Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1263

Chapter 1263: Reopen One Star

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"This is my friend. I want to come with me to see the scenery of Shengnvlou." Sun Yang didn't say Zhao Yuande's name, but took it in a random sentence.

He can't expose Zhao Yuande's true identity here, which may cause a lot of trouble.

"Ah! Those two follow me!" Mrs. Tian nodded slightly at Zhao Yuande, revealing an amorous smile, without asking too much, and led them into the Saint Girl's Building.

Sun Yang's ambiguity further confirmed Madam Tian's thoughts. She was curious at this time, and wondered what this person was.

In fact, Sun Yang was also very surprised at this time. Why is this Mrs. Tian, who has a high eye in the weekdays, so enthusiastic today, does she know Zhao Yuande's identity?

This shouldn't be! The identity of the chef Zhao Yuande is absolutely confidential in their Sun family. Except that the ancestors are known to several elders, the other party should not know!

Do some of my Sun's Taishang elders collude with the White Emperor Palace?

Sun Yang was taken aback by his own idea!

But soon he denied it! The elders of the Sun family are all throwing away blood for the current status of the Sun family. There can be no spy among them, and there is no need to do so!

Anyway, now Sun Yang is confused by Mrs. Tians attitude, and the second monk is confused, and his heart is chaotic!

"I don't know which saint the two are looking for?" Mrs. Tian asked with a smile while leading the way.

"Hey! Brother Sun, are you looking for that saint?" Zhao Yuande saw Sun Yang absent-minded at this time, and had some preoccupied looks, he couldn't help reminding him.

"Oh! We're looking for the Shaoguang Saint!" Sun Yang responded and replied subconsciously.

"Shaking Lady!" Mrs. Tian frowned slightly when she heard the name. "Shaking Lady has already been booked out. It is better to change the two. The St. Maiden is now idle and she is proficient in the rhythm... "

"No! We are about to shake the virgin, Xianyu is not a problem!" Zhao Yuande knows the purpose of Sun Yang's coming this time, since this virgin is here, it is best, but they have no intention to find other virgins.

"This..." Mrs. Tian hesitated, but hesitantly nodded slowly, "Since the son is about to shake the saint, then I will have this old face, if it will be for a while When people come, I will let them choose again!"

"Thank you Mrs. Tian!" Zhao Yuande bowed his hand slightly, his face smiling gently.

"Master, you're welcome!" Mrs. Tian smiled beautifully.

Sun Yang saw the attitude of Mrs. Tian, feeling increasingly strange in her heart.

"This is the Chunman Pavilion, but it is the best loft in my St. Nunnery Tower. Please come inside and wait!" Mrs. Tian pointed to a loft with ancient vines and flowers in full bloom, smiling at them.

"Trouble Mrs. Tian!" Zhao Yuande nodded and strode toward Chunman Pavilion.

Sun Yang behind him froze for a moment, hurried to keep up, and it really seemed to be a small follower.

This performance of Sun Yang suddenly made Ms. Tian more determined. This person is definitely a grandson from the central fairyland!

After entering the Chunman Pavilion, the two of them sat down. There are all kinds of food here. There are two peach-shaped fairy fruits on the table. The fairy fruits are only the size of walnuts, but they exude an attractive fragrance. Eat it in one bite.

"It's the atmosphere! There are even fairy fruits to eat! I am afraid that this fairy fruit will require hundreds of thousands of top grade fairy jade!" Zhao Yuande picked up a fairy fruit and threw it directly into his mouth.

"Brother Zhao! No..." Sun Yang just wanted to stop it, but it was too late.

His face suddenly showed a tense look, this is fairy fruit!

Among them, even the most powerful in the Emperor Realm did not dare to swallow it. He even stuffed it into his mouth!

The fresh juice was fragrant, and the entrance turned into a huge energy, which instantly rushed into the meridian of his body. This energy seemed to be a huge pain that the rolling waves hit his pulse.

"Huh! What a powerful medicine!" Zhao Yuande sucked the black vortex in his body, and suddenly all the violent energy was absorbed by the black vortex, slowly turning into a force that his body could accept.

Under his specific guidance, he entered his palm and began to warm up the star.


The star in his palm made a slight noise, as if the chicken pecked the eggshell!

The dark part of the star fell off a little bit, and a silver light gleamed at the next moment. That star lit up 70%...80%...90% at this moment!

But soon Zhao Yuande felt a kind of subsequent weakness, as if the strength was only a little bit worse!

"Not enough! Almost!" Zhao Yuande felt a wave of powerlessness in his body.

Zhao Yuande no longer cares about anything else, reaching for another fairy fruit and throwing it into his mouth.

Seeing Zhao Yuande's actions, Sun Yang couldn't help being speechless for a while, what a freak this brother Zhao was!

He is now the pinnacle of the realm of the realm, how can he withstand the powerful power of Xianguo in his body, and it seems to be still breaking through!


The majestic power raged again, again transformed by the black vortex!


At the last crunch, Zhao Yuande's palm suddenly burst into a dazzling brilliance.

Shenmang rushed to the sky but was firmly blocked by Chunman Pavilion, but it was a glorious picture of the entire Chunman Pavilion.


Suddenly thunderous sounds came from the sky.

Zhao Yuande turned on a star, which caused Tiankai.

At this time, he was awakened by the thunder, and quickly rushed to converge all the breath in his body, and then used the power of the Yin Yang mirror to cover his breath.

Suddenly the rumble in the sky disappeared!

"Brother Zhao! Are you a breakthrough?" Sun Yang on the side suddenly felt a powerful force of terrifying terror erupted on Zhao Yuande. This force was pure physical strength!

"Oh! With the help of the power of two fairy fruits, I broke through a small realm of physique!" Zhao Yuande's face couldn't conceal the excited expression, "This Sheng Nu Lou is really atmosphere!"

"Brother Zhao! This is not their atmosphere, but this is a charge! A fairy fruit is two million! You eat four million in two!" At this time, even Sun Yang had some pain!

"What! Four million!" Zhao Yuande almost fell to the ground, "This **** is too dark! This is the lowest grade fairy fruit, the market is worth up to one million, they even sold double fairy jade !"

"Hey! In fact, they are fair enough, but you sell the price of 20 million with hundreds of thousands of materials!" Hearing Zhao Yuande complained, Sun Yang thought of the food made by Zhao Yuande for no reason.

"Oh! This..." Zhao Yuande was speechless for a moment, but when he thought about it, it was really like this, "Okay! Isn't it four million? Help me upgrade my rank, it's worth it!"