhao Yuande's attitude is peaceful, and there is no emotion in it.

"No! I believe! What materials are needed? Sir, please also give me a list, I promise to get it together soon!" The middle-aged woman hurriedly said.


Zhao Yuande took out the paper and pen and wrote a dense list of materials on it.

Zhao Yuande himself needed this kind of material, so he purposely doubled the amount of material.

"These... aren't too rare, but this blood **** stone is a little difficult, but it's not a problem." The middle-aged beautiful woman nodded and looked at her with a relieved expression on her face, "These materials, I can get it together in fifteen days."

"Good! Then we will see you in fifteen days!" Zhao Yuande got up and left.

"Sir, please wait!" The middle-aged woman hurriedly stopped Zhao Yuande.

"What's the matter with Madam?" Zhao Yuande wondered.

The middle-aged beautiful woman hesitated, and said, "Can sir improve the physique?"

"What physique?" Zhao Yuande didn't dare to say that he must be able to do so, so he had to ask before talking.

"Xuan Bing true spirit body!" Middle-aged beautiful woman said.

"This needs to see a real person, depending on his specific situation, otherwise I dare not guarantee that I will bring people together next time!" Zhao Yuande dare not make any guarantees, in case he can't complete it, wouldn't he smash his own signboard.

"Okay!" The middle-aged beautiful woman nodded. "Mr. said goodbye. I will be back in fifteen days!"