Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1261

Chapter 1261: Overlord's Breath Overflows

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You should know that although this Sun Zhong is not a Sun family heir, but the other party will soon be promoted to the existence of the fairyland. If he loses his face because of his own face, then it is not worth the loss.

"Cousin! This is my honored guest of the Sun family, but Sun Zhong wants to deal with him, you still ask him!" Sun Yang felt almost the same at this time, he directly threw it back to Zhao Yuande at this time.

Hearing this, Zhao Yuande suddenly stepped out again, and glanced coldly at Sun Zheng and his men, especially the Sun Zhong, and he glanced fiercely.

"Sun Zhongye, right!" Zhao Yuande looked at Sun Zhong, his hands full of disdain.

"Yes! The young is Sun Zhong!" Sun Zhong still knelt at this time, his head fell on the ground, his body trembling constantly.

He was so regretful that his intestines were all green, why did he owe so much!

Even if the young master didn't speak, he would have to come up and grab the merits, and he was chosen in this place, on a person with an unpredictable identity.

He wanted to cry without tears at this time. If he had regretted medicine, he would be willing to buy it even if he broke his house.

"Looking at your good guilty attitude, slap yourself in the face for a hundred!" Zhao Yuande's mouth showed a sly smile, and he did not forget to remind him at the end, "Kneel on the ground and ruthlessly smoke, don't Leave one, otherwise I cant guarantee that it wont be leaked!"

As soon as Zhao Yuande's remark came out, everyone watching around him suddenly was in an uproar.

They looked strange in Zhao Yuande's eyes, this guy's trick is too vicious!

There is a staircase here, as long as you go upstairs, you have to pass by here and slap yourself here. It's a shame here, and it's not his own face, but his master's son Sun Zheng's face.

In the future, everyone will not say that this person licked his mouth, but will say how Sun Zheng's men did not fight, and was punished to kneel on the ground and slap in the face.

Sun Zheng's face was distorted at this time, and his anger was almost speechless.

At the same time, he also regretted that he had nothing to do with the cousin. What else would he do? Otherwise, nothing would be lost.

At this time, Sun Zhong was extremely desperate in his heart. If he did not follow the other party's words, I am afraid that the other party would definitely stab the matter to Elder Nine. With the fiery temper of Elder Nine, he knew that he was open to others in Wanxianglou. No doubt!

He turned his gaze to his master, but found that the other side at this time, his eyes did not mean to help himself.

As soon as he gritted his teeth, he started pumping on his face.

"Slap! Slap!" There was a clear slap in the face.

Sun Zhong could be regarded as cruel to himself. The first slap swallowed one side of the face directly, leaving blood behind his mouth.

"Well, Brother Sun! Don't be affected by this rubbish, let's go!" Zhao Yuande patted Sun Yang's shoulder, and the two strode upstairs with meteors strode.

"You guys, please help me to count, one hundred times is not necessary!" When Zhao Yuande's figure disappeared, there was a voice floating above.

"Haha! This guy is assured, we will count for you carefully!" The audience around the crowd are not too big, and they all cheered.

This made Sun Zhong, who was just relieved, suddenly fall into the abyss of despair.

"Slap! Slap..."

The crisp slap sound echoed in the stairwell, attracting more and more people's eyes.

"Hey! What happened here? Why did someone kneel and slapped himself here?"

"You don't know, there was a good show just now..."

"Wow! It's a pity that I didn't see the overlord's style, it was definitely overwhelming at the time!"


Sun Zheng only felt that every slap seemed to slap in his face. Every slap seemed to stab a knife in his heart. He could no longer stay here and turned and walked downstairs.

The people who followed Sun Zheng glanced at Sun Zhong, who was still slapping on the ground, with a trace of worry and a trace of disappointment in his eyes.

But they didn't have any face to stay here anymore, and they followed Sun Zheng dizzyingly.

"Haha! Happy!" On the second floor, Sun Yang couldn't help laughing.

"Brother Sun, why are you so overwhelmed by this kind of person? Doesn't he know that you are a Qianyuan fairy body?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but ask curiously.

You should know that the Qianyuan Immortal Body is an absolute demon physique, although it is not comparable to its own Chaos Body, but it is second only to it, and it is comparable to Dong Guofus prison body.

As long as this physique grows up, it must be a generation of invincible existence, and the ultimate achievement of the immortal emperor is inevitable.

"Good! When my Qianyuan immortal body was inspired, the old ancestor erased the memories of all the people present. His old man worried that my physique would spread. As long as I grew up to be an immortal emperor, I would be invincible among immortal emperors. The major immortal gates simply cannot tolerate the existence of my physique, which will attract assassination of countless people, so only a few elders in the family know that at this time, even my parents do not know!" Sun Yang sighed. .

"Hey! Brother Zhao, how did you know about this? I remember I never told you!" Sun Yang looked at Zhao Yuande strangely.

Although he knew that Zhao Yuande was not malicious to himself, how did the other party know?

"This, in fact, I can see it." Zhao Yuande laughed, but he forgot about it.

"See it? How is this possible? But the ancestors put a lot of prohibitions in my body, even if the fairy emperor wants to see through, it takes a lot of effort!" Sun Yang said incredulously, "If you can see Does it mean that the prohibition in my body is broken, no! I have to inform the ancestors..."

"Brother Sun! Don't worry! Actually, I saw it by a special method." Zhao Yuande hurriedly stopped Sun Yang who wanted to rush to deliver information.

"Special method?" Sun Yang puzzled.

"Hey! Actually, I have a special identification technique passed down, which can identify all kinds of ingredients. Of course, it can also be used to identify people! I just identified the physique of Brother Sun!" Zhao Yuande laughed.

"Appraisal technique? Brother Zhao, wouldn't you be fooling me!" Sun Yang couldn't believe it, it was too much, he could hardly imagine it.

"You don't believe it is also human nature, but if you think about it, if I don't have the appraisal technique, how can I dare to bet with Lei Zhenzi on Jianbao Street, and why can I beat Tian Yizong's Seventh Elder Bei Zhengxiao!" Zhao Yuande said.

Having said this, Sun Yang had to start nodding and believing!