Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1260

Chapter 1260: You Dare To Let Me Go

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His eyes swept over Zhao Yuande, and it was obvious that Zhao Yuande was the ordinary person he said.

Zhao Yuande naturally felt the other person's gaze, but the other party was Sun Yang's cousin, and the other party might be for Sun Yang's sake!

"I know my cousin! But the materials I bought this time are related to the future development of my grandson's family..." Sun Yang wanted to explain a few words.

"Shut up! You are still quibbling!" The white-eyed youth's eyes suddenly became cold and ruthless, and yelled angrily. "Are you worthy of the family's cultivation of you? Is it worthy of the family's status as your young master?"

Sun Yang's face was pale and pale. If he was here, it would be okay, but now there is Zhao Yuande around him, and he feels that his people are too big.

Zhao Yuande on the side heard Sun Yang's reprimand from the young man in white and saw Sun Yang's face again. He immediately understood.

The other party is obviously playing prestige, this is stepping on Sun Yang's face!

Zhao Yuande understood it with a little thought. The big family like the Sun family is like a dynasty. There should be many young masters.

It is impossible for the young masters to be at peace with the United States and the United States, nor to persuade them to persuade them indisputably, and some only suppress, only step on their faces!

Only by stomping your opponents on your feet will you be able to win, and you will win the final battle between the young masters.

Obviously, the other party is showing his majesty by reprimanding Sun Yang!

"Hello! Who the **** are you? Here you are sloppy, never ending, right!" Now that he knows the other party's sinister intentions, Zhao Yuande will naturally not give him a face, just go forward two steps, impatiently said .

"Brother Zhao!" Sun Yang was also stunned by Zhao Yuande's actions. He wanted to stop Zhao Yuande, but he was too late.

"Don't make a sound, I will make you angry." Zhao Yuande's voice passed into Sun Yang's sea of knowledge, making Sun Yang stunned for a moment, but then there was a trace of gratitude in his heart.

At the same time, he also had a pride in his heart, but one of the young masters is not lower than the other's status, and he also owns the Qianyuan fairy body. As long as he does not fall into the sun, he is almost 90% sure, why he would still Such a fool!

"" Sun Zheng was stunned by Zhao Yuande's behavior.

A monk in a realm of realm was arrogant in front of him. Where did he come from?

Being able to become a young master is naturally not a fool. With such a change in his mind, he immediately knew that this person must have a frightening origin.

You know that although my cousin has been suppressed by myself, he is very arrogant in his heart.

It is impossible for no reason to accompany an ordinary person to buy any materials in Baidi City.

"What are you! Don't leave me yet, you're blocking the way!" Zhao Yuande glanced at each other arrogantly. Although the other party was standing above the stairs, Zhao Yuande was holding his head up, as if he was using his mouth to watch people. .

Wanxianglou is so popular, there are countless guests, and these guests have a certain status.

Although people can't talk on the stairs at this time, there are always a dozen people passing by.

Seeing what was happening here, they couldn't help but stopped, and began to watch the show with interest.

"Hey! Look, isn't that person Sun Zheng of the Sun family?"

"Good! It is Sun Zheng. Who is that person opposite him? Why is it so arrogant?"

"I don't know, but listening to the conversation just now, one of them is his cousin, and the arrogant one has never seen it!"

"What is the origin of this person? Only after doing so, I dare to blame Sun Zheng..."

"Yes! Sun Zheng's face is about to lose his face!"


"Boy! You are dead! Do you know who you are talking to?" Sun Zheng was not angry, but the people around him were angry first!

One of the middle-aged people, who looked overcast, invited diligently to take a step forward, glaring coldly at Zhao Yuande and said, "Boy, immediately kneel down and apologize to the young master, otherwise I will slap you to death!"

This middle-aged man cultivated to be the pinnacle of the Divine Emperor, only one step away was a strong man in the fairyland.

Although it is not a high-level in the family, it is also quite influential.

Because he is the third oldest, he is called the third grandfather by the people under the Sun family!

Moreover, he is in charge of the monthly distribution of the Sun family's resources. Apart from a few young masters, he has no other people in his eyes.

On weekdays, following the young master, even the young masters of other forces are polite to him, which has cultivated his unbridled character.

"A servant dares to arrogant in front of me and leave me alone!" Since the other party's words were not good, Zhao Yuande would not be uncomfortable with his problems. His eyes were cold and he began to scold.

"You... you dare to let me go!" The middle-aged man anger rose from his heart, and the evil turned to the courage, his eyes overflowed with murder, raised his hand and suppressed toward Zhao Yuande.

"Stop it!" Sun Yang stepped forward and stood in front of Zhao Yuande, glaring at the middle-aged man, "How dare you dare to start in Wanxianglou, don't you know the rules of the Sun family?"

Middle-aged people no matter how bold they know that Suns family is different, the young master is the sky above him. Although this day is not valued by him, it is still heaven!

Now that Sun Yang appeared in front of Zhao Yuande, how dare he shoot.

Then he heard the other party's words, and his face changed suddenly.

"Cousin! You should know the rules of our Wanxiang Building! If I poke this matter to Grandpa Jiu, how would you say that Grandpa Jiu will be punished?" Sun Yang said to Sun Zheng, but his eyes kept Staring at this middle-aged man with a look of yin and prey.

"Yang Shaozhu Rao Ming! Yang Shaozhu Rao Ming!" The middle-aged middle-aged man who looked at Yin Yang suddenly looked scared, and immediately fell to his knees with a thump, facing Sun Yang with a kowtow.

Sun Yang ignored the middle-aged man's begging for mercy, but turned his attention to his cousin.

"Cousin! How do you say punishment?"

Seeing this scene, Zhao Yuande suddenly knew that his actions aroused Sun Yang's inner arrogance. Even if he didn't shoot again, the other party should be able to cope with it.

"Cousin, Sun Zhong is also in a hurry, so only... see if this matter can become a big thing or a little thing, let's just let it go!" Sun Zheng looked at his cousin's eyes and immediately frowned. Big wrinkles.

He knew that if he refused to accept a soft today, the other party would definitely be biting the matter.

Actually, he was not afraid of this cousin. What he was most afraid of was Zhao Yuande, who was standing behind Sun Yang, and the laborer was there.

If this guy really had a great start, Sun Zhong shot to suppress the other party, this is a serious crime, as long as the nine grandfathers, Sun Zhong will die.