Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1265

Chapter 1265: Shen Tu Ru Meng

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"This..." The Virgin Lady has been in this Virgin Lady building for two years.

She has seen the biography of Tianyijiao, the young master of the hidden family, and even the young heroes from other continents, but it is not as shocking as the Sun Yang coming in front of her.

She still remembers that more than a year ago, this Sun Yang was just a combination of Yin and Yang, and his big beard looked rude and rude, and even wanted to be alone!

She solemnly refused at the time, even if the other party was one of the young masters of the Sun family, she would definitely not look down on.

But bye bye today, she has a stunning feeling, especially the kind of tortured vicissitudes shown by the other party, which makes her can't help but violently beat.

Zhao Yuande glanced at the Shaking Lady and nodded.

"Mrs. Tian, go! It's enough for us to accompany us with this shaking lady!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand at random, with an undoubted majesty on his face.

Sun Yang from the side couldn't help but admire, and Brother Zhao entered the role. If I didn't know it at this time, I would think he was really a mysterious son from the central fairyland.

"Okay! Two grandsons, you slowly talk to the saint, I won't bother here!" Mrs. Tian finished her eyes, then turned to the saint, and turned away.

At this time, Sun Yang's Shaoguang Shengvu heard Zhao Yuande's words, but she couldn't help but stunned.

She has seen countless dignitaries, all of which are very powerful, but they are respectful to this Mrs. Tian.

This mysterious son had such an attitude towards Mrs. Tian, and Mrs. Tian seemed to feel what she should have, and gave herself an ambiguous look when she left.

Especially the two grandsons that Mrs. Tian mentioned just now, besides Sun Yang, the other grandson, who seems to be so arrogant, who is it?

"Holy Lady, I heard that your dance is very good, it is better to dance one to help us both!" Zhao Yuande gave Sun Yang a vague look, and then commanded the Shaoguang Shao Nu.

"Since the two sons want to see it, then shake the light and show ugliness!

The Shaking Lady nodded and took a hole flute from the storage space, gently blowing it on her lips, and as the flute sounded, she stepped into the lotus and danced.

The sound of the flute is refreshing, and the dancing posture of the Shaking Lady is even more beautiful!

Zhao Yuande only felt as if he was in a gorgeous peach blossom forest, with countless pink petals flying all over the sky, and the refreshing floral fragrance was intoxicating!

Sun Yang on the side was also enchantedly watching her graceful dance posture, almost forgot to breathe!

Zhao Yuande hurriedly calmed his mind and freed himself from the mood of the petals in the sky.

It's really amazing, even I almost got drunk. This woman has perfectly integrated the temperament and dance into her own practice. I just saw this woman's body world just now!

Who is this woman? Zhao Yuande also had a trace of curiosity.

His soul was swept away, and suddenly the message of the Shaking Lady appeared in front of Zhao Yuande.

"Shen Tu Ru Meng, thirteen daughters of the Shen Tu family patriarch, the early divine emperor, Mu Ling Holy Body (not activated)..."

It turned out to be the thirteen daughters of the Shen Tu family?

Zhao Yuande recalled the girl named Shen Tuxue, who was the peerless genius of the Shen Tu family, the reincarnation of the **** of ice and snow! There is also the girl's brother Shen Tu Yinghao, who is also a bold guy, and Zhao Yuande also has some ties.

No wonder the other party can't look down on Sun Yang. It turned out to be the princess of Shen Tujia, one of the five forces!

Sun Yang is the Qianyuan fairy body after the four major sacred bodies, and it will be a stubborn thing for the future achievement of the fairy emperor.

But Shen Tu Ru Meng is a wooden spirit holy body. Adding a holy son to the system is definitely a very strong constitution.

And the other party has not activated the physique, and has now reached the Divine Emperor Realm, and its qualification is needless to say that it is also very against the sky.

In this way, the two can be regarded as a match.

"Brother Sun! Wake up!" Zhao Yuande's soul was shocked, and Sun Yang woke up suddenly.

He looked at Zhao Yuande, and there was a trace of embarrassment in his eyes.

"Brother Zhao, how is it? Do you see the true identity of the Shaking Lady?" Sun Yang Chuanyin's voice was anxious.

"Well, this woman is the Shen Tu family. The 13th daughter of the patriarch is called Shen Tu Rumeng. The cultivation practice of the Divine Emperor Realm in the early stage, and her physique is not simple, it is the Mu Ling Holy Body!" Zhao Yuande gave him specific information. Said it again, "Brother Sun, your vision is really good! This matter is promising, maybe you can start with her physique!"

"How to start?" Sun Yang's eyes lit up as soon as he heard the message.

There is also a relationship between the Shen Tujia and the Sun family. There are many marriages between the two. One of his grandmothers is the heir to the Shen Tu family.

If this grandmother came forward, it shouldn't be a problem at this time. Now it's mainly up to the other party's opinion.

"Her wood spirit holy body is not activated. In my opinion, why does she appear here, one is to earn immortal jade, and the other is to solve the problem of her own constitution. "

Zhao Yuande said, the more joyful faces on Sun Yang's face, and finally his face showed a ecstatic look.

"Brother Zhao, can you really do it?" Sun Yang calmed down and couldn't help being nervous.

"You don't believe me anymore? I will be able to regenerate and break through a person who is dying, not to mention the small thing of activating physique!" Although Zhao Yuande was very full of words, he was really a little uncertain. .

If you want to activate this physique, you now need to consult the information, and then look for the identification of various spirit materials and even fairy materials about the wood properties. Maybe you can find a recipe that can activate the wood spirit holy body.

Of course, these things can't be told to this guy first, otherwise he will lose his confidence for a while and may affect his status in the other party's heart.

"Okay! I'm out!" Sun Yang clenched his fists hard.

The sound of the flute slowly fell, and the dancing Lady Shaking Light slowly stopped.


Zhao Yuande and Sun Yang applauded at the same time.

"Okay! The maiden of shaking the light really danced peerless, today your Sun can be regarded as an eye-opener! Haha!" Zhao Yuande laughed with his hands.

"The dance of the saint girl is more obsessed than it was a year ago. Sun Yang didn't come here this time!" Sun Yang nodded with a smile.

The Shaoguang Saint girl stayed a little bit, and she didn't expect the two of them to have such a reaction.

Just now, she took out all her skills and combined the artistic conception with the sound of dancing and flute. Even a cultivator of Divine Realm should have a fascinating look on her face!

These two people are really kind!

Especially for this Sun Yang, after only a year, the other party is like a reborn, how did he do it?