Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1266

Chapter 1266: Arrogant

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"The two sons lifted their love, and Shaoguang thanked them here!" The Shaoguang Saint girl slightly lowered her body, and her flamed lips lightly said, "Since you have already danced, it is better to let Shaoguang respect the two!"

Every pastry, melon, fruit, and spirit wine here need to pay Xianyu. The saints who persuade people to eat and drink are earning Xianyu for themselves.

"Oh! Good! Since the saint is going to drink, then we are respectful and obedient!" Zhao Yuande first took the wine glass and let the shattered saint fill up.

Sun Yang also followed suit, and the three drank a glass of wine at the same time.

"Holy lady, I feel that the spirit of wood spirit seems to be chaotic in your body. Is there something wrong with the cultivation?" Sun Yang finished drinking the glass of wine at this time, and said softly.

"You... can you see it?" The star-like eyes of the Virgin Lady shone brightly.

"Yes! The saint has already practiced in the realm of the Divine Emperor, and the inner world is lacking in vitality at this time, resulting in your current state is unstable, and you have nowhere to enter. I don't know if I am right!" Sun Yang put out a pair of masters The gesture is justified.

"Hey! Master Yang is right. I am indeed in this state." There was a glimmer of hope in the Shaoguang Saint Girl's eyes, and she asked nervously, "I don't know if Master Yang also sees what?"

At this time, her attitude towards Sun Yang was becoming more and more subtle, and even her name changed from her son to Master Yang.

"Then I'll just say it! The saint should be a very special physique wood spirit saint! And this kind of physique has not been inspired by the saint, so it has led to all this now." Sun Yang talked happily, it seemed that he was in the chest .

"Young Master Yang! You... can you see that I am the wood sacred body?" The squinting lady's eyes widened wide, a flaming red lips opened slightly, and the bright red drops made people wonder.

"It turned out to be the Wood Spirit Eucharist. I used to judge based on the knowledge I learned from a senior. I didn't expect it to be true!" Sun Yang's eyes also showed joy.

"Learning knowledge? Did Master Yang worship a senior senior to be a master? I don't know where this senior is now, can I see him." Shaoguang Shengnv suddenly showed anxious color when she heard it .

Zhao Yuande smiled slightly in the corner of his mouth. He knew that the Shaoguang Sheng Nu had slowly embarked on the path he had arranged.

Originally, Shen Tu Ru Meng was also a very clever person, but no matter how smart a person has been for more than a year, he has no progress, is confused by a physique, and will also become confused and blind.

Now Sun Yang seems to be a light of hope in front of each other. Shen Tu Rumeng will give it a try regardless of whether the other party can really help herself.

Otherwise, as she gets older, Xiuwei is slowly overtaken by her siblings, which gives her a feeling of turning from genius into waste.

If it is better in the ordinary family, but growing up in the environment of the Shentu family, the sibling competition is extremely fierce, and as long as the cultivation is not enough, it will be eliminated.

When she repaired something wrong, she visited the strong people of the clan without success, so she chose to leave the Shen Tujia family and find solutions everywhere.

Finally, I came to the Saint Maiden, and I wanted to use the strong people here to solve my problems, but I still had no idea for more than a year.

Now Sun Yang's appearance is his hope!

"Oh! This senior is now sitting in the city of Xuanji Zongfang. He formed an alliance with my Sun family to open a food workshop..." Sun Yang detailed the situation of Zhao Yuande and the other party, and finally said, "This predecessor has a lot of rules and does not like to be disturbed. If you want to see him, I can recommend it to you."

"Really?" Shaoguang Shengvv also recently heard about the emergence of a **** chef in Xuanji Zongfang City, but she thought that it was all people who exaggerated things with rumors, but did not expect it to be true!

In her heart, she immediately gave birth to the thought of visiting the **** chef in Xuanji Zongfang City.

But when she heard that the price of more than three million yuan was just a piece of quota token, her heart was a little cold.

There were not many fairy jade that she took away from the family, plus more than 10 million yuan earned in the Sheng Nu Lou for more than a year.

But in the end I heard Sun Yang could recommend, and she couldn't help but feel a little more grateful to Sun Yang.

"Well! Not bad! But this time I came to buy some scarce medicinal materials for this senior. After the purchase, the saint can go with us to Xuanji Zongfang City!" Sun Yang paused a little and said, " Of course, if the Saint cant wait, you can go now, if you can see this senior chef, its best."

"This..." The Shaking Lady hesitated.

"Okay! It's almost time, we still have some things, let's go!" Sun Yang nodded slightly at Zhao Yuande, and then took out a storage ring and placed it on the table.

The two took a big step forward and Sun Yang resisted without looking back.

Walking out of the Chunman Pavilion, Sun Yang couldn't help looking at Zhao Yuande and asked cautiously: "Brother Zhao, how did I behave just now?"

"Good! Although there are some flaws, there is nothing in the other party's heart that can't be found at all." Zhao Yuande nodded with a smile, "You can't see it, you still have some talent for acting."

"Brother Zhao, don't make jokes!" Sun Yang smiled bitterly, "My heart just jumped out just now, can we really do this? Wouldn't she be happy if she walked so hurriedly?"

"Hey! It's called wanting to do something! I'm sure she will go to Xuanji Zongfang alone, you should send a letter back, let them be like this..." Zhao Yuande is a man of two generations, and the previous life was a cultivation to the God Emperor Realm. The old monster, the experience of hundreds of thousands of years makes him even more well-known.

Sun Yang nodded again and again, and his face was full of excitement. Looking at Zhao Yuande's eyes, it was so admirable!

"Okay, let's go to pass the message first!" Zhao Yuande waved, and the two strode away.

"The two grandsons, are you gone?" Mrs. Tian appeared in front of them at this moment, with a trace of doubts on her face.

"Oh! Mrs. Tian, we two still have something to do, let's take a step first!" Zhao Yuande nodded lightly.

"The two grandsons are easy to go!" Mrs. Tian nodded to Zhao Yuande.

At this time, there were two young men behind Mrs. Tian, who looked at Zhao Yuande with pride.

When one of them saw Sun Yang, there was a trace of doubt in his eyes.

Sun Yang came into contact with this look and took a subconscious step back, with a trace of confusion in his eyes.

"Two! The Shaking Lady is just now free, come with me!" Mrs. Tian said lightly to the two young people behind her, and her attitude became much colder.