Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 127

Chapter 127: Form An Alliance

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"What's wrong?" Zhao Yuande looked at the two who said nothing.

"Their combat power is infinitely close, and no one can help each other. When the two of us went out, both of them started to fight each other, and it took a lot of effort to pull it away! Look at my face!" At this moment, five deep bloodstains were exported from the nails on one side of his face.

"And my hair!" Heifeng was even more embarrassed at the moment, a large piece of hair on his head was removed, exposing the **** scalp!

"Then they?" Zhao Yuande asked again.

"After they fought, they felt sorry for each other and chatted in the backyard!" Master Yijie cried and asked for benefits. "You said that you let us get caught in a hurry. If you can't do this, you have to make up!"

"I have to make up too. I don't have a few hairs on the top of my head. This large piece has been wiped down!" The black bear didn't do it anymore. "You are all your women, you are responsible!"

"Okay! I'm in charge, I will make up for you later!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help laughing.

"We have to make up too!" The two girls held hands and walked in from the backyard, with happy smiles on their faces.

Heifeng and Master Yijie saw these two men shrink their necks in a hurry, they have since learned a truth, women are fickle!

"The two of you?" Qi Tian looked at the two beautiful girls in confusion. They were the best combination in a man's dream.

"The two of us want to understand, anyway, you are strong and you will not lack women, and the two of us can't fight you alone. It's better to form an alliance to suppress the women in the future!" Ji Yuling smiled happily. awkward.

In fact, in this world, those who have reached the top of the world are not countless wives and concubines, and their children are beyond count.

Ji Yuling was born in the Ji family. Her parents died with her grandfather. Her grandfather had thirty-two wives, dozens of sons alone, and hundreds of grandchildren. There will be more, this idea has been instilled in her heart.

Although Zhao Yuande hasn't reached that level yet, it's not a matter of time soon, they are taking precautions.

And Zhu Luan was born among the demon clan, and the demon clan is a world with respect for strength. A demon king often has all the women in a group. Zhao Yuande, a strong man, finds dozens, hundreds, and so many in her eyes. Normal, but the fight over size will never relax.

After listening to the words of the two women, Zhao Yuande almost fell into the gluttonous real spirit trip without a head. They didn't agree, so they divided themselves!

At the end of a busy day, the five people sat together again. Zhao Yuande hurriedly gave the two women three chapters of the law and asked them to consider carefully for a few days. If he wanted to leave, he would never stop him. If he really wanted to stay by his side, he had to abide by the three rules.

Before Zhao Yuande said the rules, the two women nodded in agreement, saying that everything listened to him, calling Xiangdong never going west, and telling **** never to ink.

What else can Zhao Yuande say, since both girls have already said this, he will be sorry for his chance of being born again without being a man!

But he still has some concerns, that is, the demon clan, they will never let their saint be taken away by themselves, and there must be a lot of troubles to find afterwards.

The Ji family even gave him a headache. When he accepted Ji Yuling, he was caught in the maelstrom of the Ji family. It was not easy to struggle outside!

However, Zhao Yuande was reborn from the previous life, and he is very confident in the improvement of his strength. Now if he does not want to step into the polar realm, he can be promoted to the Lingtai pregnant divine realm as long as he enters the **** market!

As long as he enters the Lingtai Pregnancy Realm, he has two choices. One is to directly promote Yin and Yang into one. There is no obstacle in the middle, because his spirit still does not need to be reunited. The second is to reunite the soul with the previous one again, so that although it is a little dangerous, the spirit can be powerful to an incredible level!

As long as you step into the Yin-Yang unity, he can go to many places, and the eternal tower with the greatest chance in the previous life can be obtained!

After getting the Tower of Eternity, even if he got a palm-free death gold medal, it would be impossible for anyone even a divine emperor to kill him!

As long as this day is reached, he will no longer be afraid of anyone, and he will be able to arbitrarily and arbitrarily in the world of the East Emperor, and he will never be taboo for many things he dare not do!

For example, the two beautiful girls in front of him, let him have some relationship with the two girls, his result is likely to be captured by the demon clan to become the son-in-law of the demon clan, and taken away by the Ji family to become the chef of the Ji family!

At that time, he no longer has to endure such hard work, love how to drip!

With this scene, the two women are officially settled here.

Zhao Yuande can only be painful, can't see, can't move, and has done eye addiction.

Time passed quickly, and seven or eight days later, Zhao Yuande's fearful demon clan did not come, but this day the shop door was knocked open, and a person he didn't welcome appeared.

"Miss Jiang, we meet again!" Zhao Yuande looked at Jiang Tianyue's surprised face and grinned at her.

"You... how could it be you!" Jiang Tianyue saw Zhao Yuande standing in front of herself, and couldn't help but be surprised. "Aren't you dead in the secret realm?"

"It's just a fluke!" Zhao Yuande smiled, "I'm still lucky with Zhao Yuande!"

"You are the owner of this shop?" A man in Jinyi next to Jiang Tianyue looked at Zhao Yuande's Xiu Wei and couldn't help but show a slight contempt on his face. "As a cook, the best thing to do now is not to block the door, but It is to welcome us into a good life and serve!"

"Miss Jiang, the people around you have changed from one to another, and Yin can't go there anymore?" Zhao Yuande ignored the man in Jinyi at all, and instead exposed Jiang Tianyue with a smile.

"You..." Zhao Yuande ignored him at all. The Jinyi man felt that he could not pass his face and wanted to say something harsh, but he was caught by Jiang Tianyue.

"Brother Yin is now competing for the next suzerain, but this is not what Brother Zhao imagined, just a friend of mine!" Jiang Tianyue smiled slightly at the Jinyi man next to him, and didn't say much.

"Miss Jiang wouldn't come to chat with me?" Zhao Yuande didn't answer the other's words, but looked at her with a smile.

"We come naturally to be the name of the world's first food for a long time, and want to have a good time!" Jiang Tianyue looked as usual, and did not care about Zhao Yuande's attitude. She knew that the other party must hate herself.

"I'm sorry, we don't welcome you here, please come back!" Zhao Yuande closed the door directly without giving the other person a little face.